The entire cabinet office demands blogs to remove Ben Fellows’ story of abuse by Ken Clarke

Hi Tap
Thanks for the email. I won’t publish the names on a blog because you will be sued.
Exclusive: Kenneth Clarke is today along with the entire cabinet office to email blogs asking them to remove the story. This is direct tampering with the press, this is censorship of the highest order. How many times do they do this to mainstream stories. Write a story about that if you want to. 
All the best
Ben Fellows
TAP – everyone knows there are a lot more people to be named coming out of the current scandal.  They’d do better to get the names out into the open, or all of them be hated for their closing of ranks behind the criminals.  If they close ranks behind crimes as disgusting and hateful as these, the whole bloody lot of them deserve to be driven from office by the electorate, at the first possible opportunity.  The Cameron government will go down in history as the government that protected the paedophiles, and paid the price accordingly.

Does the cabinet office watch TV?

Cbeebies Christmas ID.  The phallic is a constant part of the show. 
John writes – 

On Cbeebies yesterday (18th October) Andy and Alex made an inkblot which looked exactly like a penis….

BBC children’s channel – Cbeebies.  Presenters – Alex, Sid and Andy.  It’s not the first time they make penis shapes out of things.  See this.
I’ve tried commenting at The Tap but keep being presented with an error message telling me that the characters I’ve typed in the word recognition box have not been recognised.

Cbeebies Spring Ollie.  Funny way to carry a watering can.


Hello Tap,
Brian Gerrish knows me.
I wonder if you could write something on my upcoming trial please?
Cbeebies jigsaw game.   Nothing suggestive here……….
I exposed a sex blackmailer,
and police are prosecuting me under the Public Order Act.
Warned by email BEFORE my arrival,
the solicitor sent no reply,
let alone an injunction.

Cbeebies.  Postman Pat episode.
I personally know victims,
and just like JS,  (Savile)
there is a wall of fear.
Police deride my allegations as “drivel”,
but refused to send plain clothes officers with me,
to hear the response to sign,
such as:-
Even a retired police officer
said “You mean Alan Harris, don’t you!”

That watering can demands Lola’s attention 
My arrest occurred
because, after 35 days with signs,
I went to the limit,
Bear in mind
that I was at times standing RIGHT OUTSIDE Alan Harris’s offices,
and that clients were beginning to leave.

Iggle Piggle. A walking dancing phallic symbol.
One man told me,
that when he asked for legal documents back
( this was long before my campaign ),
as he wanted to change solicitors,
due to hearing of Harris’s blackmail,
Harris said:-
“You can have them back
when you lick my arse!”
And after a delay of a week,
he did.
Get the picture?  The shapes constantly wriggle. 
Harris is notorious –
as if his blatancy is his protection.
Best wishes, Zen
Nothing’s changed since Disney.  Full of subliminal sexual images.
Who can doubt what kind of people control TV and movies?


Website for this image

Anonymous writes about Jimmy Savile:

“I was only 12 but Jimmy Savile came and gave us a talk about himself and his work for charity etc.

“He said it was great cover for his real work as a spy.

“He said spies have to have deep cover and England would be part of a grand plan and it was so exciting to be part of this and all of us children must help to bring England and Israel closer together.

“I later told my Mum and she said its just pop speak and did not mean anything, but i wonder now in the light of recent revelations about high level Jews keeping his dirty secrets.”

The Daily Kos tells us about the Jimmy Savile cover-up

“Increasingly it seems that Savile was a protected man.

“One senses that the real question should be the role of the Intelligence/Security services (MI5 / MI6 in UK) and establishment elites in the cover-up…

Jimmy Savile, Politicians and Royalty

“Savile was for years a regular guest of Margaret Thatcher at her official country house when she was Prime Minister.

“Savile was close to Royalty, as well, and a frequent visitor to Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace and Highgrove (Prince Charles’ estate). Indeed Prince Charles had visited Savile at Savile’s retreat in Glencoe, Scotland… 

TAP – It looks like Savile controlled the Royal family, and various prime ministers for Mossad, the Rothschild Zionist agency.  Providing sex, and child victims for abuse and worse, were just some of the devices at his disposal.  That’s why he was untouchable.
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7 Responses to “The entire cabinet office demands blogs to remove Ben Fellows’ story of abuse by Ken Clarke”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, It’s best not to jump to conclusions, far better for us to do the groundwork.
    Who in our Government are Freemasons ?
    Who in our Government are Jews ?
    Ed Miliband, when questioned about the number of Jewish MP’s, said, ” Judge us for what we do, not what we are “.
    For us to judge, we need to know the facts.
    Does Freemasonary, Paedphilia and Politics, go hand in hand.
    We the public need to get to the Bottom of the situation.
    Who else from the Entertainment industry were at the same venue’s as JS.
    Where did Andrea Davison, Gareth Williams and Jill Dando, fit into the plot ??

  2. Tapestry says:

    Jill Dando was killed by the Serbs in retaliation for Blair bombing the Belgrade TV station.

    Andrea Davison has tried to reveal the story of paedophiles running a secret government.

    Gareth Williams we don’t know, yet he must have found out too much.

    As for knowing the truth, the public will be stopped from knowing t by the lawyers. Hatred of the system will know no bounds.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Always interesting watching the threads on this forum… this recent thread in particular:

    Tbh, this is a very popular forum full stop, but it *IS* awash with BBC forum trolls/mods/admin. I’ve been following this forum for some years as a mod on another forum.

    Let’s just say the BBC will do anything to deflect negative publicity (paid/unpaid). This pedo scandal is the last straw, and these BBC luvvies are just making themselves look even more stupid by defending it on the abovementioned thread.

  4. Toad Hall says:

    Tap, you might want to start a new thread for this.

    And, Wow!

    Prime Mininsters Questions today: Labour MP Tom Watson wants an investigation into a powerful paedophile ring in Parliament and people who worked in the past at Downing Street. Don’t forget, it was politicians who shelved “Operation Ore” when it was found politicians, police, and judges were on the list of those downloading child “porn”. See youtube clip:

    More background on Tom’s Blog:

    Also in evening standard just now:

    More background on these allegations. Tom Watson said this afternoon that: “The evidence file used to convict Peter Righton, if it still exists, contains clear intelligence of a widespread paedophile ring.”

    Peter Righton is a former leading childcare expert who was charged with possession of child pornography and a founder and member of the now-defunct Paedophile Information Exchange, which campaigned for the age of consent to be reduced to four. Righton was convicted of importing child pornography from Holland in 1992.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Regarding Disney, it’s full of sexual innuendos, see here:

    Walt Disney was a 33rd degree mason and God knows what he was up to with kids:

  6. Gordon Logan says:

    Let us not forget that Harriet Harman is an open supporter of paedophile pornography. Her friend Margaret Hodge Oppenheimer tried to cover up a paedophile scandal in Islington Council children’s homes in the eighties. Hidge Oppenheimer went on to enter parliament and propose the pervert Tony Blair as leader immediately after the poisoning of John Smith. She then went on the become the UK’s first Minister for Children in 2003, where she facilitated the transfer of children from their natural parents to the state paedophile supply system. Blair issued a D-notice to protect Peter Mandelson, when the latter was caught purchasing paedophile pornography in 2002 by Operation Ore. All the above supporters of paedophilia. All the above supporters of paedophilia are jews with the so-called right of ‘return’ to Israel, including Blair, whose mother’s name was Lipsett.

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