NHS is a disease maintenance system, not a health system.

Amazing Improvements in Lyme Disease, Heart Attack Recovery and More

On Dr. Rowen’s YouTube channel, “RobertRowenMD,” you can hear stories from numerous patients who have experienced amazing improvements, sometimes after just two or three UVI or ozone treatments. Dr. Rowen shared the case of a licensed health professional with Lyme disease, which is very difficult to treat. In a matter of weeks, he came in with a smile on his face rating his improvement eight points on scale of 10. In other words, coming in at zero, 10 is perfect. In three weeks, he improved to an eight. And another was a woman with skin MRSA whose problem melted away dramatically with just her first session of ozone.
In another case, an eye surgeon who Dr. Rowen described as a “cardiac cripple” due to a heart attack also experienced an eight-point improvement after four to six weeks of treatment with intravenous oxidation therapy, oral and occasional intravenous chelation therapy, and nutrients.
Other cases include a woman with bone-on-bone arthritis who was advised to get joint replacement, and in a few sessions of ozone gas injections into her knee joints she no longer had pain. In a similar case, a woman who was told she needed an ankle replacement experienced a 90 percent improvement in just two sessions of ozone injections.
How is it that oxidative therapies have the potential to treat such a wide range of health issues? Dr. Rowen explained the research of Velio Bocci, an Italian MD who has written numerous books on ozone. Initially, he got to wondering how doctors could get such a wide variety of specific responses and cures to a really broad variety of non-specific diseases using oxidative medicine. It didn’t make sense to him, because Western medicine is designed to shoot a bullet at one particular disease like, say, methicillin for staph.
Dr. Rowen continued:
“He [Bocci] then started doing research on the effects of ozone on the immune system. He found that ozone generated a whole host of cytokines and interferons. Those are the hormones that white blood cells use to talk to each other. These are extraordinarily immune stimulating. What he found, in his own words, was that ‘ozone is the ideal cytokine inducer.’ Contrast that to Pharma, which is trying to dissect out individual cytokines and interferons for parenteral use. And they’re killing people, because you’re giving one.
Bocci found that when you use oxidation therapy – and this crosses over to ultraviolet, same thing – you’re stimulating your white cells to come alive and do what God designed those cells to do, which is to go out and kill infections. He also found that ozone therapy generates what he calls, super-gifted red blood cells. Red blood cells… carry oxygen. A super-gifted red cell would be a red cell that can dump its oxygen into the tissues. Because it might carry oxygen, but if it doesn’t get rid of that oxygen, that’s not going to do you any good.
He says, ‘Ozone creates super-gifted red cells.’ So now we’re getting a treatment that improves oxygenation. I’m an oxygen man. Burn more oxygen, you heal, stimulate, and augment the immune system. It’s a really nice one-two punch to jumpstart your body. It doesn’t just deal with the immune system. If you’re going to get more oxygen to the tissues, you can heal almost anything.”

Using Oxidative Medicine Preventively at Home: The Best Anti-Aging Therapy of All Time?

Dr. Rowen is, to his knowledge, the longest living continuous user of oxidation therapy in North America, since 1986. He uses this prophylactically because, in his words:
“I happen to think that oxidation therapy is an ultimate – if not the ultimate – anti-aging therapy… I really believe this. I have been doing this for years. I have been in ozone, like I said, longer than anybody in North America. I think it’s the ultimate anti-aging therapy. I do it on a regular basis even on me.
  One option is to use oxygenation therapy while you exercise. Dr. Rowen continued:
“My favorite here is exercise with oxygen therapy also known as, EWOT exercise with oxygen therapy). I have written about that repeatedly in Second Opinion. With EWOT, you breathe oxygen at a high concentration. Try and get it as close to 100 percent, as you can while you exercise. A German named Manfred Von Ardenne studied this many years ago. He found that if you exercise with this extra load of oxygen coming in under a higher partial pressure, meaning 100 percent oxygen, you can reverse aging in your capillaries and improve oxygenation of your body.
This is any man’s approach to improving oxygenation. All you need is an oxygenator. I have written about this in my newsletter, Second Opinion, with full details on how to do it. It’s not expensive to do.”

Why Isn’t Oxidative Medicine More Widely Known?

If you’re experiencing joint pain, Lyme disease or an infection, drugs are probably the go-to treatment recommended by your physician. This is, unfortunately, the way the medical system is set up – to promote drugs and surgery first and foremost, even when safer, more natural alternatives exist. When asked why he thinks oxidative medicine isn’t adopted more widely,
Dr. Rowen said:
“One of the reasons why is because these drugs are extraordinarily, widely promoted. If you take the case of any of the NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, I tell my patients, ‘You can reduce your pain by taking the drug today and destroy your cartilage tomorrow,’ because one of the mechanisms by which they act is reducing the production of cartilage. So they’re actually inducing long-term arthritis by reducing your pain forcibly today.
But the drug industry is a huge industry. Everywhere you turn on television… [and] you see these commercials for petrochemical pharmaceuticals.
I’m wondering when are the people going to wake up? There are plenty of alternatives. If you’re really in pain, there’s plenty of ways to reduce the COX enzyme or cyclooxygenase enzymes, which is what these drugs do, without poisoning yourself. Curcumin is a great one. Ginger is another one. Almost all bioflavonoids do it with very little risk.
The reason why you don’t see things like ozone out there taking over things is mainly because of what I call the most corrupt industry in the world. That gets back to the politics, where if you can’t make a better product, how do you keep your product out there? You can’t do it in a free market. You have to buy the government, so that you can purchase a monopoly on what you have and keep out everything else. That’s what we have in this country today.
We have the best disease maintenance system money can buy. It’s not a health system. It’s a disease maintenance system.”



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  1. See my article on ozone here
    Because every cell in our body needs oxygen to clear out toxic waste and become well, Ozone (03) is electrified oxygen (O2)and will clear up a host of different diseases very quickly. In addition people look years younger after about 6 sessions! It is used in hospitals in Russia and Cuba but suppressed in the UK and America. You can have it in Germany though under medical doctors. Absolutely fantastic cure, esp. for cancer.

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