Farage to Fabricant – Cameron must go

Michael Fabricant showed the statistics that should be worrying all Conservatives.  UKIP at near 10% (3.1% in 2010 GE) means the Conservatives will lose so many seats that power is no longer achievable.  The only possible way to go forward from here is with an electoral pact with UKIP.  He is completely correct.

Farage’s answer is equally correct.  No electoral pact or any deal is possible with Cameron at the helm of the Conservatives.  He is still sticking to his ‘closet racists’ stance on UKIP, a phrase which can only be more likely to strengthen the will of UKIP supporters.  Cameron attends Common Purpose conferences, in secret, the organisation that approves of removing children from UKIP foster parents.

Fabricant has to take this notion forwards and ensure that Cameron is got rid of as the Conservative leader, before the next election….or the Conservatives are mincemeat.

The growing dissatisfaction with Cameron with his handling of the recent ‘paedophile rings in Number 10 Downing Street’ revelations is creating the perfect political storm.  Even leftwingers like Tom Watson are starting to get it how entirely rotten the core of British politics has become, on all sides.

It would only take one spark, for the conflagration to blow up, and the crowd to surge forwards.  Fabricant has picked exactly the right moment to raise the issue.  How will the Conservative minded British people, the ones who are still left, bring their power to bear on what is an increasingly terrible situation at the very top of power?

Farage is right.  The answer.  First Cameron must go.  Only then can the parties start to build a coalition  to take on the secretive paedophile networks that are decimating family life, and the whole fabric of our society.  The whole edifice is rotten to the core.

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