Never watch the television

The man Alan watt knew had a brother in the CIA.  His only advice, never watch the television.
It’s the route to slavery, the way they enslave us all.  Free your mind.  Switch off.

From comment –

It would be interesting to see how long the average person could last not watching TV or reading a newspaper. I bet most people would crack up after a week or so.

I stopped reading newspapers years ago and stopped paying my TV License years ago too… my head is a lot clearer now and, of course, the internet is there to find out whats really going on in the world – not the government propaganda narrative.

Never watch the Tell-Lie-Vision:

David Icke adds –  (I’m seeing him at Wembley in two weeks time) brainwashing, subliminal messaging and programmes about government presented as dramas, police, military.   They’re pure propaganda.

The alpha state is created by watching television.  It lasts up to an hour after you stop watching.  High Definition TV has greater brainwashing and hypnosis power.  Anyone who watches TV cannot be deprogrammed.  People who stop watching TV go through depression.  TV keeps people dumb, compliant and going along with the system.  TV watchers have no opinions of their own.  TV can be classified as a drug, which puts people into a trance-like state.  Advertisers make use of the hypnotic state of mind.  Did you ever buy something and wonder later why did you buy it?  You are programmed to have a preference for  particular product.  Same goes for ideas.  We are conditioned to respond in a particular way.

If we go on in this dreamworld, we will live within an Orweliian state of totalitarian control.

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  1. Toad Hall says:



    You may find this very interesting. A series of films by a guy who thinks that internet porn is addictive and actually changes the brain. Changes the brain by affecting the receptors for dopamine. It’s very interesting in general as it explains a lot about craving and how that part of the brain can control your behaviour and be easily manipulated.

    Watch the three part series, it explain’s how the brain reacts to hyper stimulation of porn. But I think it also helps you understand what is happening with TV minus the sexual element.

    Also interesting to read the experiences, people addicted to porn find the don’t want to or have difficulty having sex with woman. Some even report they feel socially anxious and get depression. IN fact many of the symptoms you would associate to being addicted to a drug.

    The positive being that stopping it altogether can correct or restore normal function.

    Toad Hall

  2. Toad Hall says:

    Tap – Did you watch those videos. I know the Porn angle doesn’t sound relevant but the video shows how the brain is affected by visual stimuli.

    Interesting watching.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Sorry. No. I have read similar sounding ideas from Alan Watt, scientifically explained. So busy right now.

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