December 2012. Conspiracy theories please.

 This year, December has 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays, says T.Stokes London.
Sat Sun
14 15

This only happens once every 824 years.
The Chinese call it the  Pig-Bag.

TAP – Is that true?

COMMENT –  That also happened in 2007, 2001, 1990, 1984, etc. Statistically it’s a one in a seven chance for December 1st to be saturday.

TAP – That makes a bit more sense!  There’s one theory debunked already.

There will no doubt be a number of numerology 
Illuminati theories as to this month.  I accept 
anti-Zionist material, but not anti-Jew.  Jews are just 
as surely the victims of the Zionists and their Jesuit brethren,
as Palestinians and any one else.

(Hamas was created  by the Zionists to knock out the PLO.  They control both sides at Gaza as they do in all wars)

This video’s good from Project Camelot.  The interviewee focuses on Saturn’s rings, and adds some understanding to David Icke’s recent talk at Wembley, which focused on Saturn’s effect on our lives here on earth.

Uranus didn’t used to have rings, but now it does.
The moon of Saturn Prometheus has something to do with the rings there, he agrees with Kerry.
Bergrun says it’s exhaust, just like Saturn’s rings.
He takes a long time to spit it all out, but it’s fascinating, and not acted.

Someone tried to poison him with an apple.  He noticed it was adulterated and cut out two chunks.  That action saved his life.  His ideas were getting too controversial for somebody.

Jupiter is getting rings too.  The ring-makers make tremendous energy.  New vehicles go into the rings to get their energy, and grow in size.  They are as if alive vehicles.

Kerry asks if the vehicles fly close to the sun to power up too.  He agrees that he’s seen that too.

Norman says things are getting critical out there.   He says ‘things’ are moving faster to get away from something (what people think is the universe expanding).  There is a battle between good and bad going on out in the universe, a battle which caused the big bang.

His son says he gets voices in his head.
He wrote some formulas which were not the kind that could be written on earth.
This frightened Norman.  His son’s not even a scientist.

He thinks things are going to happen, a gut feeling.

Kerry – NASA is a front organisation for the secret space programme.  Who are the insider organisations?  Lockheed?

Norman – Lockheed only got stuff recently.  I was the go-to guy.  Even behind closed doors people were stunned by Kennedy’s assassination.  I gave a paper on how to travel to the nearest star system around 1988.

Einstein got together with Mach once, and asked how to reference speed.  Einstein figured he’d work from the speed of light as his.  He imagined you couldn’t go faster than the speed of light.  I found many examples of things going faster the speed of light.

Above the speed of sound, you go into the area of time travel.

He saw a plane flying overhead, which he realised was a hologram.

Kerry.  Remote viewers of distant objects?

Norman – these are not scientifically acceptable but interesting.  The craft I saw in the rings were very small, babies.  They are growing using the rings.  Mining is something we do here on earth.  You don’t need to be very bright to be a miner.  It’s too low for them.  These are smarts.  They are a life form.  We are not capable of communicating with them.  They choose the type of entity they want to communicate with someone who can build a radio.

Kerry –  Richard Hogan? says he’s seen cities in the rings of Saturn.

Norman – I would not call them cities myself.  He can see organised structures of some sort.  I agree with that.

Kerry – Saturn has a hexagonal top?

Norman – Any geometric form can be made.  I want to flesh things out for people in my writing in this critical time, if the material hasn’t been stolen or destroyed.

TAP – Check on The Ringmakers of Saturn by Norman Bergrun on Amazon.  $2500 each copy!!!!!

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8 Responses to “December 2012. Conspiracy theories please.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That also happened in 2007, 2001, 1990, 1984, etc. Statistically it’s one in a seven chance for December 1st to be saturday.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Whats the best way to make yourself look like a total fool? I know go along with the Mayan Calendar end of the world bollix that all these new age fruitloops are spouting.

    It’s all absolute tosh & anyone with even an ounce of gumption knows it.

  3. Tapestry says:

    I agree but with military coup going on against the Bush cabal, generals and admirals being stood down including Petraeus, Middle east war bursting into life, you do wonder if the date is significant.

  4. Please!!! No more Project Camelot rubbish..!

    Travel to other star systems…rubbish! Travelling at the speed of light it would still take 70,000 years to get to the stars closest to earth. That means, of course, that it would take any E.T’s just as long to get here – assuming they new EXACTLY where earth is.

    Project Camelot (and their more occult sister-site Project Avalon) are part of the scam that suggests that TPTB are in contact with E.T’s and also that we are evolved from E.T’s (pan-spermia theory) – ties in nicely with Darwin’s completely unproven evolution theory, a theory given us from the same occult sources.


    Because no God = no morality.

    They want us to completely abandon traditional morality (see Ten Commandments) and replace God with us as gods.

    ‘God is dead and now we are all gods – and that means we can do what we like, we make the rules now’

    So, what is the new law?
    The laws of man, or what is called ‘reason’.

    In the French Revolution, they enthroned prostitutes in Churches as goddesses to ‘Reason’.

    Alistair Crowley summed it up well: ‘Do what thou wilt. That is the whole of the law’


  5. Tapestry says:

    HH, I like your style, and the reminder that in amongst off planet thinking lurk moral dangers. I agree that the remote viewers are hard to fathom, and be sure about. But you can’t totally dismiss the scientists who have more handle on facts than most of us do.

    I note that Bergrun says the main battle in the universe is between good and evil, and that things are reaching a critical point, out in space. The Satanism you describe is said to be the same as Saturnism by David Icke.

    I realise that a strict adherence to the bible makes it hard to open your mind beyond its pages. That’s a shame as the moral, spiritual battle might take place on a wider battlefield than could be imagined two thousand years and more ago. I don’t think you’ve watched the video. The other one available online ‘The ringmakers of saturn’ I find is fascinating. He’s in his nineties, and has accumulated a lot of knowledge.

  6. Tap, in reponse to, from above:

    ‘I realise that a strict adherence to the bible makes it hard to open your mind beyond its pages.’

    I’m very happy to thouroughly examine evidence presented to me, on any subjet. If I’m wrong, I’ll change, which is how I’ve arrived at where I am now – the truth of Jesus Christ and the truth of the prophecy contained in the Holy Bible.

    And yes, you’re right, I haven’t watched this or any other Pro. Cam. for a long time. Their films / interviews are just too long and I’ve always found there’s actually very little concrete anything in them.

    I firmly beleive that they are part of the deception, like Carol Rosin and the UFO ‘Disclosure Project’. I read somewhere that this person was revealed to be an actress..!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Your first comment is wrong Helen… Proxima Centauri is 4.2 light years away. So at the speed of light it would only take 4.2 years. You seem to have mixed it up with the time it would take to get there with modern rocket technology.

  8. OK, Proxima Centauri…thanks

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