Blunt frequented Kings Cross public loos

I have fond memories of my father.  He was a railway station master to Londons Kings Cross. In the late sixties this was a meeting place for prostitues and young rent boys who would meet in diferent parts of the station, men looking for women one side, queers the other side. A weird looking couple of men were often found lurking the mens toilets at night, the taller one with a stoop and posh voice.  We were told he was Russian spy Anthony Blunt. 

The staion foreman, when he saw these two, would have railway police throw them out.  Next day my father would have to rebuke him for it.  Blunt was a very creepy man by all accounts and would at times be seen escorting drunken and drugged up youths back to their flat.

BTW thats bolox about Hitler being a brit agent, who told you that, read up on it please!

Bill Williams

TAP – this reads like a genuine account!  

Blunt is the half brother of the current Queen. All the elite were involved in the higher cabal that ensured Britain lost her Empire and Communism spread across Europe in WW2.  Hitler was just another pawn, despite all the propaganda making him into the ogre and cause of the deaths of millions.   He was trained at Tavistock in 1912, an illegitimate grandson of Lionel Rothschild, Queen Victoria’s half brother and Britain first Jewish MP.  

The programme to create world government has been going a long time.  Britain and her Empire had to be brought down to size, as America is being now.  No superpowers can be permitted if world government is to come into being.  Germany was used to smash Britain and then collapse in favour of Soviet communism, the ultimate political system.  The elites want world government (The UN), a single electronic currency (a single central bank), a world army (NATO), all populations living regulated and suppressed lives, all equally poor with children brought up y the state.   

Blunt might have been just another paedophile on the loose.  He was also part of the ‘treachery’ that passed British secrets to the Soviets, but the game was the same from all of them, Hitler, Churchill, Stalin, and all political leaders since, Cameron, Blair and Thatcher, who signed us into the EU.  It’s easier to believe we are being conned now that we’re waking up, than to take it in that our parents and grandparents were equally conned, and that the history we have been taught, and had repeated to us thousands of time is bunk.  Henry Ford was right.  We always thought his famous quote was a joke.  It’s the truth.  History is a massive deception of what actually happened.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ”History is a massive deception of what actually happened.”


    Translation: ”HIS” ”STORY”…. usually, historians are male and the things that happened in the past are a ”STORY” (that thing you read to your kids, and the state/government think we are all kids and stupid). History is just a mixture of truths and lies.

    The sad thing is, ‘history’ is still being taught to kids as part of that other scam devised by the elites… ‘the Curriculum’… otherwise known as ‘Indoctrination’ or brainwashing.

  2. Chris Jones says:

    This highly credible video by Greg Hallet claims Bill Clinton is the son of Winston Churchill (and other fascinating facts)

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Millibands are the progeny of one Josef Stalin

  4. Chris Jones says:

    Him and Disney world!

  5. Anonymous says:

    ”The Millibands are the progeny of one Josef Stalin”

    12:41 PM

    They are also [Karl] Marx[ist] zombies too. Brainwashed at University.

    And when the 4 year cycle of people getting pissed off with the CONservatives ends, then the sheeple will vote the ‘Labour’ party in hoping there is a ‘change’ (notice Obama used that ‘change’ slogan… classic PR… and people fall for it).

  6. Chris Jones says:

    Correction – according to the link;

    “President Bill Clinton turns out to be British, he was born in Britain in 1946, and he turns out to be the son of Pamela Digby Churchill and her father-in-law Prime Minister Winston Churchill. And Winston Churchill was the illegitimate son of King Edward VII.

    So we’ve got an American President Bill Clinton, who is the grandson of the British monarch King Edward VII, which is not known in history”

    This is hugely confusing – If Pamela digby married the son of Winston Churchil(Randolph) and had gave birth to Bill Clinton,wouldnt this make Winston Churchil the grandfather of Clinton and the great grandson of the British Monarch King Edward VII,would it not?

    In other words,my bad , Clinton couldnt be the son of Churchill but Churchil could be his grandfather. Any further light on this would be great – my head is hurting

  7. Anonymous says:

    @ Chris Jones 2:41 PM

    The problem is, all these people that rule over us are interbred. Spend some time and research the genealogy.

    Most of them are brain-rotten with Syphilis which you won’t hear about because they own most of the MSM.

    Now what do we do?

  8. Tapestry says:

    I checked out the Churchill Clinton story, and decided it was unlikely. However the possibility of a Rothschild/Bill Clinton link was also there. That would seem far more possible from the history of Pamela’ s wanderings.

  9. Chris Jones says:

    Maybe so Tap. But Clinton was born in 1946 and it wasnt until around 1952 that Pamela started seeing Rothchild – officially at least. The idea that Winston Churchill would impregnate his daughter in law is far fetched but plausible (especially with artificial insemination etc)

  10. Tapestry says:

    It needs looking into. They would automatically move the admitted relationship away from possible relevant dates, as Princess Diana’s admitted relationship with James Hewitt was far from Harry’s date of birth.

  11. Tapestry says:

    Pamela left London in 1945 for Paris, after divorcing Randolph. She was already known for having liaisons with wealthy men.

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