The prostitute who ended Tony Blair’s chances for the EU Presidency

A picture of Johnny from a paedophile site, shortly after his kidnap.  
The picture emerged only recently. (

The Tap Blog received a number of bulletins from ex-spy Gordon Logan over the last year.  None of these were more memorable than his exposure of Tony Blair using a male prostitute at The White House, a prostitute named Jeff Guckert, George Bush’s personal favourite, who he lent to Blair. Guckert bragged about it afterwards online, and the story spilled out.  (Search The Tap Blog)

It was Gordon Logan who ensured that the story spilled out further at higher levels, he claims.  It was around this time that Blair was riding high, supporting the Iraq war, and full of expectation of becoming the first President of Europe.  In the Murdoch media, the Presidency for Blair was already a done deal.

Then suddenly the deal was off.

Gordon Logan says it was when the Germans realised that Blair was borrowing male prostitutes from George Bush, they didn’t feel too happy allowing him to be the first President of the European Union.  Blair was in effect blocked, thanks to Gordon Logan, as he relates.

(No outside confirmation of this story is possible)

This video describes the full horror of the experience of Johnny Gosch, Jeff Gannon, Jeff Guckert (his real name followed  by his pseudonyms), being kidnapped by paedophiles during his paper round at aged twelve, at Des Moisnes, from the viewpoint of his very brave mother, who somehow is able to speak publicly about her son’s life.

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  1. horehound says:

    This recent stuff is so bad I don’t think I can even read it anymore, the saying ignorance is bliss has never felt more true.
    The only real hope you can take from it is that hopefully as people become more aware of the past which is now becoming clearer every day ( today its the boy scouts of America being required to publicly release files held concerning child abuse),that it would be much more difficult for it to happen today.
    I remember reading some of the details of the Baby (P) Peter case in metro newspaper after the court case while on the way to work, and like many of my work colleagues wishing I had never read it since it was so distressing.
    I thought then and think this now concerning all the other abused children that have suffered unimaginable abuse , there is hope as these cases show that their is an evil in this world and in man which is so barbaric and exists within human nature it cannot be explained as a product of evolution,in these cases evil proves it exists and if evil exists as a force then so does good – exists in a way we cannot always see, feel and touch, and as such I believe these children will find the peace they deserve after this world , and their abusers can expect to get exactly what they deserve after death,and in that their is at least some comfort.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Why wait to set the situation right? Keep writing, talking and working on this, horehound. Don’t dwell on evil’s outputs. That’s how it works. Fear and disgust repels people. Try prayer to get strength to face these people. It calms the mind. You don’t need to go to church to pray. Anyone can do it, anytime. The forces for good in the world are more accessible than you think.

  3. horehound says:

    Thanks for your kind words.
    Although not particularly religious myself ( like possibly the majority of people in this country Christian / Protestant if pushed though disgusted by behavior of individual churches such as the pope confirming Mr Antony Blair AFTER Iraq war) prayer has recently been in my mind , and I will try.
    I will pray though not just for strength myself, but for the knowledge and practical help to change – and shine a light upon the perpetuators of these crimes as ultimately most people are good and knowledge and truth are all that are required.For me and I know for many people – who like me have little interest in what most would call ‘ conspiracy theorys’ it is amazing how ordinary everyday conversations have become peppered with words such as ‘ chemtrail ‘, ‘elites’ , ‘ pedophiles ‘ and above all ‘ strange seasons / weather .
    Their is much on this blog and others I would disagree with ( I think people should make a distinction between Jewish people , and the use of the word Jew, and Zionists / Zionism, and also the blurring of lines between homosexual and sexual abuser – Saville was not gay and it seems to me that these people feed off / get off on power, they feed off human misery,it has nothing to do with human sexuality and claims that it does feeds into their divide and and rule objectives) but the fact you have taken practical – real world action Tap – and reached so many thousands of people represents something of an inspiration.
    I have my own thoughts which I hope ( and pray ) that I can turn into real world action.
    In the past few days theirs been much discussion on David Icke, now everyone has an opinion on Icke ( personally I am suspicious of Icke, since he does not use his power / followers to full effect – he is the talking point not the facts- and seems in a classic disinformation way mix real sourced knowledge – elites – with – hollow mooon – which is unprovable – but that is just my opinion and its not worth arguing about) for me the real hope lies not in Mr Icke but the people sitting in his audience, not the 000.1% on a stage but the 99.99% sitting in ‘his’ audience.
    I’m not going to Mr Ickes wembley event ( how much a ticket ? Who owns the venue? But i would be interested to know what PRACTICAL steps he believes people can take to spread knowledge / make a breakthrough), but i know from a friend who works for a well known online book distributor that David’s books when released outsell ‘anything else we EVER stock in first week – though do not turn up on bestsellers lists- (‘pallet after pallet is sent out’) and as such is a real opportunity to reach many , many people.
    I have little doubt that 2012 – 2021 are to be incredibly important years in human history, years which if we make it to another millennium will be remembered as pivitol, the elites of this world have had 50 years at least and to my mind at least since the day of the Somme, but the future is unwritten and maybe ,just maybe sacrafice can = progress / breakthrough.
    We are here , alive in 2012 , in that we are amongst the 0.001% of human beings who have ever existed , its our responsibility to end and expose these elites.

  4. horehound says:

    The above comment took 1 hour + to post, my spellcheck now changes the word – the – to -se a- , work that out in English!, here’s a prediction – made on 21/10/12 – google will announce bloggr unprofitable, or find another ‘legal’ reason and will announce its amalgamation with google+ and as such will come under google+ ‘offence’ rules and as such most will he banned.
    Just because your paranoid dies not mean their not out to get you!

    • horehound says:

      Quick reply sorry if repetitive- to above post- captua now simply ridiculous ,, has a tendency to wipe comment – last captua word – sssses – mixed up – v amusin, to post new comment now I have to turn off and on,
      Quick word to censor(s) –
      If your an actual person attempting to review / interfere / delay / frustrate posts , then I thank you since you have only confirmed something in my mind which I only dared to suspect is a reality,
      If your a CPU program
      as I suspect then 00010001 EH9 1LF , GLD, meet , NW1 1LF, then good morning people 🙂
      This is the last post I will make on difficulty to post since it is becoming so time consuming , but as I do believe evils ultimate downfall is that by its own actions it has to show itself ring true, and even if you only play a v small part in it , through your knowledge alone , for me , and I believe, for most fait minded people, you are also culpable

  5. horehound says:

    In the above post I wrote after line starting – ‘ if your a real person something along the lines of – What would your grandmother think of you? , ‘ blessed be the whistleblowers’- when posted
    – its gone – that is bizarre!

  6. Tapestry says:

    You persevered, horehound. You can send emails and ask for the comment to be put up on the blog, if you like. I hope you don’t give up your contributions. I know comments are blocked for many people. It keeps cropping up. Yet some get through.

  7. Tapestry says:

    You don’t need to be religious to pray. You just sense the something/someone that’s there with you, and don’t need to lodge the history of the Roman Empire into your mind at the same time. It’s here and now, and accessible. The effect is to push back the evil that’s rushing up on all sides and relieve the mind, so you can function better.

  8. Adeybob says:

    well said, hound ~adeybob

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