Nighttime rural spraying. You can’t breathe. Birds in decline.


I live in Northamptonshire and have only been aware of chemtrails since january. The jets came low over my garden leaving a white dust on the surface of things and a few tiny shards of metal which we found stuck in our feet, removed by tweezers. 

I remember the summer of 2011 and I seem to recall more sun and lots of birds (I moved into a new flat with my own garden and was enjoying having nature). This year there seems to have been very little sun, the birds seem fewer and those I watch have been shaking and grooming almost constantly like there is something irritating them (noticed this in the spring, it broke my heart to see, so since then I don’t watch the birds anymore). Everyday I have seen chemtrailing or the result of it as sometimes most is done at night so there is no blue sky the next day. I am a pedestrian and cyclist so I am out alot, I have felt “dry rain” and seen it in the headlight beam of my bike. 

One night on a sunday I was cycling late up a country road when this chemtrail fallout/dry rain became very dense, flying into my eyes and passing through my mask. I had a fair way to go before reaching a populated area and was sure I was going to suffocate, but I pulled a piece of kitchen towel over my mask which allowed more oxygen and less particles in and I stopped going light headed and managed to cycle out of it. It was so dense it bent the beam of my torch so much I was left with basically no illumination. I have seen videos of the same stuff on Youtube by typing chemtrails gasmask fallout dust etc…but none have recorded the density I witnessed.

I am getting my rain water tested by chemtrails project UK, which I found on Twitter. They are putting together a picture of the pollution from stratospheric aerosol spraying and will be publishing a map in due time (hope we have due time).


The media are even putting chemtrails on to advertisements and childrens animated programmes. I have noticed a trailer for a wartime comedy drama with the distinctive chemtrail haze in the background. If you haven’t noticed yet, just look on any programme shot anywhere in the world, in the background visability becomes poor as there is a white haze/fog/mist call it what you like, it is from chemtrails. We see it when we look into the distance as that’s the nature of particles susspended in the air, in reality we are in that mist breathing it in, it’s inside our homes, put a torch on indoors (in darkness), you will see tiny bits of shiny dust particles, normal dust from skin etc behaves differently.

Rainwater can be tested by a site called chemtrail project UK which can be found on twitter (and dare I mention Facebook – Facebook has chemtrailing jets with poisons being sprayed out on their Twitter site) are putting together a picure of the contamination in the rainwater, which they will publish in due time. For £25.00 they send you a sample bottle which you fill and pop into an envelope and post. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I recently came across a graffiti artist called Mear One who is definitely awake. His work is on YouTube and a lot of it has chemtrails depicted in it, as well as a lot of symbology…quite interesting. Some examples:

    Even InfoWars interviewed him:

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oddly enough we were talking about the dry rain phenomenon the other day after being caught out in a shower of the stuff, and the continual preening of the cat who has suddenely beome “obsessed” with keeping his coat clean!

    As for the nightime activity, well we noticed the air traffic increase, and considering we are in days of recession then surely the air traffic should have decreased especially at night?.

    And yes they are carefully airbrushing in the chemtrails, with even old movies and most kids programmes being affected, especially those aired by the Paedo Broadcasting Co.

    Makes you wonder what goes through the minds of those talented paid proffesionals doing this careful re-touching of original films etc?..are we such a species living in such fear of our paedogangstas-in-charge that we dont dare question our own demise any longer?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve noticed that on days of really heavy chemtrails (in my area, at least, Manchester), we get rain at night.

    I would put money on the fact that on days of really heavy chemtrails, the chemicals, metals, toxins are aloud to disperse into the lower atmosphere (hence the thin chemtrails slowly turning into the haze we see during the day), then the rain at night literally ‘rains’ down all this crap into the soil and everything that it touches on ground level. The food supply is obviously affected, if you think about it, which would explain the ‘conspiracy theory’ of why the elites have all their non GMO/chemical free food grown in underground facilities and/or giant domes.

    Incidently, I was listening to Alan Watt the other day, who is no stranger to chemtrails in Canada. He’s mentioned before about how the birds are dying off and how you can taste the metals that are being chemtrailed down on us.

    In this particular broadcast @ 17:00 he mentions about a petition to stop this geo-engineering that we are all being subjected to which some might find interesting….

  4. Anonymous says:

    ^ *aloud *allowed. Sorry.

  5. HereAmI says:

    That’s an excellent idea! The PTB probably didn’t realise that they were poisoning the entire earth, and a petition would be just the ticket to get them to come to their senses.
    Perhaps the idea might spread; who knows, a petition to end the Fed, a petition to halt the spread of GM, a petition to end wars…the possibilities are endless.

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