Banks merge with churches

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Record gas level sparks warning

From the Metro. It's supposed to be about greenhouse gases. But it's actually about the gas in our homes. Because almost every home is now using gas central heating. I have noticed a difficulty coping with the air in my home when the boiler is on. There is something they are not telling us about the toxicity of burning gas. Add to this that the whole thing could blow up quite easily. We have an electric timer, an auto ignition and gas. It's a gas bomb. All it needs is something to set it off. 

From The Tap Blog...
"People were created to be loved.
Things were created to be used.
The reason the world is in chaos is
because things are being loved
and people are being used." 

From 1984...
...which I am rereading. There is a "2 minutes Hate" every day at 11 am. Everyone must focus on hating the enemy for 2 minutes. Because everyone else is, it's almost impossible not to get swept along, even though you don't want to. Sounds like 11/11 to me. 
The four ministries in 1984 are all giant pyramid buildings in London, dwarfing all those around! Back to our present day, and I notice that we have Church Ministry and Government Ministry. They are both administering something to us. 

Odd One Out...
HTCD, HSBC, MSBC. Which one is the odd one out? Answer is HSBC, because its a bank. The other two are Churches in Bath, rebranded with logos and mission statements and catchy 4 letter acronym names that are completely unmemorable. Maybe Churches and Banks are morphing towards the same thing.  

Mer sea. "Mer" is French for sea. "Mere" is French for mother. So thanks, mother, and sea (water) are all neatly linked. I will go one step further and say that Mary (same sound as mere) represents water. And then we have Mother Mary. In the Michael and Mary lines across England, it is the Mary line which is frequently marked by water, such as holy wells.
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