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You mark my words, all the big New Age gurus that have been put out there over the many years and well financed at top and well coordinated too from the top under a myriad of names and organizations, who all promote the same stuff and have the same religious buzz-terms, vocabulary that they’re given, they will all take you off in different directions that you think you’re in in your own little select areas and paths and bring you all back onto the same road of “being one.” Even those you think are fighting it will bring you onto that same road of being one through altered states of consciousness. That’s what it’s all about. That’s the main purpose of the propaganda and the indoctrination. Try drugs, try this, try that, try meditation and then it will be the final part because the whole intent is to get you to want altered states. Here’s the electronic version, coming to a chip near you and for you. Always give the people their shepherds, the good shepherds, and the sheep will follow. Make a sheep pen and they will come. Sad, isn’t it, and very predictable?
Religion has been a tool for thousands of years across the planet to guide and shape and conquer the minds of people. Every major player at the top today has at one time or other mentioned that fact that it’s always been used and that they will use a new type, a new form, a new religion to get them into the final phase based on a form, what the people think is a form of earth worship, but in reality the new priesthoods will be white-coated experts. Experts who will tell you what they need to do to save Mother Earth and a whole generation will be brought up who will know nothing but their indoctrination. That’s all they will be told. That will be their only reality and they’ll volunteer for sterilization and they’ll be given little extra social value points, little perks in society, if they do so. They’ll even be held up as heroes amongst the people, just like the Soviet would publish their employee of the week, their laborer of the week or the month who’d put out so much a quota of production for the people. You’ll get the same propaganda spiels about young people who will become sterilized to save the planet. Their right to reproduce, the final right, because most of it has already been given away, but the final right will be given up by many if not all. Déjà vu indeed.
A new religion as they said a long time ago would have to be created, but to create a new religion first you have to blend existing ones, the familiar. A new one coming out of nowhere won’t take because all religions really are hatched on the backs of previous ones. That’s why they take with the first generation they’re applied to. There has to be a familiarity which you can identify with from your previous religion. For the New Age, as Blavatsky said, would blend the religions of the West with those of India and the Far East; and it has been successful because it’s a stepping stone to where they want to bring everyone.
Deep behind all major religions you’ll find them taking stories and borrowing stories from much, much older ones, often going all the way back to India. The New Age, which is simply a blend of shamanism and pantheism, Hinduism, a big, big dash of Hinduism and some Buddhism, all the ‘isms,’ will eventually go into the direction which they all were designed to go into where you become one. The first step in becoming one is to convince the followers that everything and they’ll use the term “illusion.”  It’s an illusion, but what they really mean is it’s not real at all. An illusion, remember, is a distortion of a reality, like looking through an old-fashioned pane glass window from the side. You’ll get a distortion of a reality which is there, but what they’re really telling you when they say illusion is that nothing is real whatsoever. That’s the greatest trick of mind control. You lose your identity in such thinking. You lose your persona in such thinking and what they do in brainwashing is called “depersonalization,” it’s the first main step in brainwashing a victim. That’s why they use this technique of saying nothing at all is real.
I’ve often used the term “illusion” to mean in its proper definition, “a distortion of reality,” because they distort in this system our perceptions so that we’ll perceive events as they want us to perceive them, rather than how we should say for ourselves how things actually are. The whole idea of the universal consciousness was pushed through the Rosicrucian and Masonic societies from a long time ago, borrowing heavily again on Hinduism and this whole thing about karma. Karma being this sort of debt that you collect along your life and previous lives that you’ve got to pay off one day to the big bankers. However, it’s not built on logic, remember, it’s a belief system that was created to be a religion to control people and it’s done very well for thousands of years, very well indeed.
If you have no memory of previous mistakes and lessons that you’ve learned in a previous life, what’s the point of simply living again and again to be burdened with more bad karma because you didn’t know what to do right this time? If you have no memory, how can you rectify it? It’s not meant to be sensible. It was created to be a belief to control people. It also creates a form of hopelessness, you see, which is logical, because karma built up in your life right now must be worked off in a future reincarnation; but when you’re working it off you’re going to collect more karma in this life and the next, which must be in turn worked off in another life. The Hindus call it the “Wheel of Reincarnation” and Gandhi himself called it “a burden too great to bear” because there’s no release. It goes on forever.
Yoga, which was made popular in the West, and aimed again through the clever disguise of health, when they tried to get it in at first they knew it was part religion, a vital part of a particular religion, and so they tried to give it a scientific guise. Therefore they pushed it through health clubs and women flocked to it. Yoga was actually developed as a means of escape from the endless wheel of death and rebirth, based on faith again and belief in a system of reincarnation.
If you look at the actual religion, a higher religion that this is based upon, you go back through the path of karma, the beginning, and you’ll find there’s a stage when the Hindus claim they called it gunas, the “three gunas” or qualities of the godhead were in perfect balance in the world or in the void. All religions begin with a void – the nothingness from which it all came and to which it will all return one day. Then something happened to cause an imbalance in the godhead and the “prakriti” they call it, “prakriti,” which is manifestation, it all began, which brings about illusion which we experience as the universe today. That’s how it’s taught in Hinduism; therefore bad karma began with an imbalance in the godhead itself and therefore is built into the very fabric of the universe, which means there is no escape. The high Brahmans understand that, yoga or no yoga.
If you go into the Buddhist understanding that’s taught to the West – I say as it’s taught to the West, there’s no reincarnation really of the individual soul. There’s only survival of consciousness, for the enlightened of course. Upon death the individual consciousness is just like a drop of water going into the big ocean that then becomes unidentifiable and undivided part of the whole, you might say. Then it once again goes and merges with the pool of “universal consciousness” as they called it. That’s what Carl Jung called it and remember too, Carl Jung gave a lot of good information about the mind but he also was a top Rosicrucian who had been brought up to believe all this. Once again, as the consciousness goes into the pool of unconsciousness or world soul from where it got separated, that’s the end of it, so all is one, one is all. That’s what they mean by that.
George Lucas did “Star Wars” and he blended it together and he called this great pool of consciousness that the Hindus use and the Buddhists use, he called it “the force” and that’s what he talked about, that it could be tapped in and used for mystical powers and purposes. Whereas in Hinduism the individual identity that you take on for a time is a source of pain and it must be retained through countless reincarnations, which they called “transmigrations of soul.”  They don’t give you any moksha. Moksha is escape really, that’s what they call it, moksha, from time, sense and the elements. In the West they call that simply “self-realization.” That only comes when an individual soul, which they term “the Atman,” recognizes the appearance of separation is an illusion and concludes it through the state of consciousness reached in yoga. That is in fact identical with the universal soul or Brahman. All is one again; that’s the big push.
It’s quite amazing that a religion that taught this has a Brahman class, and has had for thousands of years, that still remain on top and live incredibly well; while all those beneath them accept their slavery, drudgery, the mass poverty, sickness and so on, and no one will help them because to help you – your bad karma might brush off on me. Therefore I can’t help you. I must ignore you and it makes it even better for me if I ignore you because I can convince myself that it is your bad karma and you chose to come back like that, to suffer or be a cripple and so on. What an incredible religion that everyone is trying to adopt.
It’s interesting to note that Charles Darwin’s (really his grandfather’s) theory of evolution comes from Hinduism. The whole idea being that to back up karma and countless recycles that it must mean you’re going towards something. In other words, it’s been blended with evolution, so that’s why the modern New Age Hinduism for the West has adapted the idea of evolution. We’re all growing towards something, which again is what an elite always want is to guide whole herds of people along a path which they must make sense of, even though the making of the sense is given to them too; all the answers, the propaganda is given to them. It doesn’t take logic in belief systems. It’s based on faith but it’s also based on accepting what you’re told by superiors and that’s why they go off and hire what they call masters or gurus and so on.
Remember what Blavatsky said, the blending of science and religion, and out of that came a whole bunch of organizations, which have done exactly that. They’ve blended these forms of combinations of Hinduism, Buddhism and evolution and mixed it in with science because we’ve been taught that science is beyond question. It’s not religion, is it? but in reality it is too. At least the theories that are given to us is based on faith since most of us cannot ever, ever investigate or try to emulate the empirical proof through experimentation, so it’s based on faith but it has the appearance in a white coat of being different than the old black-robed priests, yet it’s just the same.
We’re being mislead in a thousands ways by white coats and experts on purpose. Various religions have done this, such as Scientology and others, even psychology. Certain branches of psychology have branched off into it too. You can get lots of New Age psychology ones out there bringing them all together and hypnotizing you into your past lives and all this kind of stuff to back up why you’ve got problems in this life, but you need to pay good money to find out who you were in a previous life. It’s amazing, it’s always famous people. I’ve met seven people who have been Cleopatra, so far, and I tell each one of them it must’ve been awfully crowded in there. You never find them being the peasants or the milkmaid. It’s always someone who’s famous, mainly because their knowledge of how ordinary people would live in those ages is not in the memory banks. All they’re given is history to do with famous people, so they know little bits and pieces of it from Hollywood movies and so on and that’s why they identify with them.
Yet the whole New Age movement was created to bring about a controlled society, to bring in eventually its natural progression into an earth-worshiping system where the scientists will be the new priests and everyone will obey them as though they were holy people, altruistic-minded, who are out to save the world and the planet and everyone in it because they care. They’re special people. They care. People will put themselves forward to be sterilized. It’s already happening now and there’s one case I read about recently offered themselves to be sterilized.
Yet I always think of a book I have from 1920 from Britain and it was the answer of a man in the British population to a book put out on behalf of the elite of Britain after World War I. The elite were complaining that not enough people had been killed and the population would rise out of all proportions and deplete the food supply and so on, and panic and crisis and all the rest of it, and this man had used the same statistics that they’d gotten from the British government to prove the reverse was true and he asked a very important thing. He says, how come, and he named all the people who’d put their names to this particular book condemning the public. He says, “how come each and everyone of these famous aristocratic families has at least 10 to 15 children between each themselves per family?” And here they were complaining about the commoners going to breed out of all proportion.
Maybe we should ask the same elite families that are pushing for all this greenery and the greening of everything, which is all part of what I’m talking about, this religion that’s going to be promulgated through the schools. It’s already been done actually, but taught as a religion would be taught. Why don’t we ask those who push it to be the first volunteers for sterilization since they’re pushing this idea?  If they’re so eager to promote it through the populace, why don’t they volunteer and be the first examples? That will never occur to the followers, the ones like all religions start taking the new gospel to heart and it sounds wonderful. Save Willy, save the earth, save the trees and you will get the fanatics who will go for that and do it – the suggestible, those who are emotionally unstable. Religion is a tremendous powerful tool, always has been, because the devotees can give themselves fanatically to a cause.
Years ago they made a movie called “Logan’s Run,” well worth seeing, to show you how a complete society can be created, given a culture, given all the things that make up that culture, all based on keeping the population at a specific number. Even give them a religion to match it, a religion using the science. Remember what Bertrand Russell said, that “the people can be made to believe anything“. He said “it could be made the creed (meaning the belief) of the vast majority of people given adequate government promotion and action,” and that is true.
Getting back to what I was talking about earlier on the lack of privacy and how people en masse are giving up without a thought all the personal information about themselves, which is getting more and more extensive, when they join the facebooks and so on, all these programs out there. Getting very, very personal and they just give it all out because they’re giving it to something which isn’t quite human so it doesn’t matter. A computer is very impersonal. Someone standing with a notebook across from them asking them these questions might make them nervous, but when it’s just a program it kind of makes it unreal to them, I think, but they dish all this information out because the ancients that wrote all the holy books said that this would happen. All that was hidden would be shouted from the rooftops, meaning available to anyone who wanted it – the ideal utopia where the ordinary person would have no privacy and no ability to retain privacy eventually.
Certain sayings are common in the media. “You can’t stop death and taxes.” “You can’t stop progress,” or “you can count on death and taxes. That’s the only thing you can”; but what is “progress” and who defines what progress is? “You can’t stop progress”; obviously meaning someone defines it, yet it’s a word into which no one really inquires the meaning of. They don’t say you can’t stop scientific discovery. They say you can’t stop progress. It can only be progress according to a plan if it’s therefore approved. They don’t even bother talking about discoveries anymore. Everything that’s discovered is called progress. Not so long ago we knew the difference. We had the atom bomb and some people did say that was progress. Others knew intuitively or by common sense that to use it on any level was madness, but now all is progress. Every scientific discovery is hailed as some kind of new territory that’s going to benefit us. I look at the benefiting of society and how it is accepted by the public, all the things which are now opposite of what they used to be (I mean value-wise), and we’ve adapted so easily into the new values and accept that whatever “revolution,” as they’re always called, brought them in that it must be for the good. It’s progress. Yet every part of nature that comes under attack has a price because there are natural laws in the world. Everyone knows this, really. We don’t want to ponder or think about them. We don’t like to think about consequences for actions. Yet for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction, even in our own personal lives.
Nothing is for free, yet we generally take what is the easier of the two routes at the time to follow and often we suffer later on. Some never suffer because they have no real depth of thinking. They’re “creatures of instinct” as they’ve been called in all ages, but everything has a consequence. I thought about again the sciences, the knowledge that’s been accumulated of humankind for thousand of years and how people like Plato could write about a future society, this utopia that would come into being in his book “The Republic,” the utopia for an elite. He made no distinction about this. He didn’t pretend it was for everyone. On the contrary, he spelled out who would be in charge, the ones that were “fully evolved” you might say, the top aristocracy, and the commoners were called “ITS”. He called them “ITS,” they weren’t really people, who’d been bred as livestock, who will be bred to serve the guardian class much better.
He also went through the stages on the road to this utopia and one of them was to create a society where all dissention would be eliminated, not for peace and security for the public but to make them more efficient in serving the elite. Everything that distracts or detracts from efficiency would have to be eliminated and he talked about all the different things including men and women and emotion, the emotion that comes between them and their relationships, and his answer to it would be that all women would be held in common. That’s the easy translation from the Greek, but really what he was telling you was that they’d be made available and that would cease the natural bonding process of couples. It’s harder to bond when you’ve had many. Something they knew thousands of years ago and again something which has been promoted widely since the 1950’s up to the present, till now it’s the normal not really to have a permanent mate.
Even the terminology has changed to “partner.” Partner is a temporary thing. It’s also a business thing. In business you can go in and out of partnerships and so they got rid of all the old standard terms. These terms all have a tremendous psychological impact, you see, so they get rid of them and give you new terms which you adopt without thinking, and really the term “mate” is gone. It’s got more permanent connotations to it. We are manipulated in so many different ways, but he saw this time coming because they’d worked towards it down through many, many centuries as they built up their world empires and amalgamated them, and built up more and amalgamated them, until now you have the final amalgamation going on now and a public that would serve them better with less dissentions among them. It will be more efficient when all emotional bonds were broken and the state would be in charge of everything. That’s been pretty well fulfilled, including what he knew they’d do.
They’d bring in women at the end in the military and the beauty of it all is to make people think that they’re freeing themselves as they’re doing it. They think they’re making their own decisions. That’s the beauty of the elite’s macabre intellect. They understand humanity so well they can get the people to actually go along and want it thinking they’re doing it for themselves. It’s amazing and then they would interbreed the military class with each other for a few generations and perfect that – they’d be a military class in perpetuity, basically, and he also talked about the alteration of other types of ITS for specialized jobs by selective breeding and inbreeding them for specific tasks. We know it’s genetics they’re using and yet everyone of the top players in the world quotes Plato and they read Plato because Plato was also a member of the ancient society.
To understand what’s happening you need to step out of society, out of the groups, if you can handle it, and go on your own journey through the mind and who you are, which might terrify you. That’s why most folk huddle in groups. It gives them a sense of security when everyone uses the same language and uses the same explanations and justifications for doing what they do. However, all journeys start with yourself before you can look outwards. Understand yourself and you’ll understand all others because you have the potential to do all the things that they’re doing but hopefully you’ll have more sense.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    You may have slightly misread The Republic. The people who had the aptitude for wise rulership, were not allowed to own property, or have family groupings. They were to live on limited state stipend, etc. This was a condition required when entering into the ruling positions.

    The rest of society in his Utopia were allowed property and families, but not the ability to govern over others.

  2. Julia says:

    New religions are something to watch out for! There is no point in replacing one dodgy old structure with another similar one with a new name. Many people are looking for one person, one guru to place all their trust in and blindly follow. This is actually no good at all. It is abdicating your responsibility to filter your own information, and to find your own truth. It is giving your power away to someone else. Jesus, whether a real person or not it doesn’t really matter, said we must not have idols, and I agree. Here are some thoughts I had some months ago on New Religions, as I was quite concerned about the potential trap that conspiracy researchers could fall into.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Alan is wise but wordy

    My succinct way of saying the same thing is:

    Same shit different shape. Now go pitch it.

    Think marketing and sales.

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