McAlpine will be defeated by Twitter

UPDATE – Recent manoevers in the McAlpine/Twitter saga  appear to have resulted in a considerable lessening of the threat to twitterers.  Those who tweeted or retweeted that McAlpine was to be named by the BBC Newsnight as a paedophile, or similar, have been asked by McAlpine’s lawyers to donate £5 to charity as their penance.   He can’t sue them all.  There are just too many.

Is this a first victory of the internet over British libel laws?  If enough numbers of people tweet an allegation, the threat to sue becomes rather academic.  The story is so quickly in the public domain, as the path from unknown to known information is made up of tens of thousands of rapid little steps, which cannot be stopped by subsequent legal threat.   It’s like trying to halt a swarm of insects with a catapult.

In fact, in this case, I think it’s fair to say that making the legal threat to twitterers has been counter productive to the threat maker.  His reputation took an even bigger hit than if he had stopped where he was, and used a different tactic with the twitter community, such as joining in with the cry for further investigation into the outrageous torture and rape of innocent children in Britain’s children’s homes.  It’s the total silence from elite secret society members about these crimes which assures us that they are almost all entirely guilty.  (other than the setting up of a ludicrous number of enquiries,  every single one of which is aimed at crushing the witnesses and victims and burying their allegations).

Steve Messham says McAlpine was wrongly identified, yet he did identify him before the inevitable reaction.


In response to the threats made to twitterers by Lord McAlpine and his lawyers, the following tweet has gone viral.

Please Tweet (and get others to Retweet) the following:
I hear that Lord McAlpine is the man that Steve Messham named in an unbroadcast part of his interview with the BBC. #McAlpine #DavidIcke
It has the benefit that not a single word of this statement is not true or can be challenged as not being true or is libellous in any way because it is all in the public arena.


Is Lord McAlpine reading The Tap?  He’s now offering help to the charity Children In Need.  He is still chasing after twitterers, and keeping up his campaign though.  I believe that threatening twitterers will prove counterproductive.

Another twist in the lip like Prince Charles.  I never trust people with this characteristic, who speak out of the corner of the mouth.

Toad Hall comment –

His PR machine is still in action.

TAP – his tactic is to create fear.  He knows how effective that can be, no doubt.

4. Angus James Wilson was the co-founder of Scallywag Magazine, together with his half brother Simon Regan.

Angus told Simon “that he had been supplied with compromising pictures of ….”

The photos were of a top cabinet minister, alleged to be linked to the Welsh child abuse scandal.

TAP – McAlpine was wrongly identified as the abuser by Steve Messham in recent Newsnight programme.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s made my day.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Texan schoolgirl expelled for refusing to wear RFID tag

    Look at what they are using the tag for:

    “Students need the lanyard to use the library or cafeteria, vote in school elections, and in some cases for toilet breaks, and it allows the school to track their every movement throughout the day.”


  3. tony roma says:

    mr tap forgive the squall and sintax i am drunk after an evening at the athenium club.
    white glove event hush hush and all that wot wot.

    mr tap alas you are sadly miss taken.
    my clee unt is moving forward at a brisk apace in this ongoing battle for truth reel justix
    only today another 150k for criminals at itv wot wot
    deseance e and good old fashion stiff common and garden meat and two vegatable english fare pay i say.
    you see the last weeks have been earth gap shattererorring for my cleeunt.
    his hole world has been shattered and bee smeared with brown smelling dung.
    nobody cares about the inosent victims here beesmeared bedrugged and bedraggled by inuendo by
    a common as muck rabble these scum must must pay for loose lips that sink ships
    my cleeunt feels he has been raped by members of twatte bbc and itvr.
    at no time has my cleeunt ever been in a room with a child and jimmy sa vile apart from the the tv show the krankies meet jim can fix it
    these children where in fact adults grown up fully formed adults dressed as kids.
    full consent was given by all parties no impropreittiti whatsoever took place.
    the animals on set where stuffed bbc props.
    the live cattle that where on set had full nspcc rspca hazard assesing forms filled up by the bbc.
    so tappy we is cuming for yer and we will stretch every sin you thrust and contract every muskcle until you are ruined and like my clee unt on suicide watch without the italian castle to fall back on.
    my client wood also like to state that he does not keep children locked up in the castle keep or dungeon.
    they are stabled at the local kids home must cheaper to get the state to pay for food and lodging wot wot.

  4. Anonymous says:

    McAlpine is Bluffing Scallywag published naerly 20 years agoand he did not challenge

    Twitter McAlpine is Bluffing thats why he is Settling for peanuts…

  5. Anonymous says:

    McALpine did not sue Scallwag and has not contacted the Journalists left alive, Simon Stander, Pete Sawyer and Andrea Davison

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