Fasting prolongs life.

Intermittent Fasting May be a Secret to Optimal Health and Weight Loss

Because of the research above, combined with many other compelling pieces of evidence, some mentioned below, I have revised my personal eating schedule to eliminate breakfast and restrict the time I eat food to about seven to eight hours, which is typically from noon to 6 or 7 p.m. Just seems to make sense that our ancestors rarely had access to food 24/7 like we do and our genes are optimized for intermittent fasting.
It takes about six to eight hours for your body to metabolize your glycogen stores and after that you actually start to shift to burning fat. However, if you are replenishing your glycogen by eating every eight hours, you make it far more difficult for your body to use your fat stores as fuel.
It’s long been known that restricting calories in certain animals can increase their lifespan by as much as 50 percent, but more recent research suggests that sudden and intermittent calorie restriction appears to provide the same health benefits as constant calorie restriction, which may be helpful for those who cannot successfully reduce their everyday calorie intake (or aren’t willing to).
Fasting has been used as a spiritual practice in many cultures since ancient times, but it might have been done for health purposes as well. Modern science has confirmed there are many health reasons for fasting, including:
  • Normalizing your insulin sensitivity, which is key for optimal health as insulin resistance (which is what you get when your insulin sensitivity plummets) is a primary contributing factor to nearly all chronic disease, from diabetes to heart disease and even cancer
  • Normalizing ghrelin levels, also known as “the hunger hormone”
  • Promoting human growth hormone (HGH) production, which plays an important part in health, fitness and slowing the aging process
  • Lowering triglyceride levels
  • Reducing inflammation and lessening free radical damage
A recent animal study published in the International Journal of Endocrinology showed a beneficial glycemic effect that resulted in a lower gain in body weight than in non-fasting animals.2 Other research suggests fasting triggers a variety of health-promoting hormonal and metabolic changes similar to those that occur when you exercise, which may help preventage-related brain shrinkage and other chronic and debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. 
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9 Responses to “Fasting prolongs life.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This sounds like propaganda put out by the Tavistock Institute.
    They obviously realise that it won’t be just some Africans and Asians that are starving but the rest of the population that will soon not have enough food.
    So what do they do? Start spreading the meme that “starving” is a good health choice.
    The Internet for propaganda units like Tavistock is a “dream come true” for spreading their propaganda.

  2. Tapestry says:

    It’s Dr Mercola on

    he’s got a good track record of being not Tavistock

  3. silentt says:

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  4. A10Sean says:

    I agree with the Tap on this one. OverEating is more likely to be the propaganda .It surely causes more early death.

    I did notice a small change in the message over the past week – they are now claiming to target morbid obesity – but nonsensically ignoring the underlying problem with the majority of the population. They are trying to save money on the obvious additional costs of dealing with morbid obesity which is good in itself – but the greater problem of overeating, which is akin to an adiction, should be addressed. The 5 a day message isnt as relevant because I’m not aware that we have a huge problem with nutrition – the number 1 problem would appear to be overeating – – lets have a war on calories !


  5. Anonymous says:

    OK Sean

    Try this test. Take two gullible people like you. Get A to eat all the food he likes when he likes and see how long he takes to die.

    Take B and make sure he receives no food.

    Guess which one dies first.

  6. wasp says:

    I always try to look at things from Basic Principals. The Routine of consuming 4 Meals per day, is not how the body is meant to Function.

    Animals in the Wild State Eat when they are Hungry, if they are able to obtain something to eat, but a lot of the time they ere on the side of wanting food, which often they are unable to obtain. Humans on the other hand in the Affluent World, adopt a Rigorous Eating Schedule.

    I gave up the so called NORMALIZED MEAL SCHEDULES a Long Time Ago, & adopted The Rule of Only Eat When Hungry, Many Think I Am Mad doing this, but it doesn’t bother me. My kids have adopted the same outlook, with my wife somewhere in between.

    I would also add that I discovered many years ago that people would be far healthier if they adopted this Regime, providing you eat the proper food it will work. Good Food doesn’t need to be Expensive, whilst our freezers are always full of all the usual stuff such as steaks , lamb, pork, & ham etc.
    I will very often prefer Baked Beans on Toast, topped off with cheese, or something similar, & a WELL BACK SPUD, easily prepared in The AGA, but just as easy in any oven I would think.

    TRY IT.


  7. A10Sean says:

    10.53 … I’m advocating a healthy , nutrional , calorie controlled diet – You would only compare that to not eating if you really did not understand the issue being discussed. Try reading a bit more on this topic and let me know if you have any questions then.


  8. Julia says:

    A friend of mine fasts two days a week, not eating til noon, and then only very light food. It has stopped her migraines. I skip breakfast one day a week. I feel much more energised on that day and I am slowly weaning myself off other timed eating habits.
    Why does the government promote 5 a day? The message should be EAT LESS, but they are always saying EAT MORE, especially more of their supermarket Frankenfood. Why do the government promote eating breakfast? Because they don’t want us healthy and they don’t want us thinking and feeling.

  9. A10Sean says:

    Thanks Julia – Its nice to get a bit of support !


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