How they killed off healthy eating Britain

I don’t necessarily agree with so called Healthy Calorie Controlled Diets, I prefer to look at it from a more logical view point, If you only eat good food when you are hungry you won’t need to partake of a Calorie Controlled Diet, providing you are not a ‘Couch Potato’. Calorie Controlled Diets usually incorporate our old friend NUTRASWEET, (ASPARTAME) or one of it’s Analogues, A Nurotoxin, made by the Biological Degradation via Fermentation of SEWAGE. Animals in the Wild, don’t know about Calorie Controlled Diets, & they keep fairly healthy or they die. I have given you loads of information on ASPARTAME in past Posts.
PEOPLE IN GENERAL EAT TOO MUCH, this is the precursor of most illnesses
It’s Big Business this Dieting, that’s why they encourage you to Eat Rubbish in The First Place. READ THE LABELS. If you don’t know much about CHEMISTRY, look up what they use & the effects these materials  have on the Human Body. If they only give you limited information , regarding content then Steer Clear of the Product.
NOT DONE FOR YOUR BENEFIT, IT’S ONLY TO BOOST THE PROFITS OF THE MULTI-NATIONAL CORPORATIONS, you will be Eating what their Economists want you to Eat, not what you should be Eating 
People were never healthier than when fed on the WWII WAR RATIONED FOOD DIET.
This was formulated by one of the Worlds Leading Scientists A Bio Chemist & 
Nutritional Expert Called Prof. Sir Jack Drummond.
They did not want People to be Too Healthy after the War, so they Murdered Him & His Whole Family, & then Blamed it on a PATSY, There is also evidence that having been involved with SIS, he was on a Mission. But one thing is certain, they wanted to Kill Off ‘Healthy Eating Britain’,  so they couldn’t have him wandering around telling everybody they were Talking a Load of “BOLLOCKS”, could they. The unfortunate thing for them was he had more than Adequate Proof he was Right, so this sealed his & his Families Fate. I doubt now if many have ever heard of this EXCEPTIONAL MAN. I will give you some more information on this in the future, when I can formulate the Data. I have been Researching ‘PURE HISTORY’ which I find fascinating, there is so much has been Hidden by the World’s Controllers,  I have come to the conclusion that many of those who Profess to be Historians, don’t know the first thing about Real History, as what they  known is Based on a Foundation of Part Truths & a Tissue of Lies. I do find that many of the Archeologists give far more acceptable interpretations of Past Events,  e.g. Moses & the Parting of The Red Sea, It never happened, it’s a bit like trying to Justify The Existence of Mythical Anthropogenic Global Warming. Those Who Can Be Deceived, Will Be Deceived 
Bio Chemists appear to be Prone to Accidents, Disguised Premeditated Murder or is it ASSASSINATION, since there is a Political Motive. LIST of 1) Mainly Microbiologists & Biochemists or 2)  this List with more details
The plane that crashed in the sea near Russia.. that was brought down by  missle.. Their names not published.. (that I  know of )….
What did these scientists know that was so important that they had to be silenced..????. 

(OR, what CURE could they have come up with to what’s about to be DELIBERATELY RELEASED??)
I will look out the Paedos  Data Base e-Mail, & send it after this one.

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  1. Wish13 says:

    “READ THE LABELS” !!! Need help with this? If you have an Android smartphone, you can download a free app called “What Additives” – enter the name or E number of an additive, and it will tell you various information about it – useful. Do not know if it is available for iPhone

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