How famous and very powerful paedophiles ply their trade

Bill Maloney of pienmashfilms is a survivor of paedophie abuse, suffered by his whole family at the hands of childrens homes and their ‘clients’.  Films of his family’s allegations against the royal family being involved in abuse of children at Haut La Garenne on Jersey are not easy to find on the internet any more. 

His sister Diana, a victim and a fighter, was found dead in her apartment.  The Maloneys are fighting back against the abuse they suffered as a family.  Speaking badly against the Crown is considered Treason with life imprisonment.  He says he is about to commit Treason in the video shot at The Rally Against Paedophilia, in which he makes allegations against individual members of the Royal family for being involved in paedophile abuse on the island of Jersey.

Every single MP was invited to attend the rally.  Not even one attended.  This man is brave – or what.

from Bill Maloney of

When Cyril Smith MP was alive, he was accused of paedophilic crimes when David Steel MP came to his rescue with the statement: “All he seems to have done is spanked a few bare bottoms” – When disc-jockey Jonathan King was charged for paedophilic crimes Simon Cowell put up £50K towards his bail. – When prolific billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein was released from prison after serving a sentence for paedophilic crimes Prince Andrew was seen walking with him in Central Park NY; Prince Andrew has had sex with underage prostitutes and his royal family were very close to the outrageously disgusting paedophile ‘SIR’ Jimmy Saville. Epstein had permission to fly his private jet into military bases in this country; at least one young girl, or boy always accompanied him. – The list is endless, there are many celebrities and back-room workers within the entertainment industry that are heavily involved in the abuse, torture and murder of children and distribution of snuff movies. Simple facts like these that scratch the surface and appear spasmodically in our ‘so-called’ national media must tear your hearts out. 

To all victims I say: Leave the bottles and the drugs to one side – that is the main step for you all to take. This will clear your mind and give you the strength and clarity to follow through with your convictions, instead of being eaten by alcohol and drugs; an army cannot survive on alcohol and drugs!  If you can all do this, then we shall spread our battle to the whole world. 

To all you paedophiles, I ask you to come forward, declare yourselves, your crimes and your associates, you will then close your eyes and travel towards the light more peacefully when you meet your end, however that may be.  God is not a figment of people’s imagination; he is the light, the truth and the love of our blue planet. My advice to you comes in one-word:
God bless all victims & survivors.
Bill Maloney.

Does Hollywood have a paedophilia epidemic? The disturbing pattern of abuse revealed by former child actors

UPDATED: 09:44, 6 December 2011
A wave of child abuse allegations in Hollywood have emerged within the past month – including that of a Julliard-trained ‘Sesame Street’ composer who allegedly produced and distributed porn, and a Hollywood manager who was charged with abusing a former client.
Which begs the question – is there a heinous epidemic of child abuse in Hollywood?
Recent childhood abuse allegations have brought to the forefront atrocious reports from former child actors who said paedophilia has been a common practice in Hollywood.
Not so sunny day: Former childhood stars say paedophiles are attracted to the entertainment industry because of the close proximity to children

Not so sunny day: Former childhood stars say paedophiles are attracted to the entertainment industry because of the close proximity to children
Charged: Award-winning Sesame Street composer Fernando Rivas was arrested for producing and distributing child porn
Charged: Award-winning Sesame Street composer Fernando Rivas was arrested for producing and distributing child porn
Charged: Award-winning Sesame Street composer Fernando Rivas was arraigned in November for producing and distributing child porn
Hollywood manager Martin Weiss, 47, was charged December 1 for sexually abusing a former client, who was 12 at the time. 
The actor told authorities that Weiss said: ‘What they were doing was common practice in the entertainment industry.’
On November 21, an award-winning composer for ‘Sesame Street’ was charged in South Carolina of coercing a child to ‘engage in sexually explicit conduct.’ 
Registered sex offender and Hollywood casting agent Jason James Murphy spent five years in prison

Registered sex offender and Hollywood casting agent Jason James Murphy spent five years in prison
Fernando Rivas, 59, was also charged with production and distribution of pornography. 
Only a week before, registered sex offender Jason James Murphy, 35, was convicted of kidnapping and molesting an eight-year-old boy in Seattle 15 years ago. 
He helped cast movies like ‘Super 8,’but also family-oriented films like ‘The School of Rock,’ ‘Bad News Bears,’ and ‘Cheaper by the Dozen 2.’
A Beverly Hills-based psychotherapist told Fox News that Hollywood sets are a breeding ground for paedophiles because children there are vulnerable. 
‘One thing we know about actors, psychologically speaking, is that they’re people who like a lot of attention. Kids naturally like a lot of attention, and when you put a kid on a set who is unsupervised and getting attention from someone who is powerful, it creates a vulnerability for a very dangerous situation,’ Dr Jenn Berman said.
But many former child actors say that abuse is nothing new.
Industry's biggest secret: Corey Feldman, who was molested as a child, told ABC's Nightline that Hollywood paedophilia is 'the biggest secret' in the industry

Industry’s biggest secret: Corey Feldman, who was molested as a child, told ABC’s Nightline that Hollywood paedophilia is ‘the biggest secret’ in the industry
Corey Feldman, 40, told ABC’s Nightline last year that paedophiles are often drawn to the entertainment industry because it offers working in close proximity with children. 
‘I can tell you that the number one problem in Hollywood was and always will be paedophilia. That’s the biggest problem for children in this industry…It’s the biggest secret.’
Mr Feldmen, who starred opposite the late Corey Haim in ‘The Lost Boys,’ was sexually abused as a child.
‘Little House on the Prairie’ star Alison Arngrim agreed. ‘This has been going on for a very long time,’ she told Fox News. ‘It was the gossip back in the 80s. People said, “Oh yeah, the Coreys, everyone’s had them.” People talked about it like it was no big deal.’
Lost boys: Corey Haim (left) and Corey Feldman (right) starred in 'The Lost Boys.' Fellow child actors said they suffered abuse constantly

Lost boys: Corey Haim (left) and Corey Feldman (right) starred in ‘The Lost Boys.’ Fellow child actors said they suffered abuse constantly
Miss Arngrim continued: ‘The word was that they were given drugs and being used for sex. It was awful – these were kids, they weren’t 18 yet. 
‘There were all sorts of stories about everyone from their “set guardians” on down that these two had been sexually abused and were totally being corrupted in every possible way.’
Mr Haim died in 2010 at age 38 after struggling for years with drug abuse.
Mr Feldman told Nightline: ‘There’s one person to blame in the death of Corey Haim, and that person happens to be a Hollywood mogul.’ He claimed sexual abuse had played a part in Mr Haim’s death.
But Miss Arngrim disagrees. ‘I’m sure that it was not just one person who sexually abused Corey Haim, and I’m sure it wasn’t only him and Corey Feldman that knew about it.
Little horror on the prairie: Alison Arngrim played Nellie Olson in the popular TV show and said child abuse has been going on in the industry for years

Little horror on the prairie: Alison Arngrim played Nellie Olson in the popular TV show and said child abuse has been going on in the industry for years
‘I’m sure that dozens of people were aware of the situation and chose not to report it.’
The former child actress is the national spokeswoman for, a non-profit that seeks to protect children from all forms of abuse. 
Miss Arngrim said children in Hollywood are victimized more than their non-acting counterparts because those who could speak up – parents, family, agents, and managers – are all profiting from the child.
‘It’s almost a willing sacrifice that so many parents are oblivious to,’ Paul Peterson, who acted on ‘The Donna Reed Show’ in the 1950s and 1960s.
Mr Feldman has not yet named his predator, though he spoke bluntly about the experience. 
Mr Peterson said he hopes the abuser is one day caught. 
‘It would be really wonderful if his allegations reached through all of the protective layers and identified the real people who are part of a worldwide child pornography ring, because it’s huge and it respects no borders, just as it does not respect the age of children involved,’ the actor, 66, said.

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9 Responses to “How famous and very powerful paedophiles ply their trade”

  1. horehound says:

    The amount of people involved in keeping this quiet is astonishing, Jimmy Seville was questioned by police in 2007 how come that never even made the papers, you just have to hope that this exposure can give other victims of people like him the confidence to come forward.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Road Hog, these pieces are all published elsewhere on the internet, and have been a very long time. Presumably the subjects of the allegations would have the pieces taken down if they didn’t approve of them. Bill Maloney has implicated the Queen Mother as a user of kids at Haut La Garenne in the past. His video channel was taken down, but it was available for a very long time before that happened.

    Other sources, such as with former MI5 officer Gordon Logan who first told us about Jimmy Savile, before he died, incidentally, procuring kids for the powerful, has gone quiet more recently. His dispute with Britain over his wife’s visa is resolved, and we know there was one attempt made on him with a car.

  3. Tapestry says:

    My interest is to understand what the hell is going on. I started digging around when I realised something must be very wrong with our system of government over twenty years ago. The paedophile aspect is clearly a very important part of the current power structure, with children used as reward and threat (of exposure) to the beasts who we are told to admire by the media. The elite families, and political leaders they employ, seem to be riddled with paedophiles. And they need Jimmy Saviles, out in the public eye, to feed them kids. Child Line and Esther Rantzen was just a way to deflect criticism from the real business of procuring kids. Did she know she was providing a fig leaf for paedophiles? I don’t know.

    Gordon Logan said the elites regard Britain’s children as a meat rack. I once wrote that once you realise that the powerful are mostly paedophiles, you understand why they have the need to build power structures to feed their desires. It explains totalitarianism. Contentment and balance is unattainable for these people. They are fundamentally criminals. That is what rules us, an alliance of paedophile criminals hidden from view, using their trillions to enslave us, and getting Jimmy Saviles to do their dirty work.

  4. Julia says:

    50% of children in care go missing. Where do they go? A total of 700 kids a day go missing in the UK. Where do they go? And why is shopping more important?
    I heard inside information on Mick Jagger and Freddie Mercury many years ago. I have found this quite difficult to get my head round as I like their music. Mick Jagger apparently abused one of his daughters, I forget which one. Freddie Mercury exploited underage boys in Brazil. Neither of these is confirmed, but a reasonably reliable source, who had personal contacts.

  5. Anonymous says:

    roman polansky-as a free man,an illustrious innocent,likes to graze the greenest pastures of mofo europe,greener than u.s.a’s….he can have these days the nobel peace prize,he’s got all the (significant) attributes….

  6. If it’s any consolation, I remember years ago in the USA (1984?) milk cartons had pictures of missing kids on. And in fact (it appears) most of them turned up again, or were never genuinely missing, etc. I’m afraid lies are everywhere.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I have been in showbusiness for over 30 years and i have NEVER seen or heard of any child abuse. It is very rare just as it is outside of showbusiness.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Firstly, just a reply to Rerevisionist: I believe that the 1st or 2nd missing child to appear on the milk cartons was Johnny Gosch, who (was) disappeared around that time. Depending on whether or not you believe the person now claiming to be Johnny Gosch, he was 1 that definitely was missing for some considerable time; not all were fakes or misinformation.

    To Tapestry: I do not know whether or not you are able to trace any further information on a couple of people I have found details of on the internet.

    If you remember the Scallywag article about the North Wales Childrens’ Home child abuse scandal, involving, allegedly, somebody who we are now not allowed to name, there was a list of names, headed by Supt. Gordon Anglesea. 2 of these names were D. C. Gary Probert and P. C. Peter Sharman.

    The current manager of Gwent Constabulary’s High Tech Crime Unit, specialising in the forensic examination of computers in child pornography cases is a Gary Probert.

    More worryingly, on the U. K. paedos-exposed website, there is a report, dating back to 1998, of an ex-policeman called Peter Sharman, who was 48, at the time, who was jailed for 10 years for raping an 11-year-old girl.

    I am wondering if these 2 are the same ones from the list in the Scallywag article, or if this is just a co-incidence of name. I read in the article, if I remember correctly, that all the policemen, including Supt. Anglesea took early retirement, but I have no idea how to check on this, or to find out whether or not the names are co-incidental. Hopefully you will know, or know somebody who can find out. I just thought that you might be interested. Trying to help…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Mick Jagger…..That is all I have to say.

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