Message to Newsnight and David Cameron. Witches can relax. This is a hunt for child rapists.

Newsnight says the search for political and other pedophiles is turning into a ‘witchhunt’, as did David Cameron earlier in the day
Please will all those people at the BBC or in Parliament who think this to be the case, take note.

Witches can relax.
This is a child rapist hunt.

Tonight Newsnight claim they’re going to out a known paedophile, but the threat to sue is coming in, as per usual, from Michael Crick of Channel 4.  Will they pull the story yet again?


Newsnight is set to reveal that a senior political figure is a paedophile

Newsnight is set to reveal that a senior political figure is a paedophile
Friday November 2,2012

By Emily Fox

A POLITICAL figure is set to be outed as a paedophile on BBC’s Newsnight, it has been alleged.
The report on the man, who is not being named, is currently being looked at by the BBC legal team, who are refusing to comment on the story.

But according to the editor of the London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Iain Overton the BBC are hoping to reveal to story this evening.

He wrote on Twitter: “If all goes well we’ve got a Newsnight out tonight about a very senior political figure who is a paedophile.”

The Bureau has been working on the investigation together with the BBC.

Michael Crick, a former Newsnight presenter and now a political correspondent with Channel 4 News, later said: “[A] ‘senior political figure’ due to be accused tonight by BBC of being paedophile denies allegations and tells me he’ll issue a libel writ against the BBC.”

If all goes well we’ve got a Newsnight out tonight about a very senior political figure who is a paedophile
Iain Overton
The revelation is the latest from Newsnight.

Last year, the programme was set to reveal a documentary into Jimmy Savile’s child abuse claims but were forced to pull the show due to Christmas scheduling issues, the corporation claimed.

Newsnight’s then editor Peter Rippon stepped down over the BBC’s failure to air the programme.

Gary Glitter and Freddie Starr have both been arrested by detectives investigating Jimmy Savile’s sex abuse.

Mr Starr, 69, was questioned about a claim he tried to molest a 14-year-old girl in Savile’s BBC dresssing room in the 1970s. He has strenuously denied the allegation.

ENQUIRIES – There are now eight separate enquiries

 going on into paedophilia in the BBC and elsewhere.
One MP is campaigning for just one enquiry to be

 held covering the whole thing.  His reason – to stop a 


The only witchhunt I can see is of blogs.  David Icke is

 closed down currently.  One can only imagine the

 numbers of hits he’s been getting tonight, as the

paedophile scandal rocks on.  Probably 500,000 a day.  

This is not going away.

NO NAMES AGAIN!  Guardian is publishing a name of 

someone tomorrow, who is a relative of an accused 

politician, with the same name, but is dead.  Cunning 

trick, to draw away the heat.

The message on Newsnight was clear.  The only

 problem is people talking on the internet.  Twitter is 

the trouble, not paedophile rings that reach across 

government.  Child rapists can take great

 encouragement from today’s media coverage.  The

political class is on your side.

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8 Responses to “Message to Newsnight and David Cameron. Witches can relax. This is a hunt for child rapists.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said !

    Kind Regards


  2. Spanner says:

    Why do we need more enquiries, they had Operation Ore which revealed Key ministers, but they shut that one down, and the same will happen again.

    The only way to get all this out is repeating all the names as many times as possible on blogs, and Social networking sites so that as many people as possible get to see the names.

    Eventually, someone will crack and break ranks and then the flood gates could open.

  3. Anonymous says:

    John Whittingdale has an interesting conflict of interest in his role investigating the BBC – his brother is a convicted child abuser:

    Former teacher jailed for sex abuse of boys
    Kathryn Knight
    The Times, 2 September 1995
    A former British Council worker who sexually abused boys at his home was sent to prison for nine months yesterday. Charles Napier, 48, a former teacher and half-brother of John Whittingdale, MP, who was a private secretary to Margaret Thatcher, was a treasurer of the Paedophile Information Exchange and had convictions for child abuse going back as far as 1972, Kingston Crown Court was told.
    Napier found a job with the British Council in Cairo after being banned from teaching jobs in British schools after a conviction for indecent assault. He was sacked when British Council officials discovered the offences.
    He admitted in a pre-sentence report that he was still sexually attracted to boys, and had also expressed continuing sexual feeling for children in a recent letter, the jury was told.
    During the two-week trial, the jurors heard that Napier, who had denied to charges of indecent assault between 1982 and 1985, had lured young boys to his home in Thames Ditton, Surrey, with promises of boat trips and computer games.
    One victim, now aged 25, said Napier had befriended him when he played truant and had later lured him into his bed before sexually assaulting him. Napier had also been given probation as far back as 1972 after being found guilty of similar offences against young children.
    Judge Geoffrey Mercer said information showed Napier was a continuing threat to children. “It clearly shows the continuing sexual attraction towards boys and it is clear from the pre-sentence report that you do not deny that”. He would have passed a “considerably greater” sentence had it not been for the fact that the offences had been committed before the maximum sentence had been increased to ten years.
    Napier, who has been living abroad, was also ordered to pay £1,000 costs.

  4. Woodsy42 says:

    Interesting. I just tried the david Icke page and it got there – but only after 5 seconds during which I got a loading icon and a message that google (I think it said) was checking the browser. WTF was going on – checking the browser?
    Maybe making a database of page access locations?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Icke is demanding money to get his site moved to new servers, claims not enuf people subscribe – ‘I just can’t keep doing this for nothing’ type of thing.

    Wouldn’t think he’s short of a quid, if he is it’s probably bad management of funds.

  6. Unknown says:

    Never trust anyone who wants to make money out of the Truth movement. Ask for donations if you wish, but never demand money.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Would not a hunt for proper Witches catch a good deal of what amount to bascially “child rapists” as well?
    “Witch hunt” as a figure of speech seems so overused, an oh so common analogy just somehow made for everyday and all situational use.

    Borderline freakin suspicious IMHO!

    In times of those oh so grueeling “Witch hunts” ( that still tend to make some odd bunch of characters verry sentimental to this day – as if it were that one massacre they are not actually into ) hunting witches was quite self evident an idea if you wanted your little ones alive and prosper, rather than treated as meat in disgusting rituals by some rotten pigshit bathing..witch, now wasn’t it?

    In our modern somewhat patchy times a self – identified Witch is a complete creep or some Negatively weirdo type of person about 98,9 % of times, those three lads which are not seem to be either tripping or maybe half joking.

    If somebody isn’t really sure or is asking “What is a witch, what could it really all mean, and stuff..? ” please go ahead and just ask Haensel and Gretel.

    Apart from that please keep up all Your great activism for a better world and to help those kids, hunt those rapist (closet witches a plenty one guesses, am I right ! ).

    Thanks and many greetings

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