BBC suspends creator of Midsomer Murders


Workers at the BBC have been informed not to make any statements about the paedophilia crisis.  This is similar to the way they made sure  the Olympics was covered in a multicultural and inclusive manner.  There has been concern to ensure British athletes were not seen in a nationalistic way, whatever that is, and to focus on homosexual athletes positively.

All programmes especially soaps must now carry positive story lines with homosexual characters seen as upstanding “normal” people.
  The top running British detective programme, ‘

Midsomer Murders’ has hit trouble.  Its creator Brian True-May was suspended after being told by the TV bosses he was not featuring enough non-British people in the programme.  The show is a big hit all over the world and shows life in English villages as it was some years ago before the mass immigration since W.W.2.

In giving an interview, Brian True-May claimed the show’s success and popularity was due to its English character.  ‘Midsomer Murders’ is quite honestly a massive success and  I wouldn’t want to change its successful formula.

We  don’t have ethnic minorities involved because it wouldn’t be the English village with them, its about old quaint English villages and  it just wouldn’t work.  Suddenly we might be in the town of Slough, and if you went  to Slough now, you wouldn’t see any white faces or English people there.
“The programme is a bastion of village Englishness and I want to keep it that way

Following his comments, ITV made the appalling racist decision to distance themselves from the producer, who was then suspended by programme makers All3Media.

Moshe Solomons covering this in his radio programme said “multiculturalism is racism, and racism is the BBC”.  Dr. Patel and Dr. Berchaker from Doctors against racism, which speaks for the large percentage of foreign workers in Britains NHS ( National Health Service ) said they had received a lot of complaints that TV bosses had racially attacked Brian True-May and his excellent programme.  His members were very happy to watch it as it is, without social engineering and twisting English story lines to include ethnics, gypsies or homosexuals. 

Paul Wilson from the Handicapped Alliance said they were sick of all the consessions granted  to Homosexuals who represent just 2% of the population, while the handicapped were a much larger grouping which was too often ignored.

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