BBC Shropshire uses radio broadcast to test weather weapon

As I was driving home in the rain last night I was listening to BBC local radio.  They went on and on asking people to put any straight sided receptacle outside in their gardens overnight to measure the rainfall level.  It was all a bit odd.  All you had to do was call the BBC and give your name and address to join in.  It was presented as a kind of entertainment for people to see how much rain fell where they lived in the night.

There had to be more to it, and there is.

HAARP, the weather weapon, has been miniaturised to the point where it can be deployed locally, and deliver controlled weather patterns over much smaller areas.  The only thing is, how can they test whether the rain is less in Puddlecote than in Marshbrook without vast expense.  Aha!  I know.   Get the BBC to get idiots to call in and say how well the weapon is doing where they live.  They can get thousands of readings at nil expense, and calibrate their devices to either flood people or drown them, as and when they want to.

Peter A. Kirby
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Are miniaturized versions of the world’s largest ionospheric heater (HAARP) all around us modifying the weather? Have electromagnetic frequency generators been installed over major fault lines waiting to trigger massive earthquakes? Has our military developed a super weapon that can vaporize entire cities with lightning from the ionosphere? There is evidence that technology exists and is being deployed. 

Way back in 1995, when the seminal book by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning Angels Don’t Play this HAARP was released, the putative inventor of HAARP, Dr. Bernard Eastlund, speculated that it is ‘entirely possible’ that such technology had already been miniaturized. 

Aviation Week reported in 2008 that an airborne version of HAARP had been developed which is towed ‘behind a helicopter.’ 

The Sea-based X-band Radar (SBX) floating platform utilizes HAARP technology. Here is the Wikipedia listing: 

Little HAARPs modifying the local weather? 

Scientists at the University of California Los Angeles and the High Power Auroral Stimulation (HIPAS) Observatory in Alaska have assembled a new generation of ionospheric heaters. This technology, known as ‘Hertzian antennas,’ can, “…match or exceed the peak power of the new HAARP system for a fraction of its cost.” Though most implementations are not capable of producing all of the complex, phased signals produced by facilities like HAARP at Gakona, Alaska or the antenna array at Jicamarca, Peru. 

An effective Hertzian antenna could fit in a good-sized back yard. 

Have these new Hertzian antennas been placed strategically around the country and the world in a coordinated effort to modify the weather? Ionospheric heaters such as these can be networked and synchronized to increase functionality and effectiveness. Today’s chemtrail/ionospheric heater weather modification operations may involve a network of smaller Hertzian antennas tucked away on the back lots of our nation’s scientific establishments and/or placed (as discussed in the next section) at common weather sheer locations, disguised as center-pivot irrigation systems. 

All these antennas could be controlled from a central location such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. 

This proposed scenario jibes with the scientists at the HAARP facility who say that their ionospheric heater antenna array goes largely unused. If a network of smaller antennas across the country is handling the day-to-day dirty work, then the HAARP array may only be used occasionally for big jobs such as the Japan earthquake or hurricane Sandy. 

EMF generators over earthquake fault lines? 

This image was captured from Google Earth:

This, at first glance, appears to be a circle formed by a center pivot irrigation system. Such circles appear all over the country as this method of irrigation is very prevalent. But, as you can see, the edges of the circle are irregular and there appear to be diamond shaped structures under the soil. What accounts for these irregularities? 

An expert in the field of electromagnetic energy, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells me that this may be an electromagnetic (VLF) antenna installed over a fault line. It could be used in conjunction with other similar facilities to set off a major earthquake. 

Great financial and political gain may be achieved through disasters such as earthquakes. In the catastrophe reinsurance market, one can make a lot of money from a disaster. Governments have been known to seize power through declarations of emergency and subsequent ‘relief’ efforts. 

Light from the gods 

My informant also mentioned current research into how ionospheric heaters such as HAARP could be used in combination to create atmospheric ionization paths which can be used as a lightning weapon capable of completely destroying individuals or vast areas. 

Maybe the original purpose of Raytheon is to come up with just such a weapon. Raytheon means ‘light from the gods.’ Raytheon acquired E-Systems; the company that built HAARP. 

Dr. Judy Wood in her book Where Did the Towers Go?, documents 1400 burned cars up to one half mile away from ground zero. Nothing else near them was damaged. Trees still had leaves on them. There were reams of unburned sheets of paper. But no humans were burned; though they were covered with ash. The exceptional thing about the cars, she notes, was the fact that they were not grounded while everything else was. Was some sort of electromagnetic weapon used on 9/11? If so, how did cave dwellers from Afghanistan get one of those?

Weather Wars and the Devil’s HAARP

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2 Responses to “BBC Shropshire uses radio broadcast to test weather weapon”

  1. Julia says:

    Humans are increasingly ungrounded. Rubber soled shoes, insulated houses, EMF, all sets us at the wrong voltage. There is a really good book about it, and how it contributes to bad health in general.
    Its called “Earthing”. By nature we should be earthed, grounded, connected to the Earth. Barefoot is the best way.
    It seems from this post, that another benefit of Earthing might be to avoid some of the effects of HAARP.

    In Bath, there has been some very dubious work going on underground disguised as a new borehole for the Gainsborough Hotel. There are also plans to carry out Fracking between Bath and Wells, which is part of a major fault line linked to the Hot Springs.

    Back in the 13th century, there was another 911 which affected Glastonbury Tor and St Michaels Mount. I have always been curious about this. How did they both blow
    up on the same day when they are so far apart? They are on the same Earth Energy line, and I suspect that may have been a factor.

  2. Julia says:

    When they set up these little games or jolly little tasks for good citizens, they rely on roughly accurate data, and enough people joining in.
    One way to muck it up is to send in false readings!
    I remember being asked for a tap water sample recently, offered as something really good for my benefit done for free! A free analysis of my water. I can’t remember where I took the water from in the end, but it wasn’t my tap. A neighbour did the same.

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