Who gave Savile the keys to Broadmoor?

Another alleged victim of Jimmy Savile has claimed he was abused as a nine-year-old cub scout – one of the youngest people believed to have been targeted by the presenter.
Kevin Cook, 45, told The Sun that Savile touched him inappropriately during filming for a Jim’ll Fix It TV show in 1976. 
Mr Cook claimed that after he was assaulted by Savile, he was warned to keep quiet.
He told the newspaper: “He (Savile) became really scary and said ‘Don’t you dare tell anyone. Don’t even tell your mates. We know where you live’ … Nobody would believe you anyway – I’m King Jimmy’.”
Mr Cook, who lives in Essex with his wife and children, added: “For ages I felt like it was my fault. I felt guilty.
“The stuff in the papers brought all the old feelings back. My wife knew something was wrong so in the end I told her.”
Mr Cook is one of several alleged male victims of Savile, who died aged 84 last October, to have come forward.
Among them is a man who said he was abused at the age of 10 at the Haut de la Garenne children’s home in Jersey.
Another man from Redcar said when he was nine he was fondled by Savile in the star’s Rolls-Royce.
The latest allegation comes as Culture Secretary Maria Miller will be asked by a Tory MP to say if the Government plans to launch an independent inquiry into the scandal.
Rob Wilson will also call for answers about why the BBC dropped a major Newsnight investigation into Savile and went ahead with a tribute programme after his death.
One of the hospitals where Savile allegedly abused patients was Broadmoor, where Scotland Yard detectives are due to visit to gather new evidence about the claims.
The Department of Health (DoH) is to investigate how he was appointed in 1988 to lead a “taskforce” overseeing a restructuring of the hospital’s management.
Sky’s Tom Parmenter, reporting from outside Broadmoor, said: “The big question is just how did Jimmy Savile seem to have the run of the place. He had his own living quarters, and his own keys to certain sections of the hospital.”
Meanwhile, Savile’s ex-boss said he questioned the DJ over rumours about his private life more than 20 years ago.
Metropolitan Police officers say the claims against the late TV presenter span six decades – between 1959 and 2006 – and they are pursuing 340 lines of enquiry.
So far, 12 allegations of sexual offences have been officially recorded, but the police said there could be 60 victims.
Derek Chinnery, who was BBC Radio 1 controller from 1978 to 1985, admitted he asked Savile directly about his suspected abuse.
Savile worked at the station from 1969 to 1989, presenting a show of chart songs from previous decades.
Mr Chinnery said: “I asked (Savile) ‘what’s all this, these rumours we hear about you Jimmy?’ And he said ‘that’s all nonsense’. There was no reason to disbelieve (Savile).”
The scandal surrounding the former Top Of The Pops presenter has mushroomed since ITV screened a documentary in which five women alleged they were abused by the celebrity.
Met Police detectives are in contact with 14 other forces as the number of allegations against the former DJ continues to rise.

HOREHOUND adds –  MP’s now trying to deflect all the blame / attention squarely at the door of the beeb, they should be asking who gave Savile the keys to Broadmoor.

COMMENTER recommends the next video –  

That then led me onto another interview/video with David Icke and Brian Gerrish which some might find interesting. He discussed towards the beginning how the BBC sources it’s news and how these journalists basically don’t have a bloody clue as they are just ‘repeaters’ following the government narrative and doing what they can to keep their job. Quite interesting:

Icke talks about how the system works, trailering some of the coming talk he intends to give at Wembley on October 27th.  The bloodline families.  The Satanic belief system.  The secret societies behind the manipulation and the conspiracies believe in Satanism.  All the formal religions are based on the same beliefs as the Satanists. Key people in banking, politics are all initiates of the same networks.  

These people are all into the same real sacrifice, blood-letting and abuse of children.  This network lies at the core of all the institutions of the state, all religions, all political parties.  People need to start realising what we are dealing with.  We need to focus on the architects of the system, not the oil rags like Cameron, Miliband and Clegg.

The elites are genetically different from the rest of us.  They do not have the ability to experience empathy.  They have no conscience, whatever they do to people.  Blair, for example, goes to war and thinks nothing of it.  The Satanists invert everything.  The inverted pentagram is their symbol.  They invert the cross.   Their words can be interpreted as the opposite of what they say.  So they are able to deceive us all, claiming to be the people of peace, of justice when they in fact kill and maim millions of people.

BBC newsroom is an operation of merely repeating the official story.  They read the morning papers and watch CNN.  That’s it.  They don’t investigate anything.  Journalists who are the people who should be questioning the authorities and challenging their statements, are the most uninformed programmed, pea-size perception people you will ever come across.  The people in the BBC become completely programmed and conditioned. 

Until now the secret totalitarian state has been covert.  Now they need to become overt for it to succeed.  The good thing is that people can now start to see what is happening.  People are being driven off the land in America.  Access roads are beng removed from freeways to isolate people.  The re-wilding of America under Agenda 21 is going ahead.  The power structure only works because we acquiesce.  If enough people work out what they’re doing and start blocking their progress, they’re in trouble.  They are rushing the creation of the power edifice to get it into place before enough people wake up.  Every day we do nothing is another day lost.

There won’t be mass arrests of the elites.  Those stories are designed to create inactivity on our part.  It is we ourselves who must take action. and empower ourselves.  Energy goes where attention goes.The energetic connection is made when people focus.  By getting someone to focus onto something, you control their energy through that.  The world is controlled from beyond what we can see, where our attention is focused, and our energy flows.  The energy we generate is trawled from somewhere we can’t see.

Red and black are the key colours of a satanic ritual.  Royalty’s key colours.  The satanic symbol is the torch and the flame.  Olympics were made to focus attention, and collect energy into London for the Olympic opening ceremony.    Energy and information are the same thing.  Where energy lines cross, there is an enormous vortex, which is transmitted all around the planet.  The British Isles is one of these great central points on the earth’s magnetic grid.  Britain has more standing stones focusing energy onto London, than anywhere else in the world.

The focus of electro-magnetic energy onto London means that the effects of a negative event there would have huge effect all over the world.  911 made huge spikes in the earth’s electro-magnetic field, as the news rippled out of such a negative event.  The effect of our moods affects the earth’s electromagnetic field, and the earth’s electromagnetic field affects our moods.

Good stuff on heart electromagnetics, of physical properties and the emotional properties.  The intuitive brain is in the heart.  Thinking is a low level of conscious activity.  The heart intuitively knows, and doesn’t need to think.  The coherence of the heart’s magnetic field is essential to the development of this higher intelligence.

They target the heart with fear, which blocks our intuition.  The belly chakra vortex overrides the balance of the heart.  They say ‘what does your gut tell you?’  – meaning fear.  Why not ‘what does your heart, your innate intelligence tell you?’  As people move over to a more awakened state, they use their heart more, and their gut less.  By imposing economic catastrophe and war, they force peoples’ perception into fear, and block their higher intelligence.

Human control is perception control.  You can’t physically control 7 billion people.  It was understood a long time ago that the economic system acted very much like an electrical energy system.  The Rothschilds knew this, and control the energy of the people so the energy and the money ends up with them.  The rivers of energy control were constructed to deliver the energy and the money all in one direction.

The Royal and Olympic rituals have much greater significance.  They want everyone concentrating on survival, stopping us from expressing, and heading off the effects of this time of awakening.  More excellent stuff on Saturn = Satan.  Watch recommended.  Saturn is the sun planet of law, science, finance etc etc

Wembley coming up.  It will be interesting.  October 27th.

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  1. horehound says:

    MP’s now trying to deflect all the blame / attention squarely at the door of the beeb, they should be asking who gave Saville the keys to Broadmoor.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap. I watched the video posted regarding David Icke in this thread:


    Thanks for that.

    That then led me onto another interview/video with David Icke and Brian Gerrish which some might find interesting. He discussed towards the beginning how the BBC sources it’s news and how these journalists basically don’t have a bloody clue as they are just ‘repeaters’ following the government narrative and doing what they can to keep their job. Quite interesting:


  3. horehound says:

    Ken Clarke was health secretary in the early 80’s with ultimate responsibility over Broodmoor, interesting how Ted Heaths name crops up again and again, Clarke was Heaths chief whip at only 32 ( a chief whips job of course is to know an MP’s private life inside out), both pro-Europe project – anti Thatcher, both Bilderberg members (Clarke attended this years meeting in US) both members of the privy council.
    Between the two of them they altered the course of UK history by lieing to the public over what the ‘common market ‘ was really about, (Clarke teamed up with rebel labour MP’s to get vote through parliament), and it shows the lunacy and secrecy of this country that even to this day Clarke can live comfortably knowing that he will never face a single question about his Bilderberg / privy council role.

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