Paedophilia warfare smoulders on.

Sunday Mirror November 25th 2012
Sold for sex at the BBC
Shock new claims of Savile paedo ring

There is a story a day now which involves paedophile abuse in Britain.  The main reason is the turf war going on between the BBC and the political parties.  All are equally guilty, but who is going to carry the can?  Early attempts to pin the whole of Savile on the BBC have backfired, with Philip Schofield shooting back at Cameron with his list of Conservative paedophiles, and Newsnight attempting to expose MacAlpine.

The shots are firing back the other way again, with the Sunday Mirror sending the story back into the BBC’s own backyard.  Like the Palestinians firing puisne rockets, to be met with retaliation by the Israeli airforce, the BBC struggles for survival against a well-equipped legal and political closed shop that is not accustomed or willing to lose.

The powerful at the top are determined to make the BBC into the Savile scapegoat.

Will the BBC roll over, or will they put up more fight?  I don’t see any more coming after the stinging retaliations, but you never know.  Ben Fellowes repeated his allegations against Ken Clarke yesterday,  for example, and showed some ‘offensive’ spirit.

With the main media hamstrung, the alternative media will become increasingly important.  It will take more than one Ben Fellowes, though, to turn the war around against the paedophile power structure.    Children are sucked into the abuse system in increasing numbers by the month.  They’re taking anyone with UKIP parents even, they’re so desperate to up the numbers of victims.  The public knows what’s going on.  The fire is lit.  The smoke is rising.  Situation volatile.  It’s not over yet.

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7 Responses to “Paedophilia warfare smoulders on.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I got an email from an ex work colleague, who said the reason david Cameron said ” we dont want it to turn into a gay witch hunt”
    is that he hada metting with the BC who want to hide up the sexual histories of many top performers,
    Frankie Howard Jimmy Edwards John Bannerman and Stephen Fry have all abused on BBC premises
    Brian Barrough.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There are a few more you could add to that, who the Police have Files on, that would be very embarrassing to the Political Establishment, & Higher Echelons, if their names were to be publicly known.

    Angela Davison could “throw a lot of light” on this subject, but will she?


  3. Tapestry says:

    Now’s the time if she’s going to.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The disenchantment with the lamestream media means all the secret service types posing as journalists will swamp ‘conspiracy’ sites with their ‘control the story’ BS, well, more than they currently do. ugh.

  5. Anonymous says:

    How many DEAD Paedo’s = x1 live?

    will we be allowed to know before we all are dead?

    WATCH the machines cogs turn!!

    NOW is the time to kick them between the eyes “NOW” now its all fracturing, “NOW”.

    Turn the volume up, “now” is the time.


    Act Now or cry/repent at leasure

  6. Anonymous says:

    I worked in a London solicitors office and to say anything while someone is still alive is asking for trouble, best advice is wait till they die then shout about it.
    great piece on arafat, he wanted peace but was not allowed it.
    He used to visit the hospitals and spent afes just chatting to the sick and injured, the childrens ward from israeli night bombing was heart breaking to see
    Sabina Ahmed

  7. Anonymous says:

    Not sure myself that the political parties and Beeb ARE really at war over the issue of establishment paedophilia. I reckon they are both terrified of it spinning out of control and want it buried asap. The Cyril Smith stuff is clearly limited hangout bs. The BBC, let’s not forget, were largely responsible for Cameron becoming Tory leader – he is their creature. Or rather both he and the Beeb take their orders from the same illuminati banksters. If the Beeb, the Guardian, etc., really wanted to retaliate against the Tories they would have gone large with the Sir Peter Morrison story – verified by both Edwina Currie, a former Tory Minister and ex-lover of John Major, and former Welsh Tory MP, Rod Richards. Unlike the McAlpine allegations the MSM cannot plead fear of being sued by Morrison as he is dead. What Currie has said about everyone in the Thatcher government knowing about Morrison’s proclivities and “sniggering” about it, could not be more serious – but even supposedly anti-Tory media such as the Beeb and the Guardian have largely ignored it. Let’s not forget either that plenty of Nulabor bigwigs may also be shaking in their boots.

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