Who are the masters of the pedophile rings?


I notice David Icke’s website apparently got a DDOS attack:
The story’s out anyway, and the pressure’s building.  So far no mention of Blair, Mandelson and the Labour Party’s involvement in child abuse and murder.  But at least the Conservatives are getting some exposure without the names being taken to the police for some reason..
The BBC only tells a a quarter of the story as usual (threats of legal action being one thing).
Aangirfan on Icke –
The thing that has always bothered me about Icke, is that William Milton Cooper, said he was a Disinfo. Merchant, as was Alex Jones, & there were always certain subjects he wouldn’t touch. It was stated his ex- wife was a nut, & probably MK’d


The all-seeing eye in her hand signal, the devil’s horns in his.  Is he a disinformation agent? 

“The trouble with Icke is that he’s been listed as a member of the Isle of Wight Freemasonic club; his ex-wife is a total fruitcake with neon MK-Ultra programming written all over her blog profile and Icke get’s his information via his psychiatrist to the stars, who is also his handler. 

“Worryingly, his ex also has a kind of ministry ‘outreach’ to vulnerable children in Far East!

“As he was a BBC employee before his ‘road to Damascus’ experience, it follows that he fits the profile of a disinformation agent by pointing the finger away from himself and handlers whilst also ‘exposing’ truths (or at least some truths).”

TAP –  Is David Icke a disinfo merchant?  Here’s another source who’s interesting, Greg Hallett.  I’ve read some of his books, and wonder if he takes his stories a step too far, while having the essence of the truth contained within.  He’s now in hiding and telling yet more interesting stories.


Pedophiles are linked to heroin trafficking, he claims.  The Royal family is a fraud (since 1852).  The judges and lawyers are involved with drug trafficking.  Hallett says Prince Philip is a known pedophile.  The political system runs on shame.  They film politicians doing unspeakable acts, and hold the threat of exposure over them.  The tendency to pedophilia runs intergenerationally within families, which is why they often chose politicians from the same families.


TAP – Greg is from New Zealand originally, and is absolutely not a disinfo agent, although some of his stories seem a little too incredible.  Yet how can the world be explained, unless there is someone powerful enough to control the media, the legal system, the military and the banks?  David Icke says it’s all coming from Saturn.  Maybe the power base is much closer to home.


In that same timeframe, with Peter Williams arriving to England – on the 27th of August 1979, Lord Louis Mountbatten was blown up in his boat. Now Lord Louis Mountbatten was part of the ‘Triumvirate’, which was the heroin trafficking ring run by Prince Philip.
Lord Louis Mountbatten and Prince PhilipLord Louis Mountbatten, now part of the
‘Triumvirate’, the heroin trafficking ring
run by Prince Philip
Also by Lord Porchester, Prince Andrew’s father, and Lord Plunkett, who died in 1975, and that’s Prince Edward’s father. And with Lord Plunkett dying, Lord Louis Mountbatten was invited into the heroin trafficking ring, and he qualified, because he was already compromised, because he is a long standing paedophile, and Lord Louis Mountbatten considered the mentorship of his nephews and grand nephews to be the same as sodomy. 
The first man to escape out of Colditz, first or second, Airey Neave, who was a lawyer and British MP, a man of note and influence, and Margaret Thatcher’s bondage lover.
Peter William’s QC is Prince Philip’s agent in New Zealand. Prince Philip’s wife owns the Court buildings and owns the Judiciary.
He (Airey Neave) was trying to clean up the heroin trafficking ring and he got to Lord Louis Mountbatten. So Lord Louis Mountbatten was on a target list of Prince Philip’s to be killed. And it looks like Prince Philip gave the ₤2 million pounds to the mafia, who gave it to Peter Williams, who found it in a suitcase on his hotel bed, and then went around eliminating those who could jeopardise his case.

(Irish voice: “I tell you, it’s like what happened to the world over the last twenty or thirty years:
Greed, greed & more fucking greed, & cheap money, & in Ireland, it is a tragedy what happened.)

When I exposed Peter Williams QC as being in charge of paedophilia in New Zealand, being in charge of heroin trafficking in New Zealand, and his partner being in charge of Methamphetamine trafficking in New Zealand, a Police Inspector called Winston West, who was in a full motor cycle suit, helmet, on a motor cycle, came alongside of the car I was in, which was a very small Honda Civic, jumped on the bonnet, ripped the wiper blade and arm right off the car, and he ripped the rear vision mirror right of the car, and then fell on the ground with his arms and legs in the air, like a dog wanting to get patted.
There were two detectives here, two there, two there. Two minutes later an ambulance turned up, picked him up, took him to the hospital. No police chased me, nothing. It was just Peter Williams saying he had total control over the police doing any hits that he wanted.
Lord Louis Mountbatten and Prince Philip

‘The Black Prince’ Prince Philip and
Peter Alderidge Williams QC ‘Mr Asia’,
MI-6 / Mafia Boss
I went to the Auckland District Law Society and got the payment schedules for the murders. They went through the bank accounts controlled collectively by Terry Clark, Peter Williams, Eb Leary and Billy Boyd. 
Terry Clark was convicted, his death was faked, he was given plastic surgery and a new life. Eb Leary was charged for laundering drug money twice, convicted twice. Billy Boyd was convicted, supposedly sent to prison for six months, but he may have spent a maximum of three nights on the Wardens couch. Both were struck off for about 19 years.
On the other hand Peter Williams was not charged, was not sent to prison, and was made a Queen’s Counsel lawyer, and I am absolutely certain that is because Peter Williams was trafficking the heroin and doing the contract killings for Prince Philip, who was the head of the Triumvirate, the head of the heroin trafficking ring. 
And those who supply children to Prince Philip for paedophilia qualify for entrance into the triumvirate heroin trafficking ring.
Peter Williams had so much work from people, who have been had for trafficking heroin and other drugs, that he had to give that work to other lawyers. With the notoriety and the leading people in New Zealand being heroin traffickers and paedophiles and contract killers, we have a case where ‘there is absolutely no justice whatsoever coming out of the New Zealand judiciary’.

TAPIf Hallett is broadly right, maybe not in every detail, as he has the tendency to embroider, and enjoy a good yarn, then the media will be doing all it can to lay trails, towards people such as Lord McAlpine, Tories, Jimmy Savile, other show business perpetrators, Gary Glitter, Freddie Starr, anyone in fact, except the people who lie at the very top of the pedophile pyramid, the Royal pedophiles, which all sources seem certain are highly active in this regard.  That is ultimately what this is all about, protecting the Royal family from exposure.  If they get into the firing line, the power structure that holds us all in check, starts to unravel.

As for Icke, I still might give him some leeway, and have respect for much of his work, not that I understand it all,.  He has to survive, and the price of his survival could be to play a double game.  So goes for all sources.  We just have to tease out the picture from the sources we have.

Internet paedophile whispers

COMMENTS that came in –  

Comment 1.  I was a political journalist for a broadsheet newspaper.  Whenever a cabinet minister was sacked, we would hear why, even if we were not allowed to print it.  But chris smith was here and then gone, nothing ! 

crikey one of the rent boys who used to come for coffee with us a dear young boy said it was to do with Operation Ore.   

It all makes so much sense now
June Parfitt ( nee ferguson)

Comment 2.  Members of SO19 know about the kids home behind Waterloo Station where they used to drop off and collect a senior royal.   Good few years ago though!

Comment 3.  It was Prince Philip, and he was dropped off on a regular basis. Pick up was at 3am. He would be there for a couple of hours!
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13 Responses to “Who are the masters of the pedophile rings?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have waited years for this.
    Alex Jones
    David Icke
    Eric Hufschmid
    and Henry Makow are part of officially funded psyops, the litmus test for any truther
    is just one thing.
    The fact that only one manin history stood against the march of rothschild marxism, that man was Adolf Hitler, when the bankers did to Germany what they are doing to us, he broke free and without the jewish insider dealing, money changing, abusive usury and stock market swindles, Germany propsered in fact soared ahead, Rothschilds bankers then bribed and blackmailed every country in the world to wat against Germany.
    The real reason of the US wars are for one reason only, to bring these countries within reach of Rothchild usury.

  2. Tapestry says:

    They are all good sources. Most of us have learned a lot from them. Hitler was trained by Tavistock in 1912, and was a OWG agent. He was lifted out of Berlin in 1945 and lived until 1962 in South America.

  3. Anonymous says:

    new age = luciferian

    They don’t always know themselves, they’re not necessarily conscious of it, but people are just ‘sims’ to lucifer and he will manipulate these seeming ‘truthers’ at will.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve always said this: If a truthsayer really is telling the truth, and they get too close, then it doesn’t take long before they end up 6 foot under.

    TPTB know where these people live.

    To use three people as an example:

    – Alex Jones… he’s always going on about the death threats to him and his wife. There are certain areas that he won’t touch though. Smacks of controlled opposition.

    – Alan Watt… he’s said himself in broadcasts that he’s had unmarked cars outside his house watching him and people following him while walking his dog, and other things too like he’s been approached to join certain organisations. Frankly, I don’t think he gives a s*** because he does seem genuine and just wants to get the message out.

    – David Icke… there was a picture of him with other masons on the net all wearing their pale blue aprons and whatnot. David Icke tried to debunk this as nonsense on his website saying it was photoshopped. I don’t know. Your average person is going to say he is a ‘fruitcake’ or ‘conspiracy theorist’ and all the other immature labels. But when does a person like this start to be taken seriously and become a threat to TPTB… there’s the question.

    However, look what happened to Bill Cooper. YouTube is your friend on that one for starters.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The circumstances surrounding Philip Jone’s death in 2009 are mysterious.

    His own blog is a wealth of information and he was apparently getting too close to some truths:

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, I suggested to you before that the primary function of these “conspiracy” sites is to act as a honeypot ie: to draw in and monitor you and me, those who are seeking the truth. It’s a well known tactic in law enforcement and even business… if you want to penetrate a circle, set up your own and see who comes to you. they’ve done it with hackers, peodos and especially religious radicals. I don’t think Icke et al are necessarily disinfo (though they very well be) but I do think they’re serving a purpose, knowingly or unknowingly. The trouble with these Icke/Jones ect people is they’re clearly of very fragile ego. They seem so easy to bait and they fire up at the smallest slight. Imagine a true hero (Ghandhi, MLK jr, Krishnamurti – name your own) behaving like this. I mean, they’re exposing the truth and nature of reality but react like infants to any criticism. They are clearly far from the people any spiritually minded person would wish to aspire. Their sites are littered with over-reactions to the tiniest of slights. Icke talks about love but behaves like a vigilante moron when anyone asks even basic questions. I have learned much from him and really want to respect him, but he clearly doesn’t walk the talk. A final note: 95% of intelligence agency activity is disinfo. And they have mind boggling budgets. Clearly they’re active in the cyber truther realm, so who are they? HINT: Big budget??? (on that note, Icke may well pass the test because his site/books/blatent self promotion are amateurish at best
    Chris B
    (PS: Keep up the good work all, but please remember the quest is spiritual not intellectual)
    Research note: Check out the definition of a ‘petty tyrant’… breaking free of you conditioning is only the first step, and a step beyond which the VAST majority fail to progress (me included, I fear! but here’s hoping. Love to all)

  7. Anonymous says:

    I looked up “petty tyrant’after I posted this and didn’t find the definition i was looking for, so just to clarify… the definition i understand and was implying is that of someone who has seen through the ‘illusion’ but instead of moving on to the next step on the path of true liberation engages in continual criticism of the system they have allegedly escaped. Thus their energy is trapped and bitterness builds and they become negative forces, rather than someone who can move to a more truthful existance and lay down a true path for others to follow (David Icke, Alex Jones, Rense, Makow all seem to fall into this categtoriy of ‘petty tyrants’with their hateful rants and raves and vindictiveness ). I like this site because Tap doesn’t seem to want to pretend to have all the answers and seems to be encouraging others to share the exploration… so let’s keep exploring, within ourselves, preferably

  8. Tapestry says:

    I agree, Chris B, though we will obviously come to different outcomes here and there. The Tap is partly a personal blog, i.e. what interest me as I wade through the material that comes this way, and partly a shared channel, where friends hang around or strangers pop in, and add what they know.

    There is clearly a strong spiritual element when faced with so much evil. How else can you keep watching? But so too are there practical day-to-day matters to deal with, where common sense comes into play. I try to keep a balance.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have fond memories of my father he was a railway station master to Londons Kings Cross, in the late sixties this was a meeting place for prostitues and young rent boys who would meet in diferent parts of the station, men looking for women one side, queers the other side, a weird looking couple of men were often found lurking the mens toilets at night, the taller one with stoop and posh voice we were told was russian spy anthony blunt, the staion foreman when he saw these two would have railway police throw them out, and next day my father would have to rebuke him for it, blunt was a very creepy man by all accounts and would at times be seen escorting drunken and drugged up youths back to their flat
    BTW thats bolox about Hitler beinga brit agent, who told you that, read up on it please!
    Bill Williams

  10. Tapestry says:

    Hitler wasn’t so much a British agent. He was trained by Tavistock in 1912. His handler was Martin Borman in WW2, and he made decisions as instructed by the higher cabal that controlled the war, as did Churchill and Stalin.

    It’s far from bollocks, just very hard for people to take it in that WW2 was planned and executed by a higher cabal (Rothschilds), who put all the pieces into place and carried it out according to a prearranged plan.

    Hitler knew all this and was only a piece in the jigsaw. Just as they pretend Cameron is pulling the strings in Britain today, and Blair prior to that, when they just carry out a given agenda handed to them by the higher level.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Regarding whether or not Messrs. Icke and Co., are agents of disinformation, I have seen several sites on the internet stating that Bill Cooper was the same, (not sites belonging to, or related to Icke and Co.

    The only thing that Bill Cooper has in his favour is that he is dead which possibly proves that he was genuine. I think that the thing to do is to take what makes sense and discard what you are not happy with logically. Mr. Hallett’s claims that Peter Sellers was the son of Lord Louis Mountbatten’s uncle, or whoever he was, stretches my credibility, as Sellers father would have been extremely old to have fathered him, assuming Sellers’ date of birth is accurate. We can all argue about which bits of information we want to believe, but at the end of the day, the truth will out, and those who have been consistently pursuing the same line, and are subsequently seen to be correct are the ones to support.

    If you make statements that turn out to be true, then maybe what else you say might also be true, despite what the majority of people believe.

  12. Tapestry says:

    You need to follow many sources of information as each one will have strengths and weaknesses. Icke’s basic information is superb, but his more esoteric notions, I find very hard to follow.

  13. Jason H. Smith says:

    If they clown about and manifest dysfunctional character traits, they are probably disinfo. But bear in mind, probably 90% of what they say is true. However, it’s not the other 10% you should be wary of but the overall lack of a strategy for taking down the system, and all the things they are not willing to talk about, that is at the heart of what disinformation is all about.

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