Ben Fellows talks on BBC live radio about his genital area and Ken Clarke’s attentions thereto.

From 10 minutes, Ben Fellows repeats his allegations about Ken Clarke on live radio, that he fondled his genital area during his acting a role as a fifteen year old visiting Ian Greer’s office.

Imagine this ogre handling your tool.  No thanks.
Clarke claims it was mistaken identity, and not him.
Cameron says exposing information about paedophile behaviour of famous people is becoming a homophobic witch hunt.
I’d say it’s a witch hunt – and one that is very badly needed.
Right now, the witches are fully protected by the law.
They are the bloody law in many cases…as above.
Good luck, Ben.

Ben Fellows pictured as a teenager.

via David Icke Headlines.  The interview goes far and wide over this area of criminality, and his experiences as a young actor..  Plenty of interference to this recording.  Funny how the BBC can’t get its technical act together when allegations are being made against the powerful.

Another sectioon around 38 minutes deals with Lord MacAlpine saying he didn’t sue Scallywag as they didn’t have any money, who did allege he was a paedophile child abuser.  If that’s the case, why did he set about impoverished Twitterers?  And why didn’t he sue David Icke who named him as a paedophile in his book The Biggest Secret in 1998.  Icke isn’t poor.

They will definitely prosecute Ken Clarke when he’s dead .

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  1. Anonymous says:

    They will definitely prosecute Ken Clarke when he’s dead .

  2. Anonymous says:

    At anon above… it would seem to be the case that pedos have to be six foot under for any kind of justice to be brought about.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Whatever became of all those “famous faces” the media assured us were going to be arrested any day now? That was about six weeks ago! What we got instead was the police questioning of a couple of cheesy 70s/80s D list celebs (Starr and DLT), a cheesy early 70s pop star who had already done time for paedophile offences (Glitter) and, most curiously of all the arrest of Wilfred De’ath, Savile’s producer in the 1960s, who was one of the first to blow the whistle on Savile and the BBC’s collusion in his crimes. Was De’ath’s arrest a warning to others in the know to keep their mouths firmly shut or risk being implicated themselves? Very conveniently no one is talking any more about the Beeb’s role in Savile’s crimes.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Given that everything fed to us by the media in this country is carefully controlled, could it be that the UKIP/Rotherham and subsequent “exposes” about Crommon Purple be more to throw the nation off the scent of establishment paedos?

    All it need now is for someone to come forward to publically accuse Crommon Purple of some misdemeanour, and then they can suspiciously withdraw their accusation, get their arses sued, all to discredit anyone who may be tempted to go public in the future? 😉

    And the public will be safe in the knowledge that Crommon Purple, along with certain paedo builders and the boogeyman, dont really exist….

  5. Anonymous says:

    One thing I’ve noticed about Common Purpose is it’s like the film ‘Fight Club’. Watch it (it’s not about the fighting btw) and the first ‘rule’ is you don’t discuss Fight club.

    Now look up Chatham House ‘rules’ where they are not allowed to discuss what’s going on. Throw Bilderberg into the mixture too… and these ‘rules’ have been forming the very fabric of society for decades. It’s blogs like this/the alternative media, where you find out what’s really going on the world.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Your blogg has gone ape 5h17

    the truth hurts those that know:-

    this blogg went missing:-

    Wednesday, November 28, 2012
    1970s. Ken Clarke was with Savile near Haut De La Garenne

    TAP – What was Ken Clarke doing meeting up Jimmy Savile in the

    company of children at Haut La Garenne on Jersey?
    ABOVE: Haut de la Garenne

    I thought nothing of it. I just saw Jimmy Savile and thought I’d take a photo for the album. But looking back now, seeing him with two little kids, walking down the road like that – it gives me horrible thoughts

    Kenneth Clark
    17th October 2012
    By Paul Robins

    JIMMY Savile leads two young girls down a quiet lane in a photo that will send shivers down the spine of every parent in Britain.

    And the serial paedophile grins as he holds on tightly to the youngsters to take them for a private walk.

    The chilling snap was taken near a notorious Jersey care home where the shamed star allegedly abused vulnerable kids.

    They were pictured on a seaside lane near a sweet shop tourists said Savile often visited with young children.

    Holidaying Kenneth Clark took it after seeing the Top Of The Pops host in the 1970s.

    Now he fears he may have captured the sex beast during his 40 years of abuse.

    He said: “I thought nothing of it. I just saw Jimmy Savile and thought I’d take a photo for the album. But looking back now, seeing him with two little kids, walking down the road like that – it gives me horrible thoughts.”

    Kenneth saw Savile twice more that week. He said: “Each time he was with children. There were no adults there.”

    The image was taken near the Haut de la Garenne care home, where in 2008 police uncovered decades of child abuse.

    And last week a man claimed he was assaulted there as a 10-year-old by Savile.

    Ex-police officer Lenny Harper, who led a three-year probe into the claims at the home, said he had “no reason to doubt” the Jim’ll Fix It Star was involved.

    The picture emerged as four former TOTP staff were accused of being in Savile’s child sex ring.

    The men – not presenters – are said to have plucked girls from the audience for abuse at vile sex parties, claimed callers to The National Association For People Abused In Childhood.

    And yesterday Radio 2 host Jeremy Vine voiced his disgust that the dead DJ had apparently abused kids at the BBC.

    The former Newsnight anchor, 47, called him “one of the most serious predatory paedophiles in criminal history”, adding: “I cannot believe it happened for such a sustained period, and on our doorstep.”

    Posted by Tapestry at 9:25 PM No comments:

    seems to be here today gone ASAP Ha


  7. Tapestry says:

    The story from the Daily Star must be about another Kenneth Clark – not the Ken Clarke.

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