Magma under earth surface sets direction of weather

Los Angeles area is high risk for an earthquake in the next few months.  7.5 or more on the Richter scale.  If you live in California you have to pay attention to all the earthquakes happening on the other side of the world.  It’s just a matter of weeks.

Dutchsinse assesses the risk after observing global earthquake incidents.  He presents the information on his blog.  He’s on youtube also.

Eruptions of a volcano in Indonesia sounded like thuds from deep underground.  It’s on the edge of the plate that’s subducting.  Steam plumes in Kamchatka.  North Pole volcano erupted.

South Calif had 100+ temperatures for a long time, as did Hawaii.  Is there an connection between weather patterns and magma activity?  Magma flow affects the upper ionosphere.  Weather patterns rotate in the same pattern as the earth’s mantle rotates.  (this is not taught at college) Storms are controlled electromagnetically.  That’s why they use HAARP and electro magnetism to create weather modification devices, to move weather around, warm it up or cool it down.

Strange freezes and hot periods can be related to magma activity.

Fukushima HAARP connection?  Before the big earthquake happened and Fukushima,  there was a nuclear event which released a lot of material into the air.  Frequency devices were being used to strip electrons from radioactive particles sending the particles to earth, changing the substance in the air into a non-radioactive substance. (signal cuts here).   Did this play a role in causing the later events/

HAARP located in Alaska pumps a billion watts of energy either deep underground or up into space.  They can heat up the atmosphere and bounce this signal around.  They can heat up or cool down their targets, and possibly use the device to strip radioactivity out of the particles that are airborne.

They use HAARP from missile defense to causing earthquakes.  Youtube –how to make an earthquake, Dr Agnew tells the story as to how they used elf (very low frequency) pulses to look for oil.  They noticed that it caused an earthquake.  They drove around in a car.  They turned it on and it started an earthquake.  They switched it off.  They earthquake stopped.  The power of HAARP can cause a very large earthquake.

HAARP can also cause large kill-offs of birds, dolphins etc.  All major superpowers have their own versions of HAARP.  Sometimes they work together.  Sometimes they fight each other.  Russia worked on this in the late 1800s, using Tesla patterns.  HAARP was built by BAE systems for the Americans.  European have EISCAT in Norway which dwarfs HAARP in its scale.

Many HAARP installations are located in oil areas.  They bounce the signal of the ionosphere, back to earth and then this bounces back up and returns to a frequency reader.  From the bounce back they can read what’s under the earth.  The high frequency signals (low, high frequency switches over to the opposite when they reflect off the ionosphere) can also be directed to fry you and anything else.

The first cellphones resonated at the same wavelength as the human brain.  They lowered the wattage to .3 mw, to lower brain cancer, brain damage, hair loss and so on.  (TAP – My uncle died of throat cancer aged 42.  He had a very large brick in the 1980s which he carried everywhere).  If you get a high frequency pulse you won’t feel it necessarily, but it will fry you anyway.  They can target a spot a few kilometers across using HAARP and melt anything they want eliminated.

People are getting brain damaged by using cellphones, let alone cancer.   Causes confusion.  The frequency interferes with your ability to handle multiple things.  800/900/1500/1600 megahertz – 1600 is a half microwave.  HAARP is a giant microwave.  It can be modulated with software into a shape.  They can create circles (3 dimensional).  Radar can function as a small HAARP, up to 1 million watts, using either a high frequency or a low frequency.

These can set off earthquakes, trigger volcanoes and control weather.  The weather is in play worldwide.  High frequency pulsing can knock out missiles from the sky by melting them over a few kilometers targeting – easy to do.   Missiles are effectively obsolete.  Weather, and tectonic weapons are the current war going on.

The Russians accused the USA of interfering with their rocket launches.  HAARP.  Iran landed a US stealth drone, by electromagnetically taking control of it, by hacking into it.

They don’t use lasers to shoot down missiles.  They use radars using HAARP.  If a missile gets through, it means they let it get through.  It’s that easy to shoot them down with targeted frequencies.

THIS IS INTERESTING.  I’ll transcribe a bit more at night when the family’s asleep.  It’s impossible to do much with the kids running around your feet.

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4 Responses to “Magma under earth surface sets direction of weather”

  1. John says:

    Hi Tap,

    What happened to the post about the Rothschilds owning the vatican?

    Has the blog been hacked?

  2. Tapestry says:

    I think it was a spoof……which caught me unawares! If it wasn’t, it will get repeated. The name ‘Homes’ might have triggered a moment’s hesitation!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, If you listen to Dutchsinse he talks about the ‘Gulf oil’ and introducing a sheen of oil on the surface of the water.
    Reminded me what you have been saying, about the oil stopping the currents, and altering the heat in the water.
    Seems you were on target again.
    It’s a little confusing, who is blasting who with the Haarp rays.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Dutchsinse is scientific and a great analyst. I just look for a pattern in events. They are cooling the climate with chemtrails. The Gulf Oil thing didn’t make any sense really, until you match that with the chemtrailing.
    Then the reports of the slowing or changing gulf stream, and you get a single picture of an attempt to cool Europe and cause droughts, hitting food production.

    This fits in with the world depopulation programme. Cut the food supply and people can’t breed bigger numbers, and survive.

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