Beware ‘Missing Children’ Charities

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Trolls on Suli?...
If I have a troll on SuliWrites, then I am quite flattered! It is, I think, one of my more exposing posts. About the international paedophile network being run under the disguise of Missing Children's Charities, in particular ICMEC. The commenter told me to check my facts about the Vatican age of consent before posting such nonsense. This was actually a tiny part of the article, and possibly not incorrect anyway, and anyone who thinks this nonsense would surely struggle to think that ICMEC was a paedophile organisation? Funny how attracting the trolls has become a symbol of success. Almost like a Scouts badge. 
Davidic Kings...
This is quite spooky. I found a reference to Davidic Kings on the Baha'i website. Watch this...
Davidic.kings David.ickings David.icke. I would be extremely surprised to find David Icke linked to the Baha'i faith, which I shall be writing about shortly. It's another organised religion, and he has exposed all religions as control structures. He warns people away from them.

Diana had commoners as godparents. When her younger brother Charles was born, his principal godparent was the Queen,and he was christened in the Temple of Apollo (Westminster Abbey). Clearly he was marked out from birth for something. Almost feel sorry for him.  
As far as I know, no one has established Kate's bloodlines. She is labelled a commoner. It has occurred to me that it only matters that she has the correct bloodline if they are going to breed her. They may not. They would have to avoid Harry because he has the wrong blood. (Diana's revenge? ). So where would the line swing to next? Andrew, then Beatrice. A new rule has recently been put in place for females to take equal precedence in the order. Why? Why do they need that rule? And why did our government spend so much time pushing that through?
TAP - Many 'commoners' are in fact secret (illegitimate) bloodline. 
Roman Catholic Queen?...
Catholics are also allowed to rule now, and that fits with what I see around me in Bath, a public merge of Catholic and C of E. We can stop pretending they are different, and they can all meet up with each other publicly without anyone questioning it.  
In Diana, Her True Story, I read that William had a head injury on 3rd June 1991 (1991 is almost 911, and on page 119 of the book). Just before his 9th birthday on the solstice. Something to do with a golf club at school. It warranted emergency surgery under general anaesthetic. Surgery to his head, to rectify possible brain damage. Sounds very serious. But it didn't actually take that long. 75 minutes. On the way for emergency surgery at Great Ormond St (who controls that hospital, something to do with Savile too), he was "chirpy and chatty". If it was my kid, I would just wait for it to get better, but it was out of Diana's hands. Lots of top surgeons decided for her. The big question is what did they do to his brain? Put in the microchip? 
Food Towers...
I have been wondering how our food supply has been maintained through this year of crop failure and chemtrails. Could it be food towers? 30 story high buildings that grow food in artificial conditions? Frankenfood. Ideal for cities apparently. Even more ideal for cities that are completely cut off by army checkpoints, as is now happening in the US.  
Martial law...
Many towns are now under martial law in the US. Coming our way soon, if they can do it in time. Martial is like martian. Are our controllers operating from Mars? Martial is also like marital. And both imply some sort of prison and control. What if your name begins with MAR? Mark, Martin, Marcus, Mary, Maria, Marie, Marilyn, Rosemary too. Are you marked as of Martian descent? 
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6 Responses to “Beware ‘Missing Children’ Charities”

  1. Unknown says:

    Diana was a commoner, her being the daughter of Jimmy Goldsmith and therefore the half-sister of Jemima Khan and Zac Goldsmith.

    Her mother, a Shand-Kydd had an affair with Goldsmith about the time Diana would have been conceived.

    This would no doubt explain why she was very pally with Jemima and also why she had commoners for god-parents.

    For the royal connection I believe her mother may have had royal blood being a royal court illegitmate.

    Re Roman Catholics and Protestants, in reality they have always been one and the same thing, the worship of the trinity (sorcery) being the binding common denominator.

    The reformation was always just a smoke screen protest and thereby just a splinter group or schism of Rome. Nothing can be reformed. If we need to change something the old has to be completely scrapped first and the new thing built from scratch. As He said: “New wine cannot be put into old wine skins.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Regarding Martial Law. In the UK (Manchester, perhaps other parts of the country) parking attendants have ‘Parking and Civil enforcement’ on their backs. I was reading about this on David Icke’s website a while ago that basically these people have two ID cards… one for parking enforcement but now one for basic ‘civil enforcement’ should unrest/martial law come into force.

    If the time ever comes, then they could technically have ‘authority’ to come barging into your home to enforce government policy. It’s all part of the mission creep bigger agenda… done silently of course.

    The UK is a sleeping state in the fact that just like Nazi Germany one half of the population is watching the other. Watch the film V for Vendeta and you will have some idea.

  3. Unknown says:

    “that just like Nazi Germany one half of the population is watching the other.”

    I would want proof and evidence that this was so and not just Jew propaganda painting Fascism in a negative light.

    It is my understanding that it is only under Marxism that this neighbour watching neighbour thing occurs.

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