Rothschilds own us all

They knew who were the powerful in the days of Music Hall. This classic from Victorian times puts the Rothschilds in their proper place – top. Royalty were the Rothschilds too, of course, with Queen Victoria the daughter of Nathan Mayer Rothschild. They’ve had themselves removed from the media since those days. Yet they’d be far richer now. In 1850 they were known to own half of all the wealth in the world. Some estimates suggest they own 80% today. Power enough to keep themselves out of the public eye for a hundred and sixty years anyway. Maybe the internet can do something to inform the world as to owns us all, and who runs the various programs of one world government. Nothing’s changed since Burlington Bertie walked down The Strand.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Just watched this video on u tube.
    Rothschilds choice. Barack Obama and the hidden cabal behind the plot to murder America.
    It’s 3 hours, but on u tube it’s cut into parts.
    I think you might like it. watch?v=vMOD da8tDM.

  2. Anonymous says:

    or even, watch?v=vMOD da8tYDM.

  3. Anonymous says:

    hi tap , just passing the proper links.. soz for my



  4. Anonymous says:

    hello i hope i do this right i have not blogged before, my gran was a maid at one of the Rothschilds mansions, she was treated well but all the staff used to listen at his door, he said we have total control of the churches, the vatican is now ours
    we control it.
    My gran told the Butler who said tht sounds like rubbish to me, but gran often told the story and before she died i asked her in hoispital to repeat it and she did
    margaret homes

  5. Toad Hall says:

    And the new generation are at it:

    Rothschild: I won’t sell Bumi stake until probe is closed

    Toad Hall

  6. fedup says:

    Is there anyway that we can find out what happened to United Nations of Film website at:

    The website cannot be opened…there is no server from my error messages…

    Thank you,

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