70 year old woman living out of litter bins

This rotten British government continues to hurt the people who dont have the means to fight back. First it was kicking 70% of people off incapacity benefit, this is people who have been medically assessed as being to sick to work, then they bring in a new law that you have to prove you are looking for work or you get no benefit money, but they know very well there are no jobs because these same people, people trafficked in millions of immigrants and put them into these jobs.

They tell the unemployed that they have to prove they are looking for work, and unless they take a course they will lose their entitlements for financial help, so they take a course then the authorities say , ah you are now not available for work because you are on a course and stop their money.

The Polish government said recently that the figures for last year were £6 billion sent back home from Britian, this year they said it would be a slightly lower figure, but if this money was spent paying British workers the money would have remained in the British economy, not lost forever as it is when sent abroad.
They are also forcing people into jobs that pay almost no money approximate figures are 5 million people are working for less than the Government states are poverty rates, some pay way under the guidelines, and a visit to any park in the early hours of the morning will show a plethora of rough sleepers, these will range from those just out of the army, to those like unskilled manual workers who fall between the gaps to get help for unemployment.

I sometimes speak to these people, mostly young men but one woman of 70 sleeping rough and they all eat from litter bins and the leftovers thrown away outside take-away food shops, and every one is a UK citizen, the incomers get special help, after living rough many suffer malnutrition and some become physically mentally ill, the recent cold snap took many lives of those who sleep in shop doorways.

The elderly, those people who paid rates and tax all their working lives are often cheated from their pensions, this is called by government “clawback funds” and amounts to £5 billion a year, stolen from them to be used elsewhere.

TAPno wonder Ralph MacTell’s coming back into fashion.  The Streets Of London.

They are also now  killing off the elderly, old people who end up in hospital with mnor problems are not leaving alive, this saves the government pension money, and they will often then steal the old persons home,John Prescott has inferred this stolen money goes to pay for more incomers and for wars the public dont want.

Kevin Fielding.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Every time you see a homeless man or woman just think usury (the tool of satanic banksters), because it’s usury that’s put them where they are.

    I have worked amongst these people in a social care unit at St Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square so I know how desperate life becomes for these wretched folks and there is no way back unless they want to come back. Most do not because they have clicked into this sad lifestyle.

    I just say this so that you will hopefully be spurred on in your battle against the filthy vermin that allegedly govern us and the even more vile people that finance them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The bigger agenda is to destroy national identity – the EU is to blame for that – and create one world government.

    Tony Bliar was highly instrumental in this (why do you think he wants to be EU president).

    Divide and rule, get rid of the middle-class, and have everyone living in poverty/dependent on the state.

  3. Unknown says:

    “Divide and rule, get rid of the middle-class, and have everyone living in poverty/dependent on the state.”

    The EU cannot cause this, only usury and control of the money supply can cause this and The Rothschilds control the EU central bank as well as The Fed and The B Of E.

  4. Julia says:

    I think we need to be careful not to blame another category of people (the Poles in this case) for any problems in our society. This kind of blame creates divisions. The story is not the full picture anyway. Have you noticed how people are going to Poland to buy up cheap property as investmensts, thus inflating their property prices. Maybe there is some much bigger stealing going on the other way. Maybe the Poles go to the UK to get some money to send back home to pay for the rents for their family homes that they can’t afford on a Polish wage.
    It’s all linked.
    The exploiters are the ones at the top of the pyramid.
    Homeless people are essential for the system to work as it is. They must be despised and in a bad state. This is what creates the fear of what will happen to you if you don’t obey the system. That fear has become so subliminal that most people don’t even realise it’s there.

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