Helping my speeding mother survive cancer

I always advise my mother not to have a flu vaccine.   Last year she had one and immediately had severe pains in her legs which lasted weeks.  She couldn’t easily get up or down stairs, but as we had a stair lift she could use, left over from my late father’s use, we got around this temporary disability.

That said she later on decided to have a hip operation, or rather was persuaded she needed one, which did for her living with stairs once and for all (the operation did, I mean).  We finally had to move her out of her house after sixty years of contended residence.  She wishes she hadn’t had the hip operation, as her hip wasn’t all that bad.  The op was very painful apart from the upheaval it caused to her life.

I’ve had her taking Novodalin,  the concentrated apricot kernel, ever since she had suffered from various cancers a few years ago.  Her lungs had become patchy and she was coughing day and night, but this all cleared up, much to the doctor’s surprise, when she started taking the pill.  While moving house she lost these pills (They cost about £1 each), and unfortunately some traces of cancer have returned.  I bought some more Novodalin for her this week, wishing I’d acted quicker.  I’ll see how she’s doing next week.

As she moved house, she left behind a £1000 water filtration system, which was also part of my earlier successful home made efforts at stopping her cancer.  The GP had said there was nothing they could do about her lungs and she’d have to live with it. The day I tried to instal a similar half micron water-filtration system into her new house, she was out – on a government course for speeding!  She’d been caught three times in a year, and wasn’t back home when the engineer/plumber called in.  He’s not back for another six months unfortunately.

I hope we’ve done enough to stop her cancers meantime.  The local water is atrocious, not fluoride but every other rotten toxic metal and chemical.    She also mentioned that the doctor had told her to take a daily aspirin, which I see is strongly advised against on  The medical profession is so keen on making all the wrong interventions, it appears to me.  I asked her to stop taking it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    these are some links for fighting and preventing cancer and other illnesses with diet
    they promote a vegan diet, even if you cant go the whole way read what they have to say about dairy and meat

    there are links to recipes as well

    Hope this is helpful
    best wishes

  2. Anonymous says:

    1/2 a aspirin maybe

    proanthenols seem to be the best thing eat as many as you can ? maybe check out Co > lifeplus on the web

    hope this helps


  3. Anonymous says:

    NSA filters are good budget co was squashed by? good clean water for the masses? who could screw this up?
    seee ebay for new stock easily place/install a micron filter if needed.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Turmeric capsules go a long way to preventing cancer (they smell a bit and are hard to swallow, but that’s a small price to pay). I regularly order 120 capsules on eBay for £6 and they do the job. 2 capsules a day with food and you’ll notice the difference.

    People are queuing up to get shot with the ‘seasonal flu jab’ yet don’t realise that good diet and a healthy immune system is far more beneficial (especially as the shorter days of Winter don’t provide as much vitamin D). Getting blasted with chemtrails on a daily basis doesn’t help matters either…

    … speaking of chemtrails, watch the first five minutes (at least) of this YouTube video… an eye-opener…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Any more specifics you can provide would be useful. Location of cancer, type, stage, malignant/benign, tumors, size, number etc.

    In the mean time these things should help

    1. Run a stool test to assess digestion of food, bacteria levels and existence of parasites. Although even negative on parasites doesn’t mean they don’t exist. They will likely always be present in cancer as the root cause is often toxins. Correct as needed with HCL/Pepsin, digestive enzymes, bacteria etc as needed.

    2. Run tests to assess vitamin, mineral & trace element levels. Correct any deficiencies with supplements.

    3. Detoxify environment & body while strengthening digestion

    4. Take herbs/enzymes that will assist in detoxification and also destroy the cancer. (Bromelain (outside of meals is both anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer), Bromelain with meals is a digestive enzyme, turmeric 4-5% curcumin (caution if she gets any kinds of stones (gall,kidney,liver), oil of oregano (drops work best under the tongue as it goes right into the lymph system but can be harsh so dilute with water if necessary). There are 100’s of herbs I could list off for cancer. This site is a decent start. Rotate the herbs so the cancer doesn’t build up a defense against them. 10 days maximum then swith

    Alkalize her diet and her body but make sure her saliva and urine stay in the right PH range. You can get PH test paper for this. Best and cheapest way to alkalize is with baking soda in distilled water assuming she doesn’t have heart or blood pressure issues. For diet search “PH balance diet”.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You might find this website of benefit:

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