Sterility, cancer skyrocketing across the world. All deliberately done.

The current situation of the world is described by Alan Watt.  Science fiction is here.  No one is going to say anything.  Chemtrails are here, since 1990.  Geo-engineering.  Or is there more to it?

Conology is the art of conning people.  Charles Gorton Darwin said that sterilisation would be done by needle.  It’s happening.  PR requires that they lie basically.  Everything is artificial, tightly controlled.  The CFR decided to take over every newspaper in the world.  Standardised news, standardised education, standardised entertainment.  We participate in the con – TAP –‘like making us pay for the BBC.

The elite believe themselves superior, and they must survive.  They’ve built underground bases to run into for refuges.  They don’t get the poisoned water, food and injections the rest of us get.  They would retain their wild capabilities.  They take everything away without you realising.  You go along with it all as you don’t realise.

Neuro-linguistics or psycho-linguistics is what conning the public is called nowadays.  Francis Bacon told the king you can never tell the people the truth.  The elites have enormous details and data on you.  That’s because you’re their stock.  They breed us like cattle and call it eugenics or bio-science.

Hitler said, if you’re going to tell a lie, make it a big one.  ‘I wouldn’t do it so no one else would do it’.  Big lies like global warming.  Repeat a lie a thousand times, it becomes the truth.  Students at universities think they know it all in their field, and you cannot tell them anything after that.

You are given stories to ensure you come to the right conclusion.  Your emotions are called in to play, so that you accept lies better.  TV creates zombies.  They put a lot of stuff on screen which you don’t consciously see.

The longer a con lasts the more normal it seems.  If your parents believed it, you believe it.  They don’t tell you truth on anything.  Politicians are all trained how to answer questions – not to answer questions.

The Foundations fund groups which campaign for radical change.

They take over children’s lives.  They identified all the changes they would bring out decades ago.  Five year plans.  Ten year plans.  Split the generations so they don’t communicate.  Created the teenager.  Then detach their children.

Bertrand Russell said we used to think we would have to take children away from their parents, but now we can override the parental coaching, and indoctrination from the school overrides them.  The school teaches them not to listen to their parents.  That all happened a long time ago.

The art of managing the herd is ancient.  They always need crisis so they can ‘protect’ you.  They create wars, taxes.  The system is total.  No aspect of their programmes have ever been stopped.  They sprayed chemicals over populations to see how many people died – in the US and Britain during the 1960s.  They sprayed zinc, cadmium oxide with nuclear contamination.  10,000 were sprayed in a low income area of St Louis, 70% of them were children.

They placed sprayers on buildings.  It was a radiological weapons testing exercise.  The same outfit put radioactive paint on watches, killing hundreds of their employees..  All classified.  By the time it’s declassified, it’s too long ago and no one cares.

Today’s attacks are high-emf smart meters.  Mobile phones.  Laptops and do on.  The information as to how many will develop cancers is kept very tight.  They grab all the resources of the world including food and water.

They planned WW2 to get the UN going as the League of Nations wasn’t powerful enough.  The UN is finding new and innovative ways to raise huge global taxes overriding national sovereignty.  They are creating massive indebtedness in rich countries, which the banking elites can manipulate.  They own everything.  They appoint every political leader for the last one hundred years. It’s an authoritarian plan.

They are tinkering with genetic make-up of the population, trying to create a docile, non-rebellious subservient sub-race.  The top is the top bankers, the Bank of International Settlements.  The private banks rule the world.  Basel 3 rules allow banks not to hold any assets, so they are off the hook for future crashes.

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  1. Gordon Logan says:

    In Qatar infertility has reached 16 per cent in married couples. At the behest of the US State Department the Emir and his wife promote feminism, which has meant that the country’s divorce rate has rocketed and thousands of families are falling apart. The Emir is terrified of the American Embassy and will do anything they tell him. He received a dose of ‘Al-CIAda’ a few years ago, in the form of a few terrorist attacks, and quickly stepped into line.

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