Zionist takeover of Labour Party


Gordon Brown ex-Prime Minister was never elected and never voted in,Tony Blair appointed him.

British people just could not grasp what New Labour was about, but insiders tell us it was just a Zionist lobby false front political party and Lord Levy “Lord Cashpoint” was Tony Blair’s main backer, and Sir Ronald Cohen was Gordon’s handler, the facts are that British governments have long been working not for Britain but for the Israeli lobby.

Bush Sharon and Blair’s Iraq war was a massive lie from start to finish, remember the WMDs and 45 minutes? The dodgy dossier written by a student that Blair used to totally destroy the country.

If it was really about WMDs we would have gone into Israel and stopped all the terror in one shot, but we are now threatening Iran over the tired threat of thinking about making a WMD, while Israel has hundreds of real actual WMDs, and the public are sick of all the politicians daily lies and bullshit.

MI5 was stopped from investigating very large sums of money given to New Labour by David Abrahams to the New Labour political party, these sums were found to be in four names of people who did not exist, it was said by the security services to be funneled in by Mossad, this funding to British political parties and politicians to treat foreigners before the British is actually High treason.

Tony Blair is being accused of hiring interns to his political party and then after 3 months firing them without any pay, this is against his own law brought into the National Minimum Wage office, while the Financial Times claims Tony has an annual income of £20 million. His huge Prime Ministers pension, and fees of £250,000 per speech, Gordon Brown may be charged with being an accomplice to monetary fraud.

“Doctors against racism” investigated where the money came from and went and most came from Israeli sources, the main favour was to look the other way as rocket attacks from Gaza into Israeli waste land, which were not sent by Palestinians, but by teams of Israelis as an excuse to go bomb and clear the villages, satellite monitoring by the NSA and shared with GCHQ show this quite clearly.

The NSA whistleblower David Murphy-Fawkes tells us both Blair and Brown were not trusted and listened to continually,
Rupert Murdoch also had the whole New Labour office watched.

Tony Blair went to see the pope to get the pope onside for the homosexual and multicultural agenda planned for Britain, his holiness and the pope also discussed a visit to Britain.
Gay Gordon sold Britain’s gold reserves to his masters the Rothschild’s on the day that the price was at its lowest; Brown did not seem to know the international price is set by Rothschild’s.

TAPBrown just carried out his masters’ (Rothschild Zionists) instructions.

Although Brown worked in Westminster he is listed as showing up for work less than 10 times in the last two and a half years, while Tony Blair, nicknamed “toe rag Tony” by his own political party, swans about as Mid East Peace envoy with his zio-handler Mr. Heifetz as his “advisor” Brown was said to be close to a breakdown with the pressure he was under, and employed the controversial fitness expert Millie Dobie who is said to have links to the Zionist Freud family.

The two biggest threats to Britain and the USA are from the Zionist lobby, and ceaseless multicultural immigration, when questioned on this by an old lady voter Gordon Brown called her in anger a “bigot” this from a tool of a foreign power, a slimeguts from start to finish.

In the aftermath of the reign of Blair, Brown and Mandleson over three and a half thousand pages of new legislation has been brought in 2012 alone, regulations on almost everything, on the most obscure stuff, in one day 26 new half-baked laws were brought in, on the 9/11/2012 an astonishing 23 new ones were issued, great for Cherie Blair’s law firm Matrix Chambers.

The former insider Gilad Atzmon tells us that the blocking of international arrest warrants for such killers entering Britain as Tzipi Livni, Ehud Barak and other Israeli war criminals, who send warplanes and tanks in to blow up homes and farms of Palestinians, and all this funded by Americans and Brits.

The Israeli dissident Moshe Solomons tells us that as cover for Gay Gordon a wife was quickly found for him, whatever the truth the man was both a failure for Britain and a failure to himself as a human being.

T Stokes London
* With thanks to several informers 

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  1. tony roma says:

    mr tap..
    putting up a fotoshop foto of an ex honorable prime minster with a fake cap on is hardly evidence yes no.
    it is well known fact that bin lardin was not cia and was a terroist from afganistan.
    where he trained boys in madrasasasasar’s to fotoshop skull caps onto the heads of tony blair,bill clinton,big and little jorge bush,peter mandelson,jack straw colon powel,that ugly rice women and the fat lesbians cherry blair and hitlerary clinton.
    at nose stage have any of the above worn the skullcap of david.
    ms hilary clinton did once have a rabbi’s beard but that was shaved off long ago.
    the suggestion that this is a conspiracy connect with common purpose or busy man eddie rothschild is prepaidposterous.
    the brown gold deal was a fare pay deal for ukplc.
    therothchild family over paid for the gold in a sense.
    as they could of just taken it and paid nothing.
    butt tap they paid the best rate at that time not a penny more or less.
    god bless them.
    sorry i mean hail satan.

    have you seen that filum rosemary’s baby good film are master is much bigger than taht in real life

  2. Tapestry says:

    Julia read the book recently – Rosemary’s baby.

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