Homosexuals are consenting adults. A paedophile is a paedophile,. They must be stopped.

Julia said…
The trolls are getting more sophisticated, are they not? It now looks like they actually read some of the stuff first. maybe it’s a different team based somewhere other than Doncaster. Maybe you’ve been promoted Tap.

Keep up the great work Tap. You are spot on, Cameron’s main interest is defending the paedophile network. The alternative news streams are doing the most brilliant job of exposing the paedophile network. Something which the super rich charities, like the NSPCC, of course never did!

Just in case anyone new thinks paedophiles and homosexuals are the same thing after reading the trolls, THEY ARE NOT.

Paedophiles can be either sex, and they abuse children of either or both sexes.

Homosexuals are consenting adults, who do not harm anyone.

A paedophile is a paedophile, whatever their supposed known sexuality. And it is the paedophiles that must be stopped.

Homosexuality is a distraction to make it a homosexual hunt instead. Same as witch hunt is a distraction towards witches.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The whole horror of this is that it is not about the labels:

    It is about adults who desire to assault children. And it’s about the web of adults who conspire to cover up the assault of children.

    Adults who assault and terrorise children (even into their adulthood) should be named and stopped.

    And any adult who was assaulted and terrorised should have an opportunity to speak up, be heard and believed and have an experience that ensures that they can sleep well at night and not relive each horrific moment at any given time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    with respect julia is not n expert in this field nd i would advise her to see work by psychictrist Joyce mc Dougall, Thomas szasz
    Ruth Pfiefer etc
    girls when young do not have their sex organs fully formed before puberty, only the anus functions and this is what they go for.
    Anal intercourse is what gays do, there are several excellant studies here and henry makow has some easy to read articles on his website clarifying this, e g anal intercourse with kids is a gay crime, the government know this which is why savilles attacks on boys are kept quiet, because the agnda is a pro-homosxual in origin
    and essence.
    Prof. john.Higgins

  3. James says:

    Re trolls. People do have different opinions on the way the world works, are they not allowed to have their say too?

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