Churchill like Hitler and Stalin was directed by a higher cabal through WW2


Re: David Irving: Winston Churchill’s Jewish Masters

Postby MonkeySeeMonkeyDo » Thu Sep 02, 2010 6:32 am
This is a great video. Irving notes how “official history” is simply Jew-approved BS. If real history ever
starts to make its way from underneath the crushing depths of Jewish censorship, that truth-teller is
smeared, his work ridiculed and ruthlessly persecuted by the organized Jewish community in
whichever country that truth-teller and real historian presides.
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Re: David Irving: Winston Churchill’s Jewish Masters

Postby mchawe » Thu Sep 02, 2010 12:51 pm
I remember listening to David Irving when he came to Brisbane in about 1988. 
He said then that Churchill in about 1937 was in hock to his stock brokers to the 
tune of £120,000.  He was bailed out by a man called Hertzog, a South African Jew.
He was a very entertaining and interesting speaker and well worth the entrance 
money. He told a story about Churchill who had decided to leave 10 Downing Street 
to go out of town. The point was that he was expecting an air raid that night and 
assumed it would be on London. Just as he was leaving in his chauffeur-driven 
Rolls an envelope was handed to him. The chauffeur relates that by the time they 
got to Hyde Park, Churchill had read the contents of the envelope and ordered the 
car be turned round to go back to No 10. At this time the British had cracked the 
Enigma Code and the intelligence was that the Germans were going to attack 

Coventry, not London. Outside No 10 Churchill started to harangue

the sky in front of a large crowd, shaking his fist and saying, “Hitler, here I am. 
Come and get me !”
TAP –  Irving doesn’t cover all topics as a historian.  He said he 
hadn’t heard anything about the rumour that Hitler was an 
illegitimate Rothschild, for example.   Re cracking of codes, 
this could be used as a way to explain events, when in fact, 
intelligence from all sides was freely available to the higher 
cabal.  The Bletchley story has been told so many times in 
movies, I tend to get suspicious.
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  1. Anonymous says:


    You are saying that Hitler was an illegitimate son of a Jew (Rothschild)? And I suppose you also agree as well that Christ was a Jew as well?

    There is no written documentation whatsoever that Hitler was in fact a Jew. Why did he dislike Jews if he himself was one? Does that really make any sense? Does it not make much more sense that the Jewish elite will of course state that Hitler was one of them and did their bidding? I find this far more a likely scenario than the Hitler is the son of a Rothschild.

    If he was the son of a Rothschild why did they abandon him? He’s not the first illegitimate son and most certainly not the last. Why did he go against his family and protect the German people, when as a Rothschild he would have been given millions to live a lavish lifestyle? He also kicked out the Rothschilds from Germany, hence the reason WW2 started in the first place.

    There are just far too many disconnects to say that Hitler was one, a Jew and two, the son of Mayer Rothschild.

    I suggest you read the following:

    U.S. Government OSS Psychological Profile of Hitler cited possiblity of his jewish ancestry, paternal grandfather a Rothschild:

    The Fake Legends of Adolf Hitler’s “Jewish Grandfather”:

    The Nazis Gave Rothschild Bankers The Boot:

    Of course Irving doesn’t cover all topics as a historian. Who does? Is it nbot better to be a master of one part of history instead a jack of all parts, espectially when trying to paint the truth?

    David Irving is a brave man. He has delved into a part of history few ever do and has tried to expose the truth, after listening first hand to German accounts of WW2, we (on the allied side never heard) and the alternate side of the story.

    History is painted by the victories. History is ‘his story’ and sadly our society has been under the grip of a Jewish banking elite, most probably from when Cromwell lopped off Charles the 1st’s head and let in the Jewish bankers who funded him back in 1649, even though, by common law, all Jews were still exiled (and are today) under Edward the I’s Edict of Expulsion of 1290.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Only a Rothschild could kick out the Rothschilds and get away with it. Hitler had to prove he was a great leader having smashed German democracy using violence and subterfuge (armed by the Bushes). He did that by getting rid of the massive debts at a stroke.

    The story runs on if you remember. Hitler destroyed Germany as intended. World government has to subdue all nations and will not tolerate a single superpower.

  3. Anonymous says:


    The rise of Hitler was a direct result of Rothschild’s demolition of Germany in WW1. And you’re telling me that Hitler smashed Germany on purpose? Are you serious? I really mean that? You say he destroyed Germany through violence and subterfuge? Really? The Jews then didn’t launch a boycott war against Germany then? It’s interesting but from what I’ve read, the Jews seemed to be having a shit time along with non Germans, which is exactly the opposite of what the NWO is promoting – mass immigration. It’s interesting also to see that Hitler turned the German economy around by printing government money, NOT PRIVATE BANKING MONEY!!!!

    Hitler’s 3rd Reich was the antithesis to the NWO Tap. Nationalism is the arch nemesis of Internationalism. Your argument holds no water whatsoever. It was the west that launched a war against Germany (the Jews first). Hitler tried to stop the war EIGHT TIMES and was ignored on every occasion.

    Your story Tap is that which all were taught by the creators of all wars. It is a story hammered into all the ignorant goyim by the Jewish controlled msm and educational establishments.

    Hitler wanted exactly what most intelligent people want – a land, not controlled by a Jewish elite, happily flooding it with aliens in order to demolish all races and cultures with a monopoly on human suffering through domination of the monetary system. However we have all been brainwashed into attacking anyone who sees that Hitler was the exact opposite of what the western media has portrayed him to be.

    Tap, like I said, your argument holds no water whatsoever. Your basis is one founded on lies about Germany in order to indoctrinte the west into continuing hatred of anyone who criticises Jewry.

    Bottom line – had Britain and America sided with Germany the following would be reality:

    1. All Jews (including the Rothschilds) would be living in Madagascar/Birobijan (Khazaria) and there would be no Israel and Jewish suffering.

    2. All private banks would be dead with no Jewish usury.

    3. The Jewish controlled MSM, Judiciaries and Academia wouldn’t exist most probably with the dismantling of Freemasonry.

    4. No massive immigration as happened after WW2. The west would be 99% white.

    5. Communism would have been utterly annihilated (no KGB, NKVD, CHEKA, STASI) and the lives of millions saved, including no communism in China and South America. Communism would be viewed as Nazism is today.

    6. No paedophiles and paedophile elite.

    7. No degraded, tradition, culturally and race destroyed west.

    8. No 3rd world war as Israel wouldn’t exist.

    9. No NWO!!!!!!!

    There are more but it’s clear to see that Hitler was an enemy of the NWO and not part of it.



  4. Tapestry says:

    Hitler was just a frontman. He was trained by the British in 1912, as a possible future agent of one world government. He did as he was bid all along, maybe imagining he was saving Germany, but in all probability, knowing he was part of a greater scheme to smash all the countries of Europe, including Germany. Tavistock training included mind control, and Hitler was no doubt as controlled as anyone else we know.

    The fact that he was trained so earlynon, and the circumstances of his father’s birth open up the possibility of a Jewish grandfather, maybe a Rothschild.

    Angela Merkel is his daughter according to convincing accounts. It all suggests bloodlines, Rothschilds and no loyalty to any country. Jews were used to provide the excuse for the creation of Israel, the seed for WW3 which was already planned prio to WW1.

  5. Anonymous says:


    I won’t deny Tavistock involvement and mind control but I highly doubt he was knowledgeable of the grand scheme and setting about the obliteration of the Germanic Anglo Saxon peoples of the west.

    You know my response to Rothschild ties.

    Angela Merkel again is speculation but I won’t rule out possibility. And as for the Jews being the excuse for the creation of Israel, I disagree. I believe Pike’s letter written to Manzini is fake:

    which outlines the 3 world wars. The concept that Jews will be used as sacrificial sheep along with Israel’s obliteration is a false one. That job’s for the goyim. Israel was created for the purpose of the seat of world government and the earth ruler. Israel was created BY JEWS FOR JEWS. All middle east conflicts (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and soon to be Jordan, Lebanon and Iran) are purely to knock out any opposition to Israel and Judaism. Judaism IS and ALWAYS has been running the show. Freemasonry is, after all, Talmudism for the goyim. Israel will NEVER ever be thrown under the bus. It’s the Rothschild baby. They are the real rulers of the world and behind the NWO.



    • …but who controls Jewry? Are they themselves, being controlled? Maybe the distinction should be made between Zionist Jews and the rest? Look at this:

      Also, I believe the evidence points to The Third Reich being controlled and created by Rome. That’s why it’s called 3rd Reich. The SS were the Knights of The Holy Roman Empire, SS means Sedes Secorum – Holy See.
      Rome has, over 2000 years, learned to become almost invisible – true power is hidden power.
      The Rothschilds have been the keepers / investors of Papal gold and wealth since just after The Napoleonic Wars.
      Look in to Eric John Phelps and his research in to The Jesuits.
      A book called The Secret History of The Jesuits was featured on The Tap a few weeks ago – have a look ah the post.

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