New version of speed trap camera. Hoax?

Roger Helmer sends –
You may want to watch out for these rather sneaky new speed cameras.   Two are already in operation on the A52 dual carriageway into Nottingham (I’m told), see attached photograph, and six further cameras became operational on the A1 between Great Gonerby, Lincolnshire and Oakham, Rutland on Monday 22nd October 2012.  Take care.
 New Version of Speed trap camera..
Trialing in UK presently, not so easy to spot……
Pass this on and drive carefully

COMMENT –  (Picture in link)

Pictures of a supposed new type of covert speed camera being tested in the UK is spreading through Facebook and email.

The picture of the ‘camera’ which is installed into the central barrier/armco is accompanied by a variety of information such as the claim that it is being trialled on the A52 in Nottingham and on the A1 in Lincolnshire.

The claims are entirely false. The images have been lifted from a Swiss Police PowerPoint presentation where this device is being trialled. The device is NOT a speed camera, it is a speed measurement instrument and it is deployed in conjunction with the standard speed camera on a pole.

It IS NOT a new form of covert speed camera and IT IS NOT being tested in the UK. Please spread the word to correct the misinformation being passed around.

Laura Clapp
Stagiaire to Roger Helmer MEP
United Kingdom Independence Party East Midlands Region, United Kingdom │European Parliament

As the main picture has been censored by someone, here is an alternative idea from Spain?

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3 Responses to “New version of speed trap camera. Hoax?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Image not showing on my pc for some reason. Just found a site talking about new speed cameras being a hoax.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The speed cameras on A610 SE just off the M1 J26 into Nottingham, then on the ring road. Major hot spot BEWARE.

    The speed cameras entering Manchester from the south & east etc? are ‘GREEN’ blend in well with the trees etc.I now welcome autumn and winter.

    Coming out of Grantham on the A52 east after the A1 there is a dual to single carriageway down hill and at the bottom of the long down hill usually hidden by hedge row a very profitable camera. occasionally has a scorched effect or been turned around facing the fields usually catching the odd speeding grazing cows if your lucky.

    speed kills stress from paranoia excels.

    Remember they are cold error free? computers backed by a heavy system a machine of heartless procedures to freeze you out of the real world. please consider our inevitable human error. We humans are doomed, mitigating circumstances seems to be our only loop.

    So many partners, babies & children’s quality of life rides on the pressure to earn & usually on the bread line, when some parents fall foul of these machines.

    We had a new postman delivering parcels for a few weeks he was polite prompt & patiently helpful at the door, suddenly we had a poorer service loads of non delivered cards??? when we eventually caught the new post-vanman he stated he heard the sacked guy had lost his license due to a torrent of speeding tickets on his routes making him license-less & unemployable. so sad.

    After passing through the Birmingham spaghetti junction a while ago it was turning dusk at the point we found ourselves the roads all around, above bellow across all around, we became shocking aware of a seemingly disco light show, no so many speed cameras were seemingly randomly flashing at all the other cars, thank god not me. an area to avoid. had to wait a month to be sure though. STRESS

    I have a clean license use a sat nav that usually gives 5 mph faster than my speedo?

    but always leave home on a long random trip with now in-trepidation, a level of stress & anxiety i had never endured in the past.

    Aware there is always a risk of that cold indifferent letter in the post landing through my letterbox to steal my future freedom to travel.

    increase my costs, obligations to respond & insurance ratings risks costs etc. surely this is inhuman?

    Although an experienced driver & not because i choose to speed but the risk is real, as not all speeds for roads are clear no signs or small signs & LOCAL vehicles normally right up my rear even lorries i feel i am looking for the speed signs more than driving for the conditions some times dropping behind vans, lorries & coaches hoping their dependence on their license will keep me under the radar, but lungs full of toxic diesel fumes. surely this is a real distraction to safe at peace calm driving??.

    The young are new to all this & with a lower 6 point? threshold can find them selves out of car, free so fast. & for them the obtaining a first even 2nd user car can be so expensive to set up usually with their family’s initial support & now disappointment. A serious kickback, down on their life. can easily disillusion our young.


  3. Anonymous says:

    A speed camera took my dog.

    It wrote a virus which took over my washing machine.

    This is absolute twaddle. It had twaddle written all over it before anyone even bothered to check to see if it was in Switzerland (and not the A52 as was reported).

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