This story’s odd, coming in the midst of the Savile furore.

The story that Savile was a child abuser and a procurer of kids has been bubbling away on the internet for a year.  Some of the revelations came into The Tap, and were read by thousands.  The bubble of interest has never gone away, and the number of searches coming each day looking up Jimmy Savile, and for example, Edward Heath,  who he provided with boys, has been growing.  Now the dam has broken, as David Icke said yesterday, and the real story of Britain’s paedophile elite, which he has spoken of for decades, is starting to spill.

Letting a story like the one below, slip into the media at this moment looks like an attempt to head off allegations of something much bigger.   Savile was a procurer of children for powerful people who kept him in place, and protected him.  He was a regular caller at the Palace for ‘nosh-ups’ as he calls them.  This is a story with explosive potential.  This media ‘feed’ attempts to sidetrack that story into something still pretty grim, but more sellable to the public, than any association between Prince Charles and child abuse.   Why would the media be doing this, unless they were concerned about worse revelations slipping out somewhere?  The Telegraph would not normally handle such material.

The ITV documentary tried to make out Savile was a womaniser, and a rapist.  His role as a procurer wasn’t touched.

Sir Jimmy Savile: Prince Charles’s love for Savile’s ‘ladies’

The Prince of Wales sent Sir Jimmy Savile a Christmas card in which he asked him to ‘Give my love to your ladies in Scotland’.

Sir Jimmy Savile

Sir Jimmy Savile was the subject of ITV1’s Exposure Photo: REX FEATURES
7:28AM BST 04 Oct 2012
In light of ITV’s damning documentary about Sir Jimmy Savile’s sexual abuse of girls, the Prince of Wales may regret the closeness of their friendship.
On one Christmas card that Prince Charles sent to the television presenter, who, as we now know, was interviewed by police in 2007, he wrote: “Jimmy, with affectionate greetings from Charles. Give my love to your ladies in Scotland.”
The “ladies” are thought to be the women dressed in waitresses’ outfits, with the initials H, R and H on their aprons, who served Prince Charles when he dined with Sir Jimmy at the BBC presenter’s cottage in Glencoe, in the Highlands, in 1999.
At the time, a grinning Sir Jimmy explained: “I’ve had a few nosh-ups with the royals and I thought it was time I returned the hospitality.”
The Christmas card went under the hammer in July at a charity auction, which also featured a set of photographs of Sir Jimmy with the heir to the throne.

TAP BLOG yesterday

Jimmy Savile – Royal Paedo-Pimp

This man Bill Maloney explains the lot of children being abused in Jersey childrens homes.  He directly accuses the Queen Mother of abusing little girls on the island of Jersey, and makes allegations against other members of the Royal Family.

He says that paedophilia and child abuse goes right to the top.

Jimmy Savile was a constant visitor to the Palace.  He was said by Gordon Logan, ex-MI6 spy, to be procuring children for Edward Heath to abuse.  It seems that he may have been very popular with the Royal family.  Did they not know what he was doing?

His website is

JULIA –  David Icke also talks at length about the Royal Family being child abusers and satanists. The Queen, the Queen Mother, Prince Charles are all in the list. 

Also George Bush, senior and junior, and Hilary and Bill Clinton, and Ronald Reagan. That’s from my memory. I am sure the were others too. 

His book The Biggest Secret covers this, as does The Truth Will Set You Free.

Though the Biggest Secret is not that! The Biggest Secret is that we are so individually powerful as human beings that we can overthrow our mental prison right now, and walk away from all that mind control.     We are powerful beyond our wildest dreams!

TAP – that makes Jimmy Savile the Royal Paedo-Pimp.

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2 Responses to “This story’s odd, coming in the midst of the Savile furore.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    excellent blog…The Lamestream Media would only allow this to come out for a reason…Whats that reason?..It can only be to deflect or camouflage something else…

  2. Julia says:

    I noticed the Savile story was front page on the Sun yesterday (Friday). What was interesting was the other main stories in the paper that were alongside it. There was a lot on April, the abducted 5 year old. And there was a huge double page on John Entwhistle of The Who, and how he is definitely not a paedophile, he was framed. I don’t know if he is or he isn’t, but the three stories are actually all part of the same story. Children are abducted for paedophile use, and famous people are immune from prosecution, partly because no one can quite believe its true..
    In The Sun the stories were compartmentalised as three different stories, and most people will read it like that as they are led to do.

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