Christmas card strike!

Today i went to post an early Christmas card to my son in London, 
the stamp cost 60 pence !
So I will be joining friends and neighbours and not sending Christmas cards this year.
Royal mail changed its name from the GPO to the Post ofice, then to Royal mail then Consignia then back to Royal Mail.
and we are being told plans to now make it Europe Mail, incompetence or carelessness ?
The costs to the tax payers of changing all the van logos,  the workers uniforms, the paperwork and documents is estimated at £120 million, and they still can’t get us our morning post, sometimes our mail arrives at 3 in the afternoon….
if it arrives at all, 

staff drop litter and elastic bands all over the town.
Postal managerial racial and sexual bullying is kept quiet under the official secrets act, and  there have been suicides over this.
When one goes to an interview for a postmans job you take a psychometric test, they look for placid types who will not talk about what goes on, and when the name was changed from Royal mail to Consignia, staff had their index and thumb prints taken secretly from the papers signed by staff.

(TAP – how does that work?)
Peter Mandelson made an agreement with Royal mail in exchange for 30,000 job losses when machine postal sorting came in.  Many of those 30,000 staff members were sacked on past sick records, not being team players and other fudged up reasons to save on redundancy payments.
Royal mail breaks all international regulations by having cameras in the workplace, changing rooms and even in the toilets,  still pics have appeared a few years back on the net of girls from kings Lynn sorting office changing in the locker room.
A Dutch firm have promised to take over from Royal Mail and get our mail to us on time each morning.  

I for one cannot wait.

Dr Ahmed

Hi Tap,

Came across this lovely quote today and thought to share it with you
and your bloggers.

“People were created to be loved.
Things were created to be used.
The reason the world is in chaos is
because things are being loved
and people are being used.”
– unknown.

Love – John Lennon.

Truly, love is all we need!
Kind regards,

TAPBrilliant, Gordon.  That sent the crying baby to sleep.  Thanks!

ANTHONY sends a poem –


I wondered if the following poem I wrote would be of any use to you.

Feel free to publish it, should you find it suitable.
I do not claim to be a poet. I am merely an uneducated, unemployed concerned citizen of a once beautiful country.

Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing.

Warmest regards,

Anthony Di’anno

In this England twenty twelve,
we shuffle in hypnotic hachures.

Spiraling eternally in winding, woven wistful debt.

We hurt from blinkered splintered fractures.

Never to forget,
to drink to forget.

In this England twenty twelve,
we lie in search of heliacal rising heaven.

Pastures green we freely shelve,
to feed our thalamic thirst twenty four fucking seven.

In this England twenty twelve,
we stand in quiet patient queues,
and don’t ask awkward questions.

Live our lives from autocues,
upon cyclopian cameras.
That politeness rarely mentions.

In this England twenty twelve,
we lie awake throughout our fear,
induced tabloid night.
Free to wonder with strange idea,
if policeman, bailiff, rapist,  care worker really might.

In this England twenty twelve,
we have given away almost all our power.

Sold out consanguineous counselled truth,
for Tavistock proof,
handled by the hour.

In this England twenty twelve,
we are bruised.

We have been battered.

Yet expressing simple love from our indomitable hearts,

will prove to be all that ever really mattered.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I hate going to our local Post Office now as they are just jumped up sales-staff. You can literally just buy a stamp and they will then ask you if you want a loan, or a credit card, or do you want a telephone deal, etc.

    Just people watching, you can tell people are really getting annoyed with it too with one guy the other week saying ”You asked me if I wanted a loan last week… I’ve just come in to pay my f**king council tax”.

    Not all Post Offices are like this I know, but in these times of hardship they’ve got to compete in the business sector I suppose.

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