Health & Safety. Freedom & Restriction. You end up with neither.

Julia's ramble.......

The US is the new Germany...

Barack Obama’s campaign slogan “FORWARD” just happens to have been Hitler's youth marching song Vorwärts!. When planning a presidential campaign, there's no such thing as an 'Accident', every last detail is planned, reviewed and approved. 

The Bath Busometer...

In the world heritage city of Bath, we have an ugly new building locally referred to as the Busometer. It is circular and surrounded by a steel circular cage that has no apparent purpose. Its another one of those things that noone can quite understand how it got through, how it happened. It seems to me to be an antennae of some sort. How interesting that they are now finally taking down the derelict gas towers in Bath. They no longer need the gas towers because they have a modern replacement! Only £13 million to take them down, and they are still making library cuts. Why is the new Busometer where it is? A Georgian building was knocked down to put it there. A huge tree was chopped down to put it there. Both old and new are close to the river. There is a similar building near Wembley Arena.  

TED Talks...

...have included the likes of Bill Gates and Gordon Brown as major speakers. It's a "philanthropic" not for profit organisation. Jimmy Savile was a "philanthropist". It is owned by the Sapling Foundation, which I can find very little about other than it seems to be a conduit for donations. TED Talks is huge. Everything is available free, which must cost an absolute fortune to produce. It has interesting business partners, such as IBM, American Express, Shell Urbanization Project, Sony, CocaCola, DOW Chemicals etc etc. Why are all these top people and businesses involved if the purpose of TED talks is alternative ideas? I think it is mass brainwashing. The real alternative news and ideas are getting too big, so the world controllers need to wheel out their own version to scoop up the masses. I am pretty sure this is it. They have millions of followers, it seems. Another curious connection is that the daughter of TED's founder, Chris Anderson, died suddenly in mysterious circumstances in a newly fitted gas shower whilst visiting his house.  



Looks very similar to EUR. Subliminal programming towards EUR by getting us to worship EIIR, perhaps?  

Health and Safety...

How ever did Health get linked to Safety? More subliminal programming. Safe is about locking things up and guarding them. Health is about being well and feeling alive and free. What happens is that we are told we need all these safe.guards for good health. And because Health and Safety are lumped together, and repeated together over and over again, we subliminally start to think they are the same thing.  

The Co-op...

...are one of Britain's largest farmers. I don't really like the idea of anyone owning that much of the country's land and farming. Maybe this is the agenda of the COOP? To stealthily take over the farming. People don't see them in quite the same way as Sainsbury's and Tescopoly. The Cooperative doesn't sound like its part of the Monopoly does it?  

Energy Companies...

The Sun reported that certain energy companies are not paying tax on their profits. You are supposed to be outraged that the tax is not paid. I am outraged that they are making profits. And if they can get out of paying taxes, then so should the rest of us! Let's follow their example.  

Horse Racing...

It's not only cruel to horses in my view, but it is a tax by another name. A bit like the national lottery. It takes money off predominantly poor people to pass on to the rich. The only hope of the poor is to gamble and win. But very few win. Usually they lose most of what they have. So the poor stay poor. That's the meaning of the racehorse in Monopoly. 

British Gas...

...are busy pushing their remote controls for boilers. Since the gas boiler in your home is effectively a bomb with an electronic timing device attached, I would not recommend installing any form of remote control. British Gas is By Royal Appointment. That means they serve the Queen's Agenda. 

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4 Responses to “Health & Safety. Freedom & Restriction. You end up with neither.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    ‘ That’s the meaning of the racehorse in Monopoly ‘

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, I used to love reading this blog…. This bird is crackers! Why do you keep uploading her shite?

  2. Tapestry says:

    Julia is requested by readers. I edit some of her pieces if they seem wacky! How come you read all the way to the bottom if it ain’t worth it? She has a way of looking at the world, a positive one usually. It makes a change from reading about politicians murdering children, which gets depressing, you have to admit.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Monopoly as metaphor” is pretty spot on, actually:

    (from about 3m50s in, but watch all of it)

  4. Julia says:

    There’s a lot more going on in Monopoly than the racehorse, if you care to look into it. It’s a way of training people, via childhood games, into believing in the idea of banks, monopolies, housing control (the most crippling expense for most people), and going to jail.
    Monopoly also contains 4 stations, three of which are in the City of London. Have you noticed how the trains and the stations are being dramatically “improved”, with large turning circles, ticket barriers and security guard type staff? The same applies in the US. FEMA camps have railways going into them. Railways are potentially very useful for state controlled mass transit of the population, such as in NAZI Germany.
    The Monopoly Board also has the Utility Companies. Have you noticed how these are taking over our lives, the prices rising steeply, and how we have become so dependent on them?

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