Savile’s inheritance. BBC grooms children for sex on Cbeebies.

 Hi Tap,

I spotted this video on YouTube a while ago (a bit before this pedo/Jimmy Savile/BBC, et al fiasco) and feel it’s relevant now:

 The whole of the BBC programming in general is geared towards social engineering as they are closely linked to the Tavistock institute. If the government wants to push an agenda, for instance, then it’s highly effective through TV (and radio) programming.

Peoples’ brains go into ‘Alpha’ state and are highly suggestible (Alan Watt touches on this a lot in his broadcasts). Just looking at the above video for example of the banana. A lot of people wouldn’t twig to what’s going (as they are in a ‘trance’/Alpha state watching TV) on as if you told them then they would go ”don’t be stupid, it’s on TV, they wouldn’t dare do that”. If you did this in real life however then people would be more observant… the power of TV.

Cbeebies is a Masonic paedophile ring using subliminal suggestion to familiarise children with sex, subconsciously preparing them for abuse.

Don’t put your daughter on the stage, Mrs Worthington.  Paedophile rings are in control.

 This mother realised the TV has an agenda – to corrupt and pervert young people.


Things look even worse in the States.

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  1. John says:

    On Cbeebies yesterday (18th October) Andy and Alex made an inkblot which looked exactly like a penis….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ok.. Is pussy a swear word?? When i was at school 15yrs ago, yes it was, i still consider it one… So why to they keep calling it each other on CBBC?

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