Savile. People are still missing the big story.

People are still missing the big story.  He was a paedophile procurer.
He delivered kids to Prime Minister Edward Heath.
Prince Charles admitted being entertained by his ‘ladies’.
The media are only scratching the surface.
Sure Savile was a rapist and a paedophile, and maybe worse.
But it’s who he procured kids for that would really shock the nation.
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  1. horehound says:

    It’s interesting to watch how the media are dealing with Saville, their response seems to be blame the BBC, while the BBC may be culpable to a point people working in the media have to look at their conscience and realize that not reporting something makes you complicate to a point.
    We learned after Heaths death that ‘everyone knew’ he was known for cruising for sex with young men when he was young, well I doubt the people who voted for him knew that, and at the very least he misled and probably outright lied to the country over what the Common market EU trading block was really about.
    At the very least his private life left him (and through him all of us)open to blackmail/manipulation.
    Interestingly he was a member of Bilderberg group, he made Ken Clark one of the youngest members of cabinet ever appointed in (1973 in think), and here in 2012 we know Ken Clarke attenended this years Bilderberg meeting and is still on cabinet as ‘minister without portfolio’, it goes on and on.
    I remember Quentin Letts (daily mail collumist) on the BBC’s This Week programme not long after Heaths death and he said at the end of the item ‘ and one day we might even find out where Heath’s got his money from’, one day, one day..

  2. Julia says:

    Spot on Tap. The Big story is being hidden. Even the Savile story is being hidden now by the April story, which is of course part of the same bigger story.
    Why are they hunting for little April? Why do they not bother with the other 700 kids that go missing every day in the UK? Do they just hunt for them when they provide a good news diversion?
    THe BBC is being blamed for Savile, and April’s mother is constantly blamed for letting her daughter go out to play, something which should be a totally natural part of her childhood. Personally I think it is the paedophile network that is to blame.
    Meanwhile in April’s home village/town, there are police checkpoints set up on all exits. Good excuse for building up the police state, for our own safety of course. We are imprisoned for our own safety! Watch out for the word “safe”. It is a way of locking things up securely.
    Surely it should be the criminals that are locked up for our safety, not us.

  3. horehound says:

    In cases like this I think a lot of the criticism of the parents comes from journalists/ so called commentators based in London who sneer at parts of this country where community / family still mean something, if April was a few years older and lived in London she would be classed as a ‘runaway’ and ignored by the the media.
    The way in which young people in this country who lack a strong family unit can just ‘disappear’ without mention ,and the frankly sick system of what goes on in children’s homes while kids are ‘under’ the ‘protection'(ie locked up)by the state is by far this country’s biggest shame , though by no means a new one.
    It seems that local councils modern ( the old tactic of putting kid’s in so called ‘catholic homes’ having been exposed by the brave adults who survived) tactic is to farm out these poor kids to a ‘private’ contractor, thus maintaining an arms length and for them plausible deniability in the future.

  4. Richard Hallam, says:

    I am a writer particularly curious about conspiracy theories, and I am currently researching a planned new book “Who really did kill Jill Dando”. When I look at suspects arrested by police, or conspiracy theories I apply a test I call my “What if? Test”.
    What if an investigative reporter in any organisation were to uncover a major criminal network within that organisation, maybe wider?
    What if this happened at the BBC?
    What if this investigative reporter was Jill Dando, and she uncovered a paedophile sex ring involving the BBC, maybe wider – maybe including politicians, top police, the judiciary?
    What if Jill Dando was about to go public and blow the lid off this sex ring, and Jimmy Saville, and all the others involved?
    What if the organisers of this sex ring found out about Jill Dando about to expose them – what would they do?
    Is it possible they might consider hiring a professional killer, a “hitman”, possibly from abroad?
    What if top police involved in the sex ring wanted to “bury” Jill Dando’s research – what would they do?
    Would they pull in some hapless loner and put him “in the frame”?

    I have been convinced for some time that the killer of Jill Dando was a “hitman” who was hired by some person at the BBC, or connected. I have long believed that it was a despairing former lover or conquest. Or possibly that it was the wife or partner of one of her many lovers and conquests. I have never got to the bottom of this.
    Now in the past few days a new possibility emerges with the increasing revelations about Jimmy Savile, and the prospect of a sex ring at the BBC.

    Now we can see plausible answers emerging to the “What if?” questions, and we are left with a distinct possibility that needs to be fully investigated – the possibility that investigative reporter Jill Dando had uncovered the Jimmy Savile sex ring, and was about to blow the lid off, and was then assassinated by the organisers in order to “bury” it.

    I believe this is very plausible, and should now be considered fully, and then given thorough police investigation.
    I am convinced now, that this is what happened to Jill Dando – and it pulls the strings of all the loose ends in the Jill Dando murder affair – the shooting, the killer, the lack of an apparent motive, the framing of Barry George.
    Everything fits, and I believe this is the true story.

    Richard Hallam,

  5. Tapestry says:

    Check out this blog. Serbian hitman, boasting in a bar in Belgrade. The witnesses jailed, two British pilots.

  6. wasp says:

    Hi Tap this might help.
    Serbian, & Croatian, POolitics are not straight forward.

    She was interfering in an Area that she should have left alone, as I have Stated, in Earlier Comments.

    READ “VATICAN HOLOCAUST”,by Avro Manhatten. I have given the Link for Pdf in earlier Posts. but here it is again,,2007.pdf


  7. Tapestry says:

    That’s thorough, WASP. And the most horrific thing you could ever read,

  8. Anonymous says:


    You might want to check this link I came across the other day as it mentions Crimewatch in a rather unusual capacity.

    Don’t know what to make of it but maybe contact that marine and ask for his evidence as it doesn’t actually get laid out on site. Apparently ‘letters of patent’ are Royal Charters.

    Further down the rabbit hole…

  9. Tapestry says:

    Richard, Abel Danger worries me. He tells the same story for each person he covers. By exaggerating and ranging too widely, he makes true allegations seem fanciful by throwing in total accusation against all. It’s a clever way to muddy the waters. Better to keep it simple British-style.

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