Harry Patch lived 111 years 1 month 1 week and 1 day

Juia writes

Click clever, click safe…
This is a government catch phrase for internet safety for kids campaign. The subtext is “Zip It Block It Flag it”. Why the zip? I am reminded of the seat belt safety campaign of my childhood “Clunk Click Every Trip”, so often repeated that it still comes to mind really easily. And who spearheaded that campaign? Jimmys.a.vile. The Clunk Click campaign was sponsored by RoSPA, the Royal Society For the Prevention of Accidents. Anything Royal is serving the Queen’s agenda, despite the philanthropic disguise, and is not at all good. 
Harry Patch and 100…
He died aged 111 1 month 1 week and 1 day. That’s a lot of Illuminati 1’s. There’s something bugging me about people living to 100. Why does the Queen send a mysterious telegram, or card, as it now is? The text of the card is a secret, and personal.  Though one is revealed on the Royal website ‘I am commanded by the King to congratulate you on the attainment of your hundredth year, after a most useful life.’ It sounds like the person’s  life is over! And maybe it is. Maybe something happens when you get to 100. You go into another sort of life but still in the same human body. Harry Patch did not speak out about the war until he got to 100 years old. Maybe he needed permission? Sleeping Beauty talks of being asleep for 100 years. And why does the word centre contain cent, 100. Do we regain our centre at age 100? 
New Zetland…
There are strong links between Shetland and New Zealand. It seems Shetlanders provided quite a lot of the population of the white takeover of New Zealand, and there are now more Shetland descendants down under than in Shetland. Shetland used to be called Zetland, a long time ago, way before the postcode system. But the postcode is mysteriously ZE! It seems likely that New Zealand was once New Zetland. See how the names get slightly changed so we can’t spot the links! This happens everywhere. It’s very subtle. But there are always little clues to follow as if someone has set up a treasure hunt. 
Down Under Edinburgh…
D.un.edin. Dunedin. Dunedin is in New Zealand. It is the Down Under version of Edinburgh, even replicating many street layouts and names, apparently to such a degree that roads do not go in sensible places in relationship to hills. It seems quite funny that “Down Under” has been around for so long as an expression, and that it maps so neatly to the name Dunedin. Wikipedia claim it’s Gaelic!
Bath, Edinburgh, London…
One of the main official reasons why Bath is a World Heritage City is because of the 18th century (Georgian, Masonic) street layout that so influenced London and Edinburgh. (And therefore Dunedin). I don’t know Edinburgh and London, but their street layout must be like a map of secrets to be discovered too. A quick look at an Edinburgh map shows me at least three eyes, and a main street heading East North East. What better way to preserve information across the centuries than to embed it in buildings and streets for all to see. Except that you only see what your mind allows you to see. Closed minds see very little. 

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6 Responses to “Harry Patch lived 111 years 1 month 1 week and 1 day”

  1. wokenkiwi says:

    I live in “D.un.edin” “New Zetland” and it rains alot and is Hilly, and i have only notice what looked like chemtrails once, but the clouds round these parts are strange looking often, also there is a haarp relay near “Invercargill” Fact! how do you post pictures?

  2. horehound says:

    Bizarrely theirs a town/settlement in the south pacific called ‘Edinburgh of the seven seas’ on a British island which is though to be the most remote inhabited place on earth.I think Edinburgh and Bath are similar in the sense that along with perhaps York & Bristol they are the few UK cities that haven’t been completely changed/ruined with post war development.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Funny how the ‘Establishment’ are desperately trying to cover this up by the MSM.

  4. Julia says:

    Rome and Bath both have the Seven Hills. I am very curious about this Edinburgh of the Seven Seas! Maybe Dunedin has seven hills or seas too? Yes certain places have definitely been protected from building program’s to preserve their buildings and layout. It is reasonably common knowledge that the German bombers avoided certain targets in Bath, and that the British knew which places would be exempt, with a sort of diplomatic immunity. this has even been on the BBC and at a public exhibition in Bath.

  5. Julia says:

    I have just checked some facts. They are all sited on extinct volcanoes. Bath, Edinburgh, Dunedin. Hence the seven hills of Bath. Edinburgh of the seven seas seems to be part of an archipelago which includes a volcano too. I am pretty sure volcanoes have closer connections to the Earth than other places, even extinct ones. In Bath, this manifests as the natural Hot Springs. This is a massive source of continuous free earth energy, though us residents don’t get much access to it! Is it also possible that there might be some easier access through towards inner Earth at these places? More underground activity? More places to store missing children?
    Scotland is a major world centre for elite paedophilia. These links with Scotland are pointing to something. And it seems that Royalty pay visits to Edinburgh of the Seven Seas. Queen Victoria, and the current and previous Duke of Edinburgh have all visited, despite it’s tiny population.

  6. horehound says:

    Edinburgh is an interesting and unusual place in the modern world, I’ve heard it referred to more than once (often by overseas students) as a very ‘clique’ place and that is very true, you could live here all your life and if you are not ‘in’ with knowing the right people , then in a way you always carry a suspicion that their a an alternative second ‘elite city’ operating right in front of you , but entirely separate and I’m by far the only person who knows/thinks this.
    In terms of ‘underground’ Edinburgh, in a purely literal sense what you see of Edinburgh above ground is only a part of the city and the rumours of what lies beneath are many.
    2 which I know to be fact as through my job I have seen (sealed) entrances – a underground tunnel(s) between the RHSC – old Royal infirmary / Edinburgh university running under the meadows ( parkland near city centre)- absolutely true, though whether they are maintained is not known even by staff who with on these sites,
    2- unopened ( what people call secret) vaults under the very centre of the city – princes street – Waverly station, if you ever get a train to Edinburgh and get off at Waverley station you have to go ‘up’ in order to get to street level, what people ( even locals) don’t realize is there are at least 2 levels below the platform levels,the lowest level I got to which I was not supposed to be in but due to my job had the opportunity to be a bit nosy has the same red sealed door as the meadows ‘sealed’ door.

    It’s interesting what you say about it being ‘common knowledge’ that Bath was to be spared the worst effects of the war as older people here say the same thing about Edinburgh,even though Edinburgh had at the time a huge complex of docks in Leith they were largely untouched compared to Glasgow, just outside Edinburgh their was a large German POW camp, I remember my grandfather (who worked on the land beside the POW’s since he was a farm worker he had an exemption from being enlisted) telling me that the German POWs said the same thing about certain cities not being touched, and I remember now actually being taught that at primary school by a local teacher in the 1980’s.

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