Imagine a trusted teacher shoving his tongue into your mouth

While David Cameron rushes to stop the homophobic witchhunt that’s clearly bothering him, perhaps, just for a moment, he’d like to turn his attentions to the suffering of children at the hands of paedophile abusers.  Here’s an example of how they get hold of their victims.  This, incidentally is the gentler end of paedophilia.  Imagine the torture used to force kids into endless rape and suffering.  Now come on David Cameron, let’s deal with the issue.  Your people are guilty.  You’re covering up for them.  What does that make you?  Many kids are murdered subsequent to their abuse to silence them.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “Cameron. ‘Exposing Paedophiles is homophobic with…”:

Dead Sevenoaks teacher Gerd Sommerhoff accused of sexual abuse
By Alice Hemmings
Sevenoaks Chronicle, Thursday, November 08, 2012

AN EX-Sevenoaks School pupil has accused a former teacher of sexual abuse.
Eminent scientist Gerd Sommerhoff, who taught at the school for decades until 1984, allegedly molested the student after grooming him for several weeks.
Stuart Neilson, who attended the school for seven years from autumn 1975 to summer 1982, claims Mr Sommerhoff – who died in 2002 – abused him at the age of 12 in his private living quarters.
Dr Neilson, now a father of two and living in Ireland, has chosen to come forward and tell his story.
He says he has been prompted to break his silence following the Jimmy Savile scandal.
The former DJ, who died last year, is accused of abusing more than 300 youngsters. His victims have been encouraged to come forward following public outrage at the TV presenter’s behaviour.
Dr Neilson was a boarding pupil in Lambardes House in his first year, followed by a six-year stay in School House.
He told the Chronicle he found his stay at the school an ordeal. He said: “It was very difficult. I was shy and found the boarding school atmosphere very stressful.
“Sommerhoff had his private living area round the back of Lambardes House, with an archway overlooking it, and he would chat to me when I walked along the path.
“He groomed me – he lent me books and chatted to me about my favourite books, too. It made me feel special.”
Following several months of this, Dr Neilson claims Mr Sommerhoff showed him some homosexual pornography in May 1976 before, days later, inviting him up to his flat, where the teacher allegedly said sexually explicit things to him, pulled the boy on to his lap, rubbed himself against him and fondled him.
Dr Neilson recalled: “He forcibly held me by the neck and stuck his tongue inside my mouth.
“I can still taste bacon mixed with cheap cognac and Café Crème cigarillos, and I can still feel his stubble scratching my face.
“I still have nightmares occasionally, and have had panic attacks when I smell the cigarillos in public places.
“Although I was frightened by what he did, I also had a terror of losing my only friendship in a hostile school.
“I cried and he said he did not want to be friends with a cry-baby, and asked me if I wanted to act grown-up and be his friend. I ran away.”
Two days after the alleged assault, Dr Neilson said Mr Sommerhoff allegedly chased the pupil through part of the school and physically assaulted him, holding him by the throat while threatening to kill him if he ever told anybody about the abuse.
Dr Neilson claimed Mr Sommerhoff also threatened to tell his schoolmates that the boy was a homosexual.
A spokesman for Kent Police said: “On October 18, Kent Police received a report of historic sexual abuse, which is reported to have taken place in Sevenoaks between 1975 and 1976.
“Officers are now making a number of enquiries following the allegation.”
Accuser confident others suffered

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9 Responses to “Imagine a trusted teacher shoving his tongue into your mouth”

  1. Andy says:

    You could take a wild guess that a teacher who tries to be friends with a little boy and then shows him pornography does not do this on just one occasion.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gerd Sommerhoff said: “He frequently made references to sex in front of the students and once told us he’d bought a swan from Marrakesh and raped it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Eton targeted in paedophile inquiry at top public schools, Sunday Times, 6 August 2000: “The year-long inquiry, which ended in 1998, targeted known or suspected “homosexuals/ paedophiles” at Eton and Wellington College, Berkshire, and at Harrow, Hurstpierpoint and five other prominent private schools.”

    Presumably you could now add Sevenoaks School to this list, although there probably is not a single public school that has not had (and hidden) paedophiles.

  4. Unknown says:

    Hey Tap some of my comments seem to have disappeared – any ideas?

  5. The law and order should punish the candidates who are making these king of abuses on children.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It looks like this ’eminent scientist’ with a knighthood had many victims, possibly tens or hundreds:

    Sevenoaks School settles sex abuse case out of court
    Thursday, November 07, 2013

    Sevenoaks School has agreed to settle out of court a claim that one of its high profile teachers, now dead, sexually abused a 12 year-old boy who was one of his pupils.

    The claimant, now aged 48, was a pupil at Sevenoaks School between 1976 and 1983. He now suffers from a schizoid personality disorder with symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome.

    He alleges that the teacher, Gerd Sommerhoff, befriended him and invited him to his flat in the school grounds. It was there that the abuse is said to have taken place.

    The claimant eventually reported his allegations to the police in November last year, partly as a result of the publicity surrounding the Jimmy Savile scandal. Previous allegations against Sommerhoff by another pupil were made last year.

    The legal case against the school has been brought by Tracey Emmott, a specialist child abuse lawyer who also represented survivors of the Jersey Haut de la Garenne scandal.

    “My client has had to live with this throughout his teens and adult life,”said Tracey Emmott of Emmott Snell Solicitors.

    “He reported the abuse to a number of doctors over the years but no action was taken. It is a characteristic of child abuse survivors that they are left emotionally damaged and with an overwhelming sense of guilt at what took place.

    “So reporting the abuse at all took some courage. In the end what gave him the impetus to bring it out into the open was the publicity surrounding the Jimmy Savile affair.

    “Like so many others, the revelations had a cathartic effect on him and he felt free at last to tell his story to the police.

    “As with Jimmy Savile, anecdotal evidence suggests that Sommerhoff’s abuse may have been suspected by those who worked with him. But also as with Savile, perhaps they didn’t act because we seem to find it difficult to believe that public acclaim might hide some very unsavoury characteristics.”

    Sommerhoff was a distinguished teacher, inventor and philosopher and the great grandson of German composer Robert Schumann.

    He fled from the Nazis to Canada in 1936, admitting that his ‘lifelong attraction to young men’ would have meant his certain imprisonment in his native country.

    He was attracted to come to the UK to work at Sevenoaks School in what was considered a coup at the time.

    Evidence presented in the claimant’s legal proceedings against the school shows that he was particularly vulnerable to the effects of sexual and emotional abuse and felt stigmatized by his peers.

    A spokesman for Sevenoaks School said: “The School can confirm that it was contacted by a former pupil about allegations of abuse said to have occurred over 30 years ago.

    “Given this concerned events so long ago – and did not relate to any pupils or staff currently at the School – the matter was dealt with by the insurers from that period.”

  7. Anonymous says:

    Further story with more victims of Sevenoaks School paedophile Gerd Sommerhoff

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