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The Uncle Dick blog post brought 30,000 page reads in 24 hours (Bravenet logged 35,000), plus 8,000 on Beforeitsnews, hitting the Top Two stories worldwide.  People went to search engines, just as I did, to try to work out who Uncle Dick, as mentioned in The Sun newspaper, was.  I couldn’t find the answer, so I asked Tap Blog readers if they knew.  The first three replies, coming from Brew Wales, Anonymous and Herbie Hancock suggested the same person.

Was this a story the BBC wanted to push out to relieve the pressure on the Jimmy Savile front, and the controllers unblocked the internet to let the traffic through?  If so, it was clever news management as our natural curiosity sidetracked us all to wonder who it was.  That said, the Savile story is running strong in all media, and Uncle Dick merely reinforces the story of paedopiles running the country at the highest level, as they have been a very long time.

Sometimes a bigger story can get traffic which all bounces out again, but these visitors stayed around and had a good look, many going on to read other pages.  The average time on site fell from three minutes to two minutes, which isn’t bad, similar to the time people stay on eureferendum (when they still allowed this to be seen on sitemeter).


The three comments that made the story –

Brew Wales said…
Could be this guy?
Derek Ivor Breashur McCulloch
OBE (18 November 1897 – 1 June
1967) was a BBC Radio presenter
and producer, who is best
remembered as “Uncle Mac” in
Children’s Favourites and
Children’s Hour and for playing
‘Larry the Lamb’ in Toytown
7:35 AM 

Anonymous said…

Quick bit of e-sleuthery – Derek McCulloch died in 1967. He did the voice of Larry the Lamb in Toytown. Not by any means suggestibng this was the guy.
7:36 AM 

Herbie Hancock said…

Hello Tap,
I concur with messrs Wales and anon. Surely, the smart money must be on ‘Uncle Dick’ being ‘Uncle Mac’ and ‘Larry the lamb’?
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, I spotted this video on YouTube a while ago (a bit before this pedo/Jimmy Savile/BBC, et al fiasco) and feel it’s relevant now:


    The whole of the BBC programming in general is geared towards social engineering as they are closely linked to the Tavistock institute. If the government wants to push an agenda, for instance, then it’s highly effective through TV (and radio) programming. Peoples’ brains go into ‘Alpha’ state and are highly suggestible (Alan Watt touches on this a lot in his broadcasts).

    Just looking at the above video for example of the banana. A lot of people wouldn’t twig to what’s going (as they are in a ‘trance’/Alpha state watching TV) on as if you told them then they would go ”don’t be stupid, it’s on TV, they wouldn’t dare do that”. If you did this in real life however then people would be more observant… the power of TV.

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