Mrs Thatcher became part of the ‘parallel’ government

She stated on her retirement she had joined the parallel government, which runs the world unelected, as do all ex-Prime Ministers and Presidents.

Things don’t happen by chance, as people think.  Future trends are planned decades in advance.  Flash mobs and riots are expected as the economy goes down.  They could use field or tactical nuclear weapons on the public if necessary.

The takeover of the world was planned over a hundred years ago, and war declared on the human race.  Depopulation has been on the go since the League of Nations started.   Innoculations began, and sterility sky-rocketed.

Dress up half the world as aggressors in uniform, to kill off the other half of the world.  Many are recruited into armed forces who have been sitting at home using computer games, desensitised from firing weapons.  Violent video games make people more aggressive to other people, both males and females.  Teenagers who play violent computer games, become more aggressive.  Brock University, Canada.

The con game of democracy.  In Spain the police go out and smash peoples’ skulls in with canes.  Coercion through law makes most of us go along.  Once we fight back, and use force, they use brute force on the general public.  Then they try to keep it out of the papers.  This is the reality of the system you’re living in.

If you can run fast enough, and fit enough, and keep ahead of them, they won’t steal everything off of you.  The elites have vast salaries, the ones who get you working as slaves.

The war is a war on all culture.  If people had a culture, they could fight back, so all culture has to be undermined, so people don’t fight back, cannot build a sense of unity.  The indoctrination is around all your life long.  Democracy has no stable definition.  You a good tax-paying citizen.  They brought in income tax as  a war tax, in the USA a victory tax, temporary.  The next generation thinks it’s all perfectly normal.  Humans are taxed just for having a home.  So you are uncomfortable.  If you get comfortable, you might start thinking.  They keep you stressed, and worried about coping with paying the bills.

Returning soldiers are always made sick by their governments.  They know that war is just a business, and have the training to be able to fight back, so they are always crippled with inoculations and so on, as with Gulf War Syndrome.  It’s all completely deliberate.  They indoctrinate the public that these are bad people, terrorists, and bring out laws to keep ex-soldiers out of the political system.

Gettings wars started is all about lying, telling people they are being attacked. The Lusitania.  Gulf of Tonkin.  Ancient tactics.  Throughout history.  Massive lying was used to bring the USA into the WW1.

Everyone has been contaminated by corruption.  The destruction of all values is quite deliberate.  You deculturise the people until they think everything is normal.  They broadcast perversion and make it funny, and people laugh. They’re then finished.  All standards are stripped away.

You have been under warfare attack all your life, indoctrination, vaccination, bad quality foods, poisonous water, chemtrails in the air.  Austerity is being spread across the world to bring civil unrest across the world.  Governments are building up their weapons to suppress civil unrest.

You will be only kept alive if you can pay for yourself.  Once you can’t pay, they want you gone.  Social security doesn’t exist.

DNR notices are handed out to people in hospitals – bioethics the new term for eugenics.  They claim the decisions are to prevent unnecessary suffering.  In fact the decisions are made for economic reasons.  The cost of keeping alive is the only thought they have.

Nothing shocks people any more.  People being blown up is normal on computer screens.  Anything sexual goes.  People are unable to fight back as cultural standards have been got rid of.  Families fall apart.  Celebrities and perversion are promoted.  Loans are only given out to countries who guarantee homosexual rights.  Why is that?

Savile.  Was there a pedophile ring inside the BBC?  Of course there was, as anyone there knew.  He was raping young boys and girls all along.  A British Lord admitted there were sex rings inside the BBC a long time ago.  Women came forward.   Even boys are coming forward.  Some as young as ten years old.

The Police must have known what was going on and tolerated the practice of child rape within the BBC.

The controllers get phrases changed so people don’t have the labels they need to hold the standards.  Any idea of a stable society is blown away.  They can do anything they want with you, as there is nothing left to hold on to.

Transgender is another theme.  Transgender are given higher rights than people of normal sexual orientation.  It’s all about confusing standards so people can’t recognise who they are and how they are defined sexually.  Big push on.  Why?

American fertility drops.  Lowest birth rates – economic reasons put people off from having children.  Mainstream media blames the economic downturn.  It’s intimidation.  Fathers are being blamed for passing poor genomes to their offspring.  It is suggested that fathers will have to be tested before being allowed to reproduce.

Birth control pill for men drastically lowers sperm counts.  Such chemical measures have been used on men a long time already, which is why so many cannot reproduce.  Gates wants to force contraceptives on poor countries, and stop 40% of women from having babies.

Mrs Thatcher presumably approves of all these things going on.

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2 Responses to “Mrs Thatcher became part of the ‘parallel’ government”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m no fan of the ‘left’ or ‘right’ as I know they are just the same subservients serving the greater evil that is the globalists/elite families/TPTB/the banking system… whatever.

    However, a quote Thatcher came out with that struck a chord was:

    ”The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”

    … what she forgot to mention after that quote was eventually when the money and food runs out then violence and the collapse of society quickly follows.

  2. Atona says:

    I doubt very much that Margaret Thatcher approves of anything nowadays, apart from if her dinner tasted nice or she managed not to wet the bed.
    She’s suffering chronic senility and is highly unlikely to remember her own children, let alone the appalling damage she did to Britain, British politics and the lives of so many “ordinary” people.
    David Cameron is going further even than Thatcher. He, and the breed of politicians that follow his tactics need to be stopped.

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