Royalty, paedophiles, power.


Ed Miliband has called for a full enquiry into the Jimmy Savile abuse case, 

what this actually is is a damage limitation exercise,  how can this man Savile abuse boys and girls for 60 years 
and get away with it. ?
At various times the BBC, Childline the childrens minister and the NSPCC were all told by those abused and their parents
and nothing happened. 

Due to Rupert Murdoch’s phone tapping right across the board he knew about it too, but avoided the best scoop of the year why ? strange that the people in charge of each body is Jewish ?

Rupert Murdochs vast operation is bankrolled by Rothschild and Oppenheimer, insiders say phone hacking and blackmail of those involved with kids was for Mossad to push for an Iran/Syria /lebanon wars for them.
The link with Jimmy savile and the royals is simple.  Paul Kidd  the Royal butler was charged at Manchetser crown court with sexually abusing many many boys over 30 years, Manchester was one of Saviles hunting grounds, Paul Kidd claimed he walked the same corridors as Sir Anthony Blunt the Rothschild gopher who betrayed Britain to the Soviets in W W II for £20,000.  Blunt,  who it was alleged abused and murdered several children and procured them for many others,
was the linkpin.  

TAP – Blunt was the illegitimate brother of The Queen.

Both Paul Kidd and Anthony Blunt took small boys to tea with the queens mother.
William Crake was a single man found dead at his home in Cambridgeshire in 2010.  

When police came to investigate
they found a huge cache of childporn with letters dated 40-50 years back from Sir Anthony Blunt and other abusers known to have visited the Jersey care home, a large  diary of names and adresses had some surprising people.

In 1980 Jimmy Savile’s brother was charged with groping a young child where he worked, and told police about Jimmy
and he said they ignored it,  so who protected Jimmy for so long and why ?

In the USA the Heidi Fleiss case which is similar to this, showed Mossad was behind pushing people to have sex, often with minors, then blackmailing them exactly as sir Anthony Blunt did in W W II for Rothschild.

I am suspicious of Ed Miliband taking charge, knowing him to be non British and a Rothschild ally,  the pro-homosexual lobby has squashed all mention of Jimmy with young boys but is busy promoting child abuse against girls such as Holly Greig and the Savile case.

T.Stokes  LONDON
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think that, to answer the questions in this article, a full independent enquiry into all the institutions Savile was involved with (not just the BBC) is definitely needed if the UK is to restore any kind of credibility to its’ so-called democratically accountable system. With each further allegation, the UK is beginning to look more and more like the Jimmy Savile protection racket, rather than a proper democracy.

    I’ve just seen the video at and it’s horrendous. If this video is genuine, then it is a real shame that nobody ever spoke out while Savile was alive. It just shows the power and influence he must have had.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Has Savile gone to the grave with all his secrets & dirt on all his associates.

    or has he left an explosive expose on all those he held dirty little secrets on?

    who will discover his little black book?

    who will be at the top of the list?

    Rev David bennett of Nottingham Gunthorpe high street met Savile after his mining accident in LEEDS where they apparently bonded. before he/they went on the prowl

    Bennett & pierce procured little children for their little DEVIL Savile!!! in 1970s fund raising runs at Holme pierpont

    dirty little perverts

    HOPE they will never RIP


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