Ken Livingstone. ‘MI5 took films of ‘officials’ raping kids in ‘care’ homes’


PC problems today, but Graham Ovenden’s history (on wikipedia – associated with Lord Alistair McAlpine) seems to have been tidied up too! 

aangirfan had the info on the London Eve Standard story, which I believe Icke’s forum links to. Sorry, I bounce around so many sites. 

Mention on Icke about Ken Livingstone saying Mi5 had films taken at kid’s homes. Have to admire him for saying that! 

  1. Jimmy Sa-Vile OUTED as a PAEDO OCT 3rd – Page 767 – David Icke’s › … › Main Forums › Today’s NewsShare
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    A few pages back we were talking about ken Livingstone saying Mi5 filmed officials abusing children so mi5 could then blackmail/control them.

    Page 761‎ – 18 posts – 10 Nov 2012
    Page 759‎ – 16 posts – 10 Nov 2012

SEE ALSO UK COLUMN TV on how paedophile rings in the BBC and elsewhere protect powerful paedophiles.

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