Snow forecast next week. chemtrails have cooled our climate prior to a big freeze.

The Tap has been forecasting a very cold winter.  Gordon in the Scottish Borders said they had their first frost in August, something he’s never seen in all his years.  Now the cold is heading further on down our tiny island, and things are about to get nasty.  Snow is forecast, with September barely ended.    

(Met Office presumably.   The fitter working in our house says he read/heard it.  I can see frost forecast for next week on the BBC but not snow.)

This would not be surprising as the heat of the sun has been blocked out by weather modification all summer.  The warmth from the Gulf Stream, or Atlantic conveyor, has been turned down by the ongoing pollution of gulf waters by oil and other chemical agents, slowing its flow.

This is of course all deliberate, and designed to give the flagging global warming excuse for global government, and carbon taxes a new boost.  The return on investment will be huge for the elites.  The effective price of electricity will double.  People are already being priced off the roads, with fuel consumption down more than ten % on last year.  Yet another increase in fuel prices will send people, already stretched out to their limits, reeling.

The elites intend to get the world into total stress and economic agony to the point that we beg them to intervene and save us from the growing austerity.  This, they will of course, do when they’re ready, but first we will be made to endure the imposition of new laws and rules,  effectively world government.

At least, that appears to be their plan.

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3 Responses to “Snow forecast next week. chemtrails have cooled our climate prior to a big freeze.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Unless of course you’ve bought your own gas meter and can find a sparky to alter the wiring??

  2. Anonymous says:

    Spot on Tapestry. Been telling everyone to prepare for a long and very cold winter. Had heavy downpour of rain with sleet yesterday 2nd Oct.
    Chemtrailing was heavy on Sunday. Scottish power is putting its charges up this month by 9%, others will follow in compliance with Obama’s 2009 G8 Summit meeting in L’Aquila Italy. Energy prices announced to rise by Rudd (Australia)two days after summit and four days later in UK, and where do you think that was discussed. Obviously G8. At same meeting Obama pressented Medvedev with first World Coin

    and thereafter runs off to visit the Pope. No doubt to brief him on the latest scams.


  3. winston says:

    Heavy chemical spraying for the last few months according to this blogger in East Scotland. Some good pics as well…

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