Cotton Traders cotton on to chemtrails

Check out Facebook on Twitter, I did this today by accident and was shocked at their background: CHEMTRAILS, YES CHEMTRAILS –

………jets with long lines of chemtrails behind, they look exactly like them with the characteristic pattern when the trails fall slightly just after formation. 

They are putting it right in peoples faces, as is the advert for Cotton Traders, a white line forming the words “are you cottoning on yet?” 

I hope we are.

TAP – the graphic artist was trying to frame their logo.  Straight ones work better!

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  1. Julia says:

    It’s really quite bizarre how much of the conspiracy is actually HIDDEN IN PLAIN VIEW. It’s really obvious in so many places, everywhere you look.
    Sometimes I think they WANT us to know, but they have some sort of unbreakabke contract whereby they can’t tell us directly, we have to work it out by ourselves. In the same way that you can’t teach someone enlightenment, only guide them, or give them clues. The way to the truth is via yourself. It is within.
    Sometimes I think it’s the other way round. They don’t want us to know, but they have a sort of contract whereby they are obliged to keep us informed.

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