Sandy – the smashing of a superpower

TAP – the creation of world government requires the ending of nation states.  There is in particular no space for superpowers when world government takes over.  That is why there are fires in Louisiana, floods in NY and power cuts across New England.  Natural disasters are the weapon of choice for crushing the United States.  HAARP creates hurricanes and delivers them with pinpoint accuracy.  Meanwhile the Gulf stream slows filled up with oil, and chemtrails freeze over the continent.  Nations are being suppressed in every way as the elites rush to complete their One World Government.

Comment –  Hi Tap, Looks like you were right about HAARP causing the storms across America.
Dutchsince has mapped out all the Haarp patterns, which confirms what you said.
Another smokescreen to hide proper news. 

• US & Canada death toll climbs to at least 13 
• At least 5.7 million people without power
• Alert at Oyster Creek nuclear power plant
• Sandy unravels into post-tropical storm
• Obama and Romney cancel campaign events
• One HMS Bounty sailor found dead, other missing
Map: Google Crisis Map for storm Sandy [Google]


07.40 (03.40) This is a stunning wind map of the US from – visit their website to see the animated version.
07.32 (03.32) Superstorm Sandy will close stock markets for a second day on Tuesday and possibly Wednesday. NYSE Euronext and Nasdaq, the largest two US exchange operators, said they intend to reopen Wednesday, conditions permitting. The bond markets will also close on Tuesday, with traders aiming to reopen on Wednesday, according to Reuters.
07.20 (03.20) Off North Carolina, the US Coast Guard has rescued 14 of the 16 crew members who abandoned the replica ship HMS Bounty, using helicopters to lift them from life rafts. The Coast Guard later recovered the body of Claudene Christian, 42, while continuing to search for the 63-year-old captain of the ship, Robin Walbridge. The ship sank in 18-foot (5.5 meters) seas.
07.13 (03.13) Read a wrap of events so far by Nick Allen, Mark Huges and James Orr. Here is a selection of key points:
Sandy made landfall in New Jersey at 8pm local time (midnight GMT), leaving Atlantic City underwater, and hurling a record-breaking 13-foot wall of seawater at New York City.
A spectacular explosion occurred at a power sub-station in Manhattan and 250,000 people there were plunged into darkness.
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said it was a “once in a long time storm,” and that the public was making 10,000 emergency 911 calls every 30 minutes.
Sandy was expected to cause up to $20 billion in damage, making it one of the costliest natural disasters in US history.
07.03 (03.03) Power and back-up generators have failed at New York University hospital, with patients being taken elsewhere for care.
AP report that dozens of ambulances were lined up around the block outside New York University Tisch Hospital as doctors and nurses began the slow process of evacuation.
06.54 (02.54) Surging seawater forced ashore by superstorm Sandyflooded seven New York subway tunnels and six bus garages in the worst disaster in the history of the city’s transport system, the network’s chief said.
“The New York City subway system is 108 years old, but it has never faced a disaster as devastating as what we experienced last night,” said Joseph Lhota, chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).
“Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on our entire transportation system, in every borough and county of the region. It has brought down trees, ripped out power and inundated tunnels, rail yards and bus depots,” he said.
“All of us at the MTA are committed to restoring the system as quickly as we can to help bring New York back to normal.”
06.40 (02.40) A still taken from a surveillance camera capturing footage of water engulfing an underground station in Hoboken, N.J.
06.35 (02.35) In New Jersey, Exelon Corp has declared an alert around its Oyster Creek nuclear power plant due to rising waters, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said. Officials said if waters rise further, they may be forced to use emergency water supplies from a fire hose to cool spent uranium fuel rods.
The alert – the second lowest of four NRC action levels – came after water levels at the plant rose by more than 6.5 feet (2 meters), potentially affecting the pumps that circulate water through the plant, an NRC spokesman said.
06.25 (02.25) Here is a picture of the New York skyline – Reuters report 588,000 people in the city are without power:
06.20 (02.20) At least 13 people have been killed in the US and millions are without power this morning following the landfall of Superstorm Sandy in New Jersey.
It has been downgraded from a Category 1 hurricane to a tropical storm but has cause widespread flooding and more than 5.7 million people are without power across the US East Coast.
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