Yorkshire Ripper victim found outside Jimmy Savile’s house

Now onto more interesting and important things.  Regarding the Savile creature.  Yesterday, for the first time we were allowed to comment about him on the Telegraph blogs! 
OMG, it quickly became like an ‘alternative’ site, with links being given to all the other stuff too.  Many on that site are now wide-awake and have been for some time now.  Particularly
when it comes to the Jewish instigated Cultural Marxist agenda.  It is said that anti-semitism  is on the rise again and tbh, whilst I don’t exactly condone it, I can certainly understand it.
Back to Savile for a moment.  HIGNFY, returned for a new run on the BBC yesterday evening and it was quite funny watching Hislop and Merton trying to talk their way out of any knowledge 
of Savile’s activities!  Paul Merton categorically denied the existence of a transcript of an out-take of a show some years ago, where Savile was discussed in gruesome detail.  I see that transcript
is still available on your site. Merton and Hislop are a couple of creeps who are only interested in keeping their well paid BBC jobs.  
I don’t think Esther Rantzen is going to come out of this too well 
either.  Great acting from her on that ITV documentary last week.  Or, maybe it was the week before even.  That letter you received was interesting and I think you answered it very well indeed.  The elite 
must be getting a little worried by just how far this Savile thing could reach.  But we all know that the MSM is so tightly controlled by them, that those at the very top will be safe.  Though they may  
well ‘give up’ some others who are lower down in the pecking order.  
It was reported in the Telegraph that Savile used to visit the so-called ‘Yorkshire Ripper’ Peter Sutcliffe in Broadmoor.  There was a   
photo too.  A commenter said that one of the ‘Ripper’s’ victims was actually discovered outside of Savile’s house!  If that’s true, it’s certainly a strange ‘coincidence’.  What a cess-pit this world has become.     
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Also from Julia –

A friend recently discovered your blog, and commented on the strange happenings whilst trying to access it. I told her she’d get used to it! 

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16 Responses to “Yorkshire Ripper victim found outside Jimmy Savile’s house”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hislop and Merton are odious creatures to say the least; they are also riding the gigantic BBC gravy train (like so many other celebrities and ‘stars’) which is mainly funded by the hugely unpopular BBC TV Licence.

    The BBC get billions each year in TV Licence revenue and they are getting money in soft loans from the EU (http://biasedbbc.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=euro&action=display&thread=1449) and other ‘enterprises’ too. The BBC (by their own admission through FOI’s) have thousand’s of Common Purpose ‘graduates’ who are therefore loyal to that monstrosity that is the European Union.

    What does the licence fee payer get back in return? Propaganda based programmes based on government leftist/Marxist/socialist/communist narrative…

    … good old ‘Aunty’,

  2. Anonymous says:

    The idea that private eye ( Hislop is editor) could not publish the Saville claim because in Hislops words ‘you need proof’ is to anyone who knows anything about private eye is nonsense, the majority watching HIGNFY may buy it but that majority is ever smaller.
    For me Merton / Hislop have zero credibility to sit on the BBC
    each week mocking other people.
    On a slightly separate point, concerning the Jonathan Ross show, ITV1 (Jonathan Ross previously on a £18 million BBC contract) around a year ago their was a strange moment on that show where Ross came on and gave Lady Gaga a goat as a ‘present’, many blogs/people claimed that this had a darker meaning (i can’t recall if this blog was one of those), satanic , anti Christian meaning, at the time i thought this to be nonsense and probably mocked that claim.I apologize.
    On the show shown tonight ( Sat 13th) Ross simulated sex with a dog.Now I’m pretty broad minded , i enjoy comedy which some might find crude, but when did it become perfectly normal (and funny) in this country for bestiality to become a normal unremarkable part of a comedy sketch in a TV show , and where
    will the limit be in the future?

    Also on an unrelated point it becomes harder/ more frustrating to comment on this blog all the time , an example – the automatic spellcheck now turns ‘for’ into ‘fot’, work that out?

  3. horehound says:

    The above -11.41, comment id mine – horehound – google accounts not letting me sign straight in

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anon @ 11:41 PM

    Jonathan Ross was on the BBC pay-roll for many years and subsequently made a fortune.

    Since we can’t rely on the MSM (especially the BBC) for factual evidence anymore, he could be implicated in the Jimmy Savile pedo scandal… I don’t think he was, but I bet he knew, and was told to keep his gob shut or he wouldn’t have got paid the millions he did.

    Ross is another over-payed brand of ‘comedy’ which is dependent on one’s taste.

  5. Chris Jones says:

    how cringeworthy were the have i got news panelists trying to act all indignant when they have known about this for a long time, with a desperate attempt at hypocitically deflecting blame away from the bbc to the tabloids. They must have real contempt for their audience

  6. Tapestry says:

    Many reporting difficulty in accessing comments. It’s the new normal.

  7. Anonymous says:

    To be fair to Merton and Hislop, they were not denying the existence of the transcript, but denying that the transcript was genuine.

    If a GENUINE transcript WAS created, it is very unlikely that nobody would have been able to create (and, by now, leak) some kind of video copy of the event… so unless somebody can point me in the direction of video footage that confirms the (bits of the) transcript (that didn’t air), I’m willing to give Hislop and Merton the benefit of the doubt…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yes!, I have difficulty commenting on this site because tap censors comments that oppose his views.
    He says I’m a troll ???

  9. Anonymous says:

    This suggests the “transcript” WAS a hoax? Any reason to doubt this?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I was born and lived in Leeds most of my life and I remember Jimmy Saville.
    The biggest memory is him having a Rolls Royce and parking it in no parking areas. The police used to go round the clubs and calling his name out over the tanoy system to move his car. He got the best publicity in Leeds.
    At the time I was 12 to 16 years old and sneaking into disco at the mecca and others.
    But I do remember young girls in the car with him at times. They were of the age I was chasing at the time so never though anything about it.
    Mind you I’d never heard of a peadophile either then— so nieve.

  11. Tapestry says:

    Transcript a hoax? Make up your own mind. What would be the point? It reads like the real thing. It would be difficult to create so much lifelike banter from invention.

  12. kisbie says:

    Given that the guys who wrote that ‘transcript’ (and no, it wasn’t Morris and Lewis-Smith), have now talked about it, it seems safe to say that it’s a fake:


    Not a complete fake, as it is based around actual quotes from that episode, but none of the stuff that suggests Hislop and Merton knew specific details about Savile’s actions is true.

    To be honest, it always seemed pretty obvious to me. The Merton character comes across as an absurd caricature of the real man.

  13. Tapestry says:

    kisbie is new internet ID. suspicious. we know all guns are blazing to undercut the savile allegations.

  14. Tapestry says:

    someone must have the original tapes. let’s hear them. that would settle the matter.

  15. Anonymous says:

    It certainly would be interesting to hear the original tapes.

    Probably won’t happen as the establishment have had a long history of covering up scandals like this and labeling people who dare to question these things as ‘conspiracy theorists’, ‘nutters’ etc.

    I just hope this affair is finally what wakes most people up.

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