Pluserix correction. Thousands of children suffer irreversible injury.

First, may I commend you for alerting people to the dangers 
of allowing anyone to put anything into your body or the body
of your precious child without question.
I need to point out an error in grammar however that results in
a very different meaning to the one intended. This error was then copied and 
repeated in someone else’s blog. Included below, where I read 
The statement was:

Pluserix had previously been banned in Canada, causing

thousands of children to suffer irreversible side effects.

Do you mean that banning a drug caused this calamity? 

I think you want the phrase  “having caused” instead of the

word “causing“. Thus the sentence should have read,

 “Pluserix had previously been banned in Canada,

HAVING CAUSED thousands of children to suffer irreversible

side effects.” The meaning is quite different.
Regards Jane 

TAP – maybe the error came from Dr Mercola!  Either way they’ve launched the same vaccine with a new name in Britain.  You can’t trust them an inch.

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