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Juliet writes -

Illuminati dates approaching...
November coming up. The Illuminati dates (the 1s and 2s) can only occur in 4 months of the year. Soon we will have 1.11.12 and 2.11.12, then 11.11.12 and 12.11.12. I have a particular strong feeling about 22.11.12. This is when the ones and twos are equal, but I was originally pointed here by my son (Sun). Most of November has more 1s. 12.12.12 is equal again, and 2.12.12 and 22.12.12 have more 2's. I don't know what it means, but I know it matters. The days are labelled for a reason.  

The third key...
I have discovered two keys, the gold watery Queen Quay, and the silver King Key. Is there a third one, the master key of life itself? Qi is the Chinese word for the meridian lines through your body, that need to be in good shape for well being and health. Is it the Qi that unlocks everything? The murder of Jesus gives us clues towards this. Look where the nails have been placed.  

Decoding Post codes...

My letter from British Gas has the last two letters of their postcode as BG. Wembley stadium is AA. That's the same last two letters as the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Clearly AA means something of major importance! We are all being carefully mapped to exactly where we live, and it has got nothing to do with delivering the post. It is very good for collecting data on how your location influences your life and health The post delivery thing is a cover story to allow it to be hidden in plain view. Cities are postal centres because they are energy centres. Cities are all built on sacred sites. See 

The Sun on Savile...
The Sun seems to be blasting out about Savile every day as the lead story, unlike some of the other papers. Today, they have shifted their position a little bit. There used to be an emphasis on the youngest victim being 13, and pictures were shown that looked as if the victims were happy and willing, as if paving the way for saying that it wasn't anything too awful really. Now the youngest victim is a 9 year old boy scout who does not look at all happy. They have also reported the necrophilia side of things. Alongside this there is a story of how fantastic Prince Harry is killing people - "the enemy" - in one of the UK wars, I forget which one. 

One more step, The Sun, please expose Savile as part of the global paedophilia network that includes the Royals and prime ministers and presidents. He is not an isolated one off paedophile.
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