Who was the BBC’s Uncle ‘Dick’?

BBC child abusers can only get away with what they do as the legal system protects paedophiles.  Uncle Dick was protected exactly as was Savile and many many others.  Uncle Dick’s ID is given below.
 HM Attorney General Jersey William Bailhache

Telegraph –

The former Jersey Chief Officer Graham Power says the fact that more than 100 victims on Jersey have now received out-of-court settlements and a significant number of civil cases are still pending illustrates the scale of the abuse. He says he understands why victims mistrust the local force to investigate the Savile allegations: “The scale of abuse that occurred in this small community was so great that it seems to be beyond doubt that persons in authority must have known something of what was taking place, and, from what we know so far, they appear to have done nothing to protect the children who were being abused in establishments operated by their own government. This is a matter which merits honest and independent examination.”

Alan Collins, a solicitor with Pannone, a legal firm specialising in abuse cases that is representing 58 of the victims, says initially all the focus was on Haut de la Garenne, its workers and management. “Jimmy Savile was a sideshow. I honestly couldn’t say how many have named Savile. But there were several people who named him, it was plural, not singular. All the allegations need to be looked at now en masse for similar fact evidence, because now we are seeing a bigger jigsaw. Each individual complaint makes more sense now. Savile is dead but others who abused them are not.”

The Attorney General, William Bailhache, issued a statement in June 2009 stating that two historic abuse investigations were dropped because of a lack of evidence. “Cases of this nature are often difficult. There is rarely any independent evidence, and often the cases come down to being the word of    one person against another… A decision not to bring criminal proceedings does not necessarily mean that those who have made complaints are not believed. A decision not to prosecute means only that the Attorney General, having fully considered all of the available evidence and other information, has decided that an acquittal is more likely than a conviction.”

His brother Sir Philip Bailhache (pron. ba-lash), Bailiff of Jersey allowed Roger Holland, a convicted paedophile to be appointed as a local Police officer, which he later admitted was a mistake.   He was the Governor of Haut de la Garenne during the 1970s and 1980s.

TAP – Come on,  Messrs Bailhache.  If three or more victims all allege against one perpetrator, with details in common, you have a case.  Someone’s refusing to use their imagination, allowing the criminals a free ride.  HM Attorney General Jersey William Bailhache is the brother of the former Bailiff of Jersey Sir Philip Bailhache.  


100,000 children go missing in Britain every year (The Children’s Society).

A Jersey senator, Stuart Syvret, talked of cover-up, and the system in Jersey failing.  He suffers continual repercussions for having spilled the story to the media.  His part of the story is covered in the pienmash film underneath.

Children being abused sexually at Haut de la Garenne were told they would be put into a mental institution if they repeated allegations.  Many died trying to talk about what was done to them.  Many just disappeared.  The cellars at the children’s home indicated many might have died there, bones with evidence of cuts and fire.  The survivors try to talk still, but are discouraged by  allegations made against them in turn, and ignored by the legal profession.   Lenny Harper, a Police officer tried to deal with the crimes correctly and bring out the evidence.  The Attorney general described him as ”a problem”.  He was accused of breaking the Data Protection Act and other bureaucratic errors to silence him.

After this excellent film was made,  the sister of Bill Maloney, who had made allegations against members of the Royal Family being involved peronally in abuse of children at Haut de la Garenne, died mysteriously. (These allegations were repeated at the Rally Against Child Abuse by Bill Maloney)

Bill Maloney, who remembers the screams in the night from his time in ‘care’, sums up – the fight against satanism is essential to the spiritual wellbeing of this planet. 

Sir Philip Bailhache has resigned since the film, and is now in 2012 Assistant Chief Minister of Jersey.

Bill’s sister Dyana, who funded the film, and was in ‘care’ as a child, died of causes unascertained after the film was made.


William Bailhache

The island of Jersey, off the north coast of France, is a British Crown dependency.

Jersey’s Attorney General, William Bailhache is the brother of Jersey’s chief judge, Sir Philip Bailhache

On 18 January 2009, the Sunday Mail told of the Jersey Cop’s Fury As He Faces Charges On Child Home Probe

Lenny Harper is the brave former police chief who was investigating child abuse and child murder on the island of Jersey.
This child abuse has been linked to powerful child abuse rings worldwide.

Top people on Jersey were alleged to be involved in horrific crimes.

Now the authorities on Jersey have put Lenny Harper under criminal investigation.


Lenny Harper, who recently retired from the police and who lives in Scotland, has been called back to Jersey for a court hearing

Harper refused because he fears arrest as a “scapegoat”.

Harper has been accused of keeping vital information from the police team that replaced him.

He is also alleged to have breached data protection and official secrets laws by leaking information about the investigation to the media.

On 13 November 2008, Harper received a letter from Jersey attorney-general William Bailhache ordering him to court on 28 January 2009.

Harper denies withholding evidence.

He said: “I have been ordered to appear in Jersey at the Royal Court to give evidence and provide notebooks.

“They also want to see a farewell card which my former staff signed which they say contains evidence.

“The order is not enforceable in the United Kingdom.

“I have no evidence whatsoever to give or documents which the Jersey authorities do not have. They have spent many thousands of pounds trying to implicate me in Official Secrets Act and data protection offences on no evidence.

“I am being told certain officials in Jersey are falsely briefing against me and I would need to be stupid to expose myself to these people.”

Harper is prepared to answer the questions in a British court but not in a Jersey court.

He said: “They are using me as a scapegoat so they can drop all the abuse charges.

“Nothing should detract from the fact that there remain serious, credible allegations about the abuse of children in care in Jersey and these must be investigated.”

Graham Power, Jersey’s chief of police, did not please the top people on Jersey. He was suspended and is being investigated.

Philip Bailhache in his own words regrets the loss of reputation to the Masons on Jersey caused by the scandal.  Admitting he was the Governor of Haut La Garenne in the 70s and 80s during the height of the abuse, he claims he was a hands-off Governor.   No problem as Jersey Attorney General, brother Willie refused to give the victims any hearing.  And of course Prince Charles is looking over his shoulder all concerned what with the reputation of British Royalty also getting decidedly grubby of late. 

TAP – I wonder what Willy’s wife Virginia nee Toomey makes of it all?  I knew her at Merton College Oxford in 1973.  She seemed not the sort to knowingly get involved with a paedophile protection ring.  I studied Law the year below Willie.  His brother Philip was a bit older.

UPDATE –  comments point this way

‘uncle mac ‘  Derek McCulloch
Brew Wales said…
Could be this guy?
Derek Ivor Breashur McCulloch
OBE (18 November 1897 – 1 June
1967) was a BBC Radio presenter
and producer, who is best
remembered as “Uncle Mac” in
Children’s Favourites and
Children’s Hour and for playing
‘Larry the Lamb’ in Toytown
7:35 AM 

Anonymous said…

Quick bit of e-sleuthery – Derek McCulloch died in 1967. He did the voice of Larry the Lamb in Toytown. Not by any means suggestibng this was the guy.
7:36 AM 

Herbie Hancock said…

Hello Tap,
I concur with messrs Wales and anon. Surely, the smart money must be on ‘Uncle Dick’ being ‘Uncle Mac’ and ‘Larry the lamb’?


In the tradition of Lord Reith, McCulloch stated his policy as: “Nothing but the best is good enough for children…our wish is to stimulate their imaginations, direct their reading, encourage their various interests, widen their outlook and inculcate the Christian virtues of love of God and their neighbours”.[1]

Noted for his sometimes sharp tongue with colleagues he was no subservient vassal to authority. When a meeting of BBC staff in the last days of Savoy Hill was being briefed on the forthcoming move to the new Broadcasting House they were told that in the new building staff earning more than a thousand pounds a year would have a separate lavatory. ‘But’, intervened Mac, ‘you have forgotten something’. ‘What’s that?’ ‘We will still all have to use the same sewers’.
(TAP – aptly put….)
In 1939 the audience for Children’s Hour reached 4 million. His sign-off line “Goodnight children, everywhere”, became more poignant after the evacuation of many children from their homes at the start of the Second World War.

[edit]Children’s Favourites

He resigned from the BBC in 1950 because of his health problems. However he became the Children’s Editor for the News Chronicle and he continued broadcasting, but now did not have to run a department. He presented a much-loved music request programme for children, Children’s Favourites on Saturday mornings, from 1954. As television replaced radio as children’s main evening entertainment, the audience for Children’s Hour fell to 24,000 and the programme was dropped in 1964, despite protests and questions in Parliament, but Children’s Favourites continued to be highly popular, and McCulloch presented it until 1965. He had a strong aversion to pop music, though he had to play some, but his taste introduced children to the light classics. Children’s Favourites continued after McCulloch’s retirement and the programme metamorphosed into the equally successful Junior Choice, hosted mainly by Ed Stewart, when the BBC Light Programme was replaced by Radios 1 and 2 in 1967.


A children’s song, Marketing Day, was set to music by Martin Shaw in 1933.[2]

[edit]Personal life

He married Eileen Hilda Barry in 1931 and they had two daughters, Judith and Crystal. He was awarded an OBE in 1964. He died at Haywards Heath on 1 June 1967. Derek McCulloch’s life is commemorated with a cairn and plaque at the Kent seaside resort of Broadstairs where he often worked.
BBC website –
wartime Britain.

Childrens Hour with Uncle Mac – always at five o’clock, although strictly speaking in our part of the country it was a quarter of an hour later – with the children from Wales having part of the the programme in their language. Today we are used to quizzes – on radio and TV, but the first I remember was Regional Round. Teams of children competed from BBC centres in various parts of the country – Bristol, Manchester, London, Cardiff, etc. and the question master was Uncle Mac. Aunty Violet was in charge of the Manchester team – of course Violet Carson (later Ena Sharples of Coronation Street.     


TAP – who is Auntie Gladys from Simpson’s writings below?  Answers to comments please as before.  Not Violet Carson surely?


SPUDGUN writes –
Instead, I shall leave you with a factually ACCURATE story from John Simpson, undoubtedly one of the greatest Journalists of his, (or any other), generation.

He recounts the tale of his early working days at the BBC Radio Newsroom. He is given a story to write up that had just come through the wires, relating to the death of the very popular BBC Radio Children’s Entertainer ‘Uncle Dick’.

Simpson has to telephone Dick’s equally famous partner, ‘Aunty Gladys’ for a QUOTE about his passing, along with comments relating to his work etc…

Gladys responded to Simpson’s breaking ‘sad’ news with LAUGHTER, and is quoted as saying:

That evil old bastard, I hope he died in agony!”

When Simpson pressed her for an explanation, Gladys recounted how, week after week, children from all over the Country would win competitions to visit the BBC studios and meet Uncle Dick.

Uncle Dick would welcome them, show them around, give them lunch;
then take them to the Gent’s and interfere with them“.

If any parents ever complained, she stated, the Director General of the BBC would assert that there was clearly a mistake, that the
Nation wouldn’t ever understand such an accusation against a much-loved figure“.

Simpson, believing that he had the scoop of the Century, made copious notes and quickly wrote up his copy relating to how Britain’s best loved Children’s entertainer was, in fact, a paedophile.

When he passed the story to his EDITOR, he was met with the following retort:

You stupid, unthinking, ignorant, destructive young idiot!”

The Editor then turned to the newsroom typist and started to dictate, without notes, for BROADCAST:

Uncle Dick’s partner for many years,  Aunty Gladystold the BBC tonight that she was “deeply saddened” by his death“.
She said, “he had a wonderful way with children,”.

The Sun –

The radio presenter he accuses was one of the BBC’s biggest names from the 1920s until his death in 1967. He is said to have taken children into BBC toilets and abused them.
At the time he was so famous he gave tours of studios to royalty, including the Queen.
If any complaints were made, the Director General would appease outraged parents.
Simpson revealed the dark secret — chillingly echoed by Jim’ll Fix It presenter Savile’s decades-long abuse — in his 1999 autobiography Strange Places, Questionable People.
He said he learned of the allegations when Uncle Dick — whose real name he did not disclose — died.
TV John

Young … TV John

From helpfree the earth – another Uncle Dickie

The authors of ‘War of the Windsors’, state that Lord Louis Mountbatten had the nickname “Dickie” …and for good reason. Philip’s uncle Dickie was the last viceroy in India where he was a known paedophile who sexually exploited young working class indian peasant boys.

Another book, the Kincora Scandal connects Lord Dickie Mountbatten to a child prostitution vice ring in Belfast, Ireland. Authorities failed to intervene at the Kincora care home for boys until 1981, despite reports over the years of child sexual abuse.

The operators of the Kincora child prostitution ring were eventually convicted in 1981 of the RITUAL sexual abuse of defenceless young boys who were sold like prostitutes. No charges were ever brought against the VIP customers of royals, politicians, lawyers, and judges. Belfast citizens finally had reason to celebrate when Prince Philip’s paedophile uncle was killed by a an IRA bomb planted in his boat.

What kind of childhood did the Queen’s German Husband, Prince Philip have? The answer can be found in a biographical book called Elizabeth: Behind Palace Doors. Philip’s mother was Princess Alice Battenberg – grandaughter of queen Victoria. She was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and committed to a mental institution in Switzerland. Philip’s German father ran off with a wealthy mistress which left the boy parentless.

Philip’s uncle – George Mountbatten – became his surrogate father and legal guardian. Unfortunately, Uncle George had the same perverse reputation as Uncle Dickie. George Mountbatten kept a scandalous collection of child pornography that he bound into volumes and emblazoned with the family crest.

Most disturbing were pictures of family orgies and beastiality in which children and animals were sexual participants. The question is – was George’s adopted son Philip a participant?

George Mountbatten’s porn collection now resides at the British Museum where it is kept in a hidden repository of artefacts deemed pornographic and unfit for public viewing. It is a well known fact that child victims of sexual predators commonly identify with their abusers and grow up to become sexual predators themselves.
He was a young reporter and was told to write an obituary.

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4593435/BBC-covered-up-childrens-radio-paedo-scandal.html#ixzz29X1i8dK3

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  1. Tapestry says:

    Keep commenting. Many blocks are being put in place currently. I find comments on emails not arrived on the blog and things like that. But you can get through if you persist.

  2. Brew Wales says:

    Could be this guy?
    Derek Ivor Breashur McCulloch
    OBE (18 November 1897 – 1 June
    1967) was a BBC Radio presenter
    and producer, who is best
    remembered as “Uncle Mac” in
    Children’s Favourites and
    Children’s Hour and for playing
    ‘Larry the Lamb’ in Toytown

  3. Anonymous says:

    Quick bit of e-sleuthery – Derek McCulloch died in 1967. He did the voice of Larry the Lamb in Toytown. Not by any means suggestibng this was the guy.

  4. Hello Tap,
    I concur with messrs Wales and anon. Surely, the smart money must be on ‘Uncle Dick’ being ‘Uncle Mac’ and ‘Larry the lamb’?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Interesting article I found on another site:


    Bill Donohue comments as follows:
    Mark Thompson is slated to start next month as the new president and CEO of the New York Times Company. He comes in under a cloud of suspicion. Almost a year ago, a decision was made at the BBC to kill a “Newsnight” investigation into what is now becoming the most astonishing sexual abuse scandal in the history of the United Kingdom: Thompson was the director general at the BBC from 2004 to 2012, and serious questions have been raised about his role in squashing the investigation. He denies wrongdoing. The person of interest is suspected child rapist and serial predator Jimmy Savile, a celebrity icon who worked at the BBC for more than 25 years. His predatory behavior extends back six decades, and some of his sexual abuse took place on the premises of the BBC.

    I have personally collected a great deal of information on this subject and will have much more to say about my findings. My interest is twofold: both the BBC and the New York Times have been among the harshest critics of the homosexual scandal that took place more than a quarter century ago in the Catholic Church. Let’s see how they react to a little “sunshine,” as they like to call it. I’m just beaming.

    We know the BBC is already in deep trouble over this issue—two internal investigations are under way—but it cannot be trusted to report on itself. Indeed, contradictory accounts have already been offered, involving what Thompson knew and when he knew it. British Culture Secretary Maria Miller has called off an independent inquiry, but she may not have the last word. We support British Labor chief Ed Miliband’s call for a probe.

    Bill Keller got out in front of this issue by writing a piece for the New York Times on its website; it appeared over the weekend, and it is reprinted today in the Times-owned International Herald Tribune. But why hasn’t his article been printed in the op-ed page of the Times?

    Stay tuned. You won’t be bored.”

    Mark Thompson can’t be trusted right from the off as he a Common Purpose graduate. Secondly, the BBC holding ‘investigations’ into itself is laughable as they can’t be trusted – their so called famed ‘impartiality’ is total and utter nonsense.

    The BBC are the scapegoat for this affair and will squash it as best they can with all their ‘journalist integrity’ and PR know-how. This affair goes right to the top (with the government, the Police, and Royal Family, for example) as we all know though.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I though Richard Dimbleby?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Could be anyone of a number of men at the beeb! Worrying and disgusting.

  8. Tapestry says:

    Dimbleby died in 1965. Close.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Maybe one of his sons?, I’m joking, I’m joking, don’t sue me!

  10. Anonymous says:

    “I mean this most sincerly folks” ?
    or maybe Crackerjack ?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Clearly Derek McCulloch – died 1967 – famous Childrens presenter..

    And you can’t defame the dead.. do don’t worry.

  12. Tapestry says:

    worry about the world being governed by paedophile Satanists.

  13. Anonymous says:

    No question who was Uncle Dick, but who was Auntie Gladys?

    As for what was said about the book “The Kincora Scandal”, I read an online version of that book on Scribd, and it doesn’t say what was said above. There was no prostitution ring, and no outsiders were brought in, or if they were, it’s not in that book.

    The abuse was confined to 3 staff members, especially one McGrath, founder of an organisation called Tara. All 3 were prosecuted and jailed. McGrath is dead. But the spooky thing is that he, Tara, and the home seem to have been protected / backed up in some way by the powers that be. The exact reason was not discovered by the author of that book, so there may be more to come out, but if so, it’s not in the book, at least not in the edition on Scribd, and it’s not what is written in the article above.

  14. Tapestry says:

    They were the scapegoats. You never read the truth in the newspapers or books. People are paid to write history by the winners, in this case the paedophiles. The losers just get buried.

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