French alien abductee breaks 40 year silence

Collin Andrews at his official website tells the story of a Frenchman who lived at a secret extraterrestrial base in the Himalayas for a year.  A forty year silence was imposed on the return on the man to his home in France,  the silence has now been lifted.  
Over a period of months a farm in southern France was plagued by the appearance of lights. Balls of light appeared in the evening and surrounded the house of 20-year-old Robert L., who lived with his parents and his grandmother.
Large balls of light moved over the ground, seeming to extinguish and re-light, eventually joining up with a giant bullet-shaped form standing vertically. 
They appeared to be intelligent.
For two years Robert received many visits in his bedroom at night. Extra-terrestrial entities crossed
through the walls and surrounded his bed. Robert was paralyzed.
The visitors were tall, blond, and thin with long arms. They were dressed in skin-tight jumpsuits open at the  neck and wrists, with a metallic shimmer and a wide belt.
They introduced themselves as scientists from another galaxy. They took a blood sample and told him they were interested in his genetic structure.
Over the next two years, Robert was mentally and physically prepared through these visits and instructed in yoga-like exercises. A man who presented himself as the “Guide” nicknamed him “Roro”. They were part of a Galactic Confederation in charge of maintaining life on planets inhabited like the Earth.
At the end of the two years of night-time training, he was invited to accompany them back to their base on Earth and to serve as a donor of genetic material to populate a faraway planet. He was assured that everything would be taken care of and he wouldn’t lack anything.
A spacecraft came to pick him up in a field next to his farm. It was a large, flat vessel 65 feet long with a  dome. It was red like hot iron, surrounded by a yellowish-orange cloud. It landed without touching the  ground. A door opened and the “Guide” welcomed him. The craft took off, with no detectable motion. Robert was worried. The Guide showed him the wall had become transparent and Robert saw what he thought was Marseille.
They were at an altitude of 40,000 meters. The trip lasted less than an hour and they arrived at a
subterranean base in the Himalayas. After a night spent in a bedroom with rounded walls, Robert was served coffee which tasted as if made by his mother. He put on an outfit resembling an overall of soft, tight-fitting material. It would be changed and regenerated for the capture of magnetic rays.
Two women introduced themselves: a “Biologist” and an “Ethnologist”. In the bedroom there was an eye-shaped device which was a kind of  television in 3-D where he could see and hear everything happening at his home, and listen to his parents’  conversations.
Drawing of the underground base
They took him on a tour of the cave which was actually a base with several floors, constructed over 3000  feet below the earth.
It was surround by a triple magnetic belt which insulated and protected the base from earthquakes.
There were numerous rooms. An elevator opened onto a platform in the open air where he could go in the evening, though he was accompanied.

The terrain was rugged with high snowcapped mountains.
The Guide demonstrated how he could disintegrate a tree with a ball-like device which he carried with him at all times.
The spacecrafts accessed the base by way of a snaking tunnel with a funnelshaped entrance situated lower in the valley. It opened onto an immense hangar where the spacecrafts and personnel were located. Robert saw vessels entering from 90 feet away.

He was permitted to walk around the interior of the base, except for certain zones.
One day he forced entry into the rooms containing nuclear, magnetic and electric fields. He was pushed  back by an invisible wall.

Daily life at the base
See the rest of the story here with many more illustrations:


Once we have made enough progress to go to the moon, Mars and further, we must go with an open 
mind, with no desire to conquer. The Guide told me that we would be under surveillance. That if 
aggressive ideas germinate in the minds of astronauts, they’ll be prevented from carrying out their plan. 
‘You must come in peace, with sincerity, honesty, and humility. If not, we will stop you.’
All the conversations we had at the base come back to me. We have a long road in front of us before 
we can liberate ourselves from enslavement, big or small. Of course, we mustn’t reject everything, we 
need to keep what seems good to us. We won’t change our mode of thinking so easily, which is often 
egotistical and egocentric.
UFO research is a good thing. The overall mentality and opinions on the subject are changing rapidly.
The arcane secrets are beginning to open up gradually. It’s better to go slowly and go far. When the
majority of the planet is ready, there could be a possibility of encounter. The Guide’s word.”
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